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Get Out of Bed, Spread the Virtuous Virus (Part 1)

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Before we learn the result of today’s ‘Brexit’ vote – the result hardly matters in the grand scheme – I want to introduce you to a worldwide epidemic of which Brexit is only one small symptom.

Worldwide, today’s atmosphere and attitude is fearful, cynical, resigned, downcast. I call it Black Death of the Mind, because people’s emotional condition today is eerily similar to the devastating physical effects of the Bubonic Plague, the epidemic that killed 100 million Europeans over seven years beginning in 1346.

Caused by the Yersinia pestis bacterium carried by fleas, Bubonic plague killed 10% to 90% of family members. ‘Black Death’ symptoms appeared a few days after a flea bite, beginning with chills, general malaise, high fever, and muscle cramps.  Soon, symptoms would include seizures and swelling of the lymph gland (called a bubo), followed by gangrene in the fingers, toes, lips, and tip of the nose, continuous coughing, vomiting of blood, and extreme pain as skin and flesh decayed. This unimaginable, seemingly unstoppable horror was aptly named The Black Death.

While no treatment was known at the time, it was discovered that those who lived through a first infection became immune to the disease, so survivors could help those who were later victimized.

Eventually, the Black Death released its death-grip, after having killed almost 25% of Europe’s population.

Black Death of the Mind

Here is the parallel. Today, the world is victim to Black Death of the Mind, as a result of the Internet feeding us more information – knowledge of good and evil – than we were ever meant to absorb. As with the Tower of Babel, the insatiable lust to know more and more, is driving millions to distraction, and others to total uselessness.

The symptoms of Black Death of the Mind include general malaise and fear, leading to acute anxiety and paranoia. The second stage of the disease includes a range of psychosomatic symptoms: insomnia or fitful sleep, general listlessness, physical weakness, loss of mental acuity, mistrust and irritability, inability to focus on productive work, broken relationships, and more.

These spiritual and mental stresses are evident all over Europe as it experiences massive Islamic infestation, coupled with the inevitable collapse of Marxism and counterfeiting. Today’s vote in Britain to leave that union of states, whatever the people decide, will not banish the growing mistrust, acrimony, and paranoia among the people of the continent and the UK. Preposterous political correctness in the face of Islamic infestation, coupled with the fire-hose of Internet ‘news’ will continue to infest every European home and mobile device at lightning speed. No flea-borne bacterium could ever move this quickly to destroy the human spirit.

On this side of the Atlantic, all over South and Central America the sudden exposure of age-old political corruption coupled with the collapse of Marxism, now feed mass social unrest and illegal immigration into the United States. Yet again, Black Death of the Mind is being carried from host to host by the Internet – and rather than providing solutions, is only rendering more people listless, hopeless, and useless.

Are there solutions to the big problems? Absolutely; Trump is talking a good game, but nothing will happen, even if he wins, unless he has the backing of a constitutionalist Congress. AmericaAgain! is working on that; it’s the theme of my latest book, Fear The People.

But Americans today are not interested in solutions; they lay in bed, gripped by Black Death of the Mind. The world is facing the ironic abundance of the Information Age: the acute symptoms of knowing too much. This epidemic is carried by the Internet, making it far more virulent than any epidemic borne by fleas.

Fear Porn Fleas

The carrier flea in this pandemic is the Fear Porn industry, the willful carrier of Black Death of the Mind. All for its love of advertising income, this flea — the purveyor of daily rounds of bad news without solutions or action — willfully bites its hosts and spreads the emotional pandemic.

This continuous, daily flea-bite corrodes Christian faith, skews healthy perspective, fosters irrational fear, focuses on things we can’t do anything about. And to keep itself alive, it studiously avoids real solutions.

As they spread Black Death of the Mind, these Fear Porn fleas render their victims unable to reflect and unwilling to take responsible action. “All is lost!” they say with every titillating story. It is the worst possible form of glass-half-empty attitude. You need to realize that, while the evil ones are very real, the solution is very real, also!

In terms of lives affected, we are presently witnessing the most massive spiritual battle in world history. Certainly, Islam is on the march, as it has often been over the centuries. Similarly, so-called ‘Christian’ military forces operating on behalf of the petroleum and banking industries have killed millions over decades. A small library of books and films have documented the marauding plunder; there is no longer an argument. The war industry is a ruthless predator, and Islamic jihad is the totally predictable blowback.

The bankers have done far worse – and will continue to do so until we, the survivors of Black Death of the Mind, can minister a virtuous virus of spiritual, mental, and emotional health to our family and neighbors still in bed.

While it is true that about 160,000 people die every day, there are about 350,000 born every day. You see, the bloodiest skirmishes are raging between your ears, in Black Death of the Mind.

Why don’t you decide to be a survivor of Black Death of the Mind and start helping us treat the others? What is the source of the virtuous virus? It is the most powerful truth on earth: God loved the world enough to send Yeshua the Christ to bring eternal life, to bring your mind a peace that passes all understanding. This peace and the fortitude it builds is the mark of survivors of Black Death of the Mind.

We see the glass as half full. We see the truth that the Internet empowers mankind more than ever. In the civil realm, AmericaAgain! is a carrier of the virtuous virus; our mission is to help launch the first operative popular sovereignty in the history of the world.

In Part 2, you will discover why the inevitable collapse of 150 years of counterfeiting and financial fraud ushering in Great Depression II is actually good news. How that inevitable collapse of crime will make way for the virtuous virus to work through tens of thousands of American towns and cities to accomplish what our ancestors failed to do after the first Great Depression: restore constitutional money, ethical credit and banking, limited servant government, and much more.

That black cloud enveloping your mind is entirely up to you. I suggest you get out of bed and start spreading the virtuous virus in your community. Join AmericaAgain! and we will show you how.

Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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