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German Sixteen-Year-Old Posts Video to Facebook about Muslim Refugee Truth; Facebook Removes It

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The atmosphere in Germany has gotten to the point women, girls and children are terrified. The reason is the unfettered illegal invasion by a majority of Muslim men. According to Western Journalism, “A German teenage girl claims in a video she uploaded to Facebook, which has since been taken down, that living as a woman in her country has become ‘very hard.'” The 16-year-old Bibi Wilhailm’s 20 minute message is now on YouTube.

Here is a 16-year-old girl in Germany who is fearful to be out in her own community at 6 pm in the evening during the winter when it has gotten dark. This girl, who states she is not one for parties, cannot go to the supermarket at 6 pm in the evening because of the invasion of Muslim men in her nation. How many individuals, including women, think it is normal to be afraid to go to the supermarket at 6 pm? It isn’t normal, not in the least.

She describes Africans in her nation yelling loudly numerous threats to kill Germans. How many children have been exposed to this type of verbal abuse instilling fear to where their normal childhood development is threatened? Too many already and it will get worse as European nations continue to be invaded. It is sickening what these children now have to live with that is becoming a “normal” occurrence in their daily lives.

And, Facebook tweens made sure to state that most posts are taken down by the user and not them. In other words, Facebook tweens are lying since several individuals have been issued bans, had their posts removed and/or censored. Another piece of incriminating evidence against Facebook and the spoiled, liberal, “might have plagiarized an idea” Zuckerburg is the commitment made to the German government to censor “hate speech” within 24 hours “in direct response to negative postings regarding the flood of immigrants from the Middle East.” These days, that amounts to exposing or telling the truth. Zuckerberg and his organization can be proud of their stance and fear of a 16-year-old German girl speaking the truth.

Bibi is right to blame adults. It is the adults in politics who have less understanding than a 16-year-old child about the invasion of Muslim men and the problems of misogyny, rape, pedophilia and murder they bring into every nation they invade. It is a travesty what the politicians in Germany, especially Angela “Erkel” Merkel have inflicted upon the nation, but more importantly, the horror to which the children of the nation have been exposed and experienced. How can any adult look a child in the eye and make excuses using the “refugee” argument?

This girl’s message is a cry for help. Yet, there is no one to help. Those who are in a position to help are delusional, mentally ill, and working in opposition to the people. The men cannot properly protect their women and children without a means for self-defense. Many men can overpower one man. Escorting of one woman by one man is not feasible.

This is what awaits every nation that accepts these invaders under the guise of “refugees” should this importation of illegal invaders continue. How do parents explain the change in the lifestyle from freedom to fear and justify those changes to their child? They can’t. However, just in case, parents who support this unfettered entry of illegal invaders need to come up with some outstanding lies since children are very adept at recognizing bull manure.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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