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German Court Gives OK to Islamic ‘Shariah Police’ Patrol

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A court in Germany has tossed a case against a group of Islamic extremists serving as “shariah police” and patrolling through neighborhoods, saying they’ve done nothing wrong and haven’t broken any laws.

The Salafist patrol, comprised of seven men, were led by Sven Lau, who’s also facing trial for supporting “a terrorist group” in Syria, Breitbart reported.

A German court found a group of radical Islamic men patrolling the streets with vests that said “Shariah Police” weren’t breaking law.

From Breitbart:

“Mr. Lau and six accomplices took to the streets of the western city of Wuppertal in 2014, telling people not to drink, listen to music, attend nightclubs, or gamble.

“However, prosecutors have said they are struggling to build a case against them.

“The case centres on the claim the men breached a ban on political uniforms after they donned orange vests bearing the words ‘shariah police.’”

The ban came into effect after the Neo-Nazi and Brown Shirt patrols dotted Germany.

But the judges didn’t find the Sharia shirts met the definition of militant.

Again, from Breitbart:

“According to the judges, however, the Islamic patrol was not illegal because the uniforms were not ‘suggestively militant’ and did not have an ‘intimidating effect,’ Die Welt reports.

“The same court threw out the same case last year, but was overruled on appeal by a higher court, which agreed with prosecutors that the ban on uniforms could be applied in this case. …

“Germany has seen a spate of organised sharia patrols, with witnesses claiming an Islamic State-linked sharia police unit had formed in the northern city of Hamburg in August of this year.

“Earlier in the year, a number of bars in Denmark reported repeated harassment by sharia patrols.

“They claimed certain areas of the capital, Copenhagen, had become ‘sharia zones’ with property vandalised and abuse shouted at government ministers.

“In London, ‘Muslim patrols’ or ‘modesty patrols,’ linked to Anjem Choudary’s now banned terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun, walked the streets from 2013 to 2014.

“They targeted people drinking alcohol, couples holding hands, women they considered to be dressed immodestly, and harassed men they perceived as being gay.

“Three patrol members were convicted and sentenced in December 2013, pleading guilty to charges including assault and using threatening words and behaviour.”

The court verdict is far from final and could be appealed, Breitbart reported.

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