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Get Ready Australia For More New World Order : As Food Shortages Increase, You’ll Be Needing An ID To Buy Groceries

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Not since Ceasar’s Roman mark to buy or sell (Revelation 13) have we moved this close to a total control beast system.  Yet, we are seeing totalitarian Australia become more and more tyrannical.  In a recent report from News First Australia, the country is looking to be out of rice by December of this year, and you will be required to provide an ID, not for alcohol or cigarettes, but to buy food.

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Saving Health Ministries posted the video report and commented:

Australians are warned the country will run out of homegrown rice by Christmas.

COVID-19 panic buying, low rainfall and dry conditions are linked to shortages.

SunRice chief executive Rob Gordon said the country would soon rely on imports.

‘We are going to run out of Australian rice by Christmas,’ he told The Daily Telegraph.

Drought Spurs Australia is said to import rice or risk empty shelves.

While many unruly protesters were arrested, there are many who simply want the government to quit locking everyone down and mandating mask wearing, even fining or imprisoning those who don’t.

In my recent interview with Fanos Panayides, he tells exactly what is taking place in Australia and for that, he was arrested and gagged on social media, even threatened with jail for organizing a peaceful protest against the lockdowns.

Standing Up Down Under: Arrested For Promoting Peaceful Protests

Still, just remember that Australia has been largely disarmed.  Remember too that the mask is now off (no pun intended) as news outlets are reporting that the New World Order recently began.

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And all of this over a complete hoax that has never been proven to even exist.

Are you paying attention Australia?  Are you paying attention world?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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