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George Soros’ Article V Charade

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An Article V convention to amend the U.S. Constitution (‘ConCon’) can only end in disaster, destroying the republic left to us by the framers.

The Constitution for the United States is the “supreme Law of the Land,” as We The People stipulate in it. If it seems not to exist, that is only because We The People have never enforced it against our mortal enemy: Washington DC, the most effective organized crime operation in history.

Washington DC is a ruthless, lawless, independent city-state at war with America. Grasp this fact, and you begin to see through the whirlwind of distractions that our enemy launches against us every day. Our arrogant, lawless servants have hijacked the republic by violating our highest law as if it never existed. It is insane to suggest that the criminals will arrest themselves if we only re-write the law!

Your Enemies on Your Payroll

The cynical American attitude now allows that politicians are less to be trusted than lawyers or used car salesmen. That is universally applicable. However, our state politicians are no more to be trusted than Washington, DC. They too are enemies of the Constitution, as they have proven for generations.

Here is a handy rule: if a person’s office is under a limestone dome, that servant is not to be trusted. We The People must learn to treat our servants as any wise employer would treat an ex-con or embezzler working in his organization: never trust, and always verify.

However virtuous or articulate a politician may appear, never make requests; always make demands. Make your demands clear, and do not make a demand unless you have the power and plan to affix consequences to the servant’s ignoring the demand.

Low-Information Riflemen

The discussion of an Article V ConCon is a red herring, just as the whole Second Amendment argument has been a diversionary tactic by the NRA. As I explained in this recent article, in its 145 year history, the NRA has never even attempted to restore the Citizen Militia and this oldest member of the Fear Porn industry has no intention of enforcing the Constitution.

By milking five generations of low-information members with a new plea for donations every month, NRA built a new $50 million DC-area headquarters complex for thousands of career bureaucrat employees. That is the organization’s only concrete accomplishment.

To all those NRA members who say, “NRA trained my kids to shoot!” I would say, so what? You could have done that yourself, and We The People all have a fundamental duty to arm, train, muster and maintain our Citizen Militia in every American community. Read the Constitution!

Mark Levin and the Fear Porn Industry

In this past article, I exposed the Fear Porn industry, of which Joe Farah is the Emperor, Rush Limbaugh is #2, and Concon salesman Mark Levin is far down the list. These shameless hustlers are actually enemies in the midst of American conservatism – like the NRA, Heritage Foundation, et al – they profit from fear, so they cultivate it every day.

But since that screaming radio personality bills himself as “The Great One” and claims to be a constitutional scholar pushing for a ConCon, let’s consider Levin’s pitch for an Article V convention. We can dismiss him quickly: his book ‘The Liberty Amendments‘ does not even address the most basic question. Our lawless servants don’t obey the Constitution we have; why would they obey a new one?

Remember, the war is Washington DC vs. America and that war began with Dishonest Abe Lincoln, as I explained in this Freedom Outpost article. The only way to turn the war in America’s favor is to begin enforcing the Constitution we already have.

As I explain in my latest (free) book ‘FEAR The People’, by simply enforcing the Constitution we have right now, We The People can force our servants to restore lawful U.S. money, honest banking, a sound U.S. border, end federal support of abortion and sexual perversion, end creepy Big Brother snooping in our lives, stop the U.S. war industry ‘deploying’ our kids worldwide as free mercenaries for banking and oil companies – and more.

All Aboard the Good Ship ConCon?

Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced his plan to hop aboard the good ship ConCon alongside fellow sailor Mark Levin and a wet-eared stowaway, a Cuban anchor baby named Rubio, and with the ship’s captain being George Soros.

It’s true; among the groups pushing for an Article V convention are nine Marxist organizations funded by Soros: Wolf-Pac, the YouTube channel ‘Young Turks’, Alliance for Democracy, Center for Media and Democracy, Code Pink, Independent Progressive Politics Network, Progressive Democrats of America, Sierra Club, and Vermont for Single Payer.

Even granting that Governor Abbott’s plan includes good goals, all of them can be obtained without amending the Constitution. Back when he was our state attorney general, Abbott often took the grandstand to swish his rubber sword through the air in response to Obamacare, federal gun grabs, and more. This is pure theatrics; bloviating politicians will gain us absolutely nothing.

But let us assume that Governor Abbott is sincere. If so, then when the America’s House™ campaign comes to the steps of the Texas Legislature in January 2017, we expect Governor Abbot to be singlehandedly championing the ratification vote for the 28th Amendment through the Texas Legislature, even though governors do not take any constitutional role in the Article V amendment process.

Surprise: Article V is Already Underway!

As I will explain in Part II, the state legislatures have been unable in 226 years to ratify even the original First Amendment, the most basic constitutional amendment ever written. The Article V process has been underway since September 1789 with respect to the original First Amendment, and apportioned representation (small districts) was the only subject on which George Washington addressed the first Constitutional Convention. It was the original First Amendment because the framers believed small representative districts to be our vital first security against corruption.

Of the 12 articles in our Bill of Rights (see the original parchment here), the original First Amendment is the only one not yet ratified by the corrupt, dissembling politicians in our 50 state legislatures. In Part II of this article, I will describe the fascinating history of criminal negligence and corruption practiced by the state legislatures, how Congress hijacked the Constitution in 1929 without a word from the People – and how We The People are now going to have Zero Tolerance for corruption from our servants, state or federal, no matter how sweet the politicians’ words.

Before listening to another siren song about an Article V convention of states, help us ram the open Article V ratification vote for our 28th Amendment – the original First Amendment – down those crimnals’ throats, whether they like it or not.

The billionaire New York City developer can’t perform the duty of the American People. It is high time We The People awoke, rolled up our sleeves, and showed our criminal servants what the future holds for them.

If The Donald wants to be our cheerleader, fine; but We The People have work to do that no politician, including a president, can do for us. Job One: finish the Article V responsibility of our state legislatures that has been kept in limbo by ignorant and corrupt lawmakers for 226 years.

In part II, you will see the action plan for 33 state capitols in 2016. Stay tuned.

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