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German Feminists Give Roses to Muslims Who Possibly Participated in the Mass Sexual Assault Against Women

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In an action that can only be called a stellar display of collective mental illness, the women of Cologne Germany “handed out” roses to predominantly Muslim migrants, who possibly were perpetrators of the mass molestation of German women on New Year’s Eve. This is absolutely abnormal behavior, even for feminists. Feminists in Germany have gone so far as to blame the victims for the crime instead of the perpetrators. Germany is in the throes of a rape epidemic. However, perpetrators being given roses as a “gesture against xenophobia” will do nothing to stop the attacks. In fact, it might encourage further acts of violence against women since Muslim men are “rewarded” for criminal behavior as feminist blame German men as well as the victims.

Are all the women in Cologne radically feminist to the point of rewarding rapists and those suspected of sexual assault? The answer to that would be a “No.” More than likely this is a stunt pulled by feminists and “refugee supporters” to highlight a fictitious Islamophobia and quash these reports of sexual assault through humiliation of victims.

According to Infowars.com:

Apparently, these feminists are more concerned about not appearing “Islamophobic” than protecting the safety of women on the streets of Cologne.

As we reported in the aftermath of the Cologne assaults, carried out almost exclusively by foreign-born immigrants and asylum seekers, some feminists responded by blaming “German born men”.

German Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger also asserted that conservatives who criticized the wave of migrants flooding into the country on Internet chat rooms were “just as awful” as the migrants who sexually molested women.

This is the position of the German government when confronted with rampant crimes against women perpetrated by illegal Muslim invaders, who have overwhelmed the entire nation of Germany. Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger would rather give way to sharia by attempting to silence critics calling out the rapid influx of young, Muslim men through bully tactics than uphold the law. Critics of government and idiocy by government officials are nowhere near “just as awful” as these Muslim criminals who sexually assaulted women in public during a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Jaeger plays right into the hands of Islam domination in his stance. One individual who committed sexual assaults against women actually told police, “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Ms. Merkel invited me.” Being kind and treating someone like you would want to be treated means to point out the criminal nature of their actions, begin due process under the law, and exact punishment if found guilty.

Feminists are actually contributing to the problem by pulling brainless stunts such as the “give a rapist a rose.” It isn’t enough that feminists emasculate men through their ridiculous attitudes of men as enslavers of women in a supposed free society, marginalize women who subscribe to traditional roles of men and women, and negate women who are victims of sexual assault by blaming victims and those innocent of the crime. These femi-Nazis promote the pedophilic, misogynistic, criminal, murderous, cruel death culture of Islam.

It is not “Islamophobic” to report perpetrators of sexual assault when the individual is Muslim. Nor, is it “Islamophobic” pointing out the unvetted, overwhelming numbers of young Muslim men illegally invading a nation. These invaders commit crimes and atrocities against the population as they move inside the German borders with full support of the government. The acts of the feminists and the German government are “Islamophilic” and need to be confronted by the native population for their complacency.

The problem of government capitulating to Islam has become a worldwide problem in nations claiming to subscribe to the idea of freedom and liberty. Because of the nation’s past, one would expect Germany to be very sensitive to repelling the cancer that is Islam. But, Germany under the East German born Angela Merkel is repeating the path of Adolf Hitler; and, doing so with pride. As is often said, “Pride goeth before the fall.”

Actions of the German government and feminists are setting the handling of sexual assault crimes back to the days where the victim’s dress, demeanor, and attitude are under scrutiny. Victims are basically accused of provoking the assault when rape and sexual assault are crimes of violence. Since Islam views “infidels” as deserving of nothing, only useful as chattel, and women as objects of abuse, the German government, through its actions, is paving the way for sharia, helped along by feminists.

If the United States government continues on its current course, the citizens here can expect the same to occur when the population of Muslims reaches the tipping point or overwhelms the population, as it has in Germany.

The Washington Standard

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