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Georgia: Senate Candidate Vows To Ban Plastic Forks, Straws & Bags

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And, for once, it isn’t Warnock who has been the subject of multiple stories for describing police as thugs, getting arrested for interfering in a child abuse investigation, attacking Israel, and defending Jeremiah Wright’s vile bigotry.

No, it’s Jon ‘Al Jazeera’ Ossoff who has found his way to the hearts and minds of Georgia voters.

“We can have a clean, beautiful, healthy planet. We can ban plastic waste,”  Jon Ossoff told supporters in a speech.

Ossoff, who is facing Republican Sen. David Perdue in a runoff next month, lists a ban on single-use plastics as one of many plans to create a more sustainable future.

“I’ll push for fast advances in sustainability — including a rapidly phased-in ban on single-use plastics, strongly enforced treaties to protect oceans and fisheries, aggressive protection of endangered species and habitats, increased fines for spills and contamination, and stricter controls on toxic chemicals,” his campaign’s website says.

Single-use plastics means store plastic bags, but it also means banning plastic straws, plastic water bottles, and plastic cutlery.

A bunch of blues states have already jumped on this ban, but it’s another reminder of the sort of things that the Democrats will do if they take the Senate. There are worse things in life than not having any more straws or forks, but it’s just one of the multitude of ways that they are committed to making life worse for everyone.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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