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Google Spies on You – Watch What Happens When Little Brother Films Google

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While Google has become notorious for spying on Internet users, when Alex Jones attempted to film inside the company’s headquarters in downtown Austin, he was immediately asked to leave.

Within seconds of entering the building for an event being held by Google, Jones and his film crew were told that the company didn’t allow video recording, despite the fact that a huge sign on the wall made it clear that Google was recording everyone in the vicinity.

When Jones pointed out that Google had secretly installed software on computers that can listen to people’s conversations without them knowing, Google reps became nervous.

“How can he say we shouldn’t have a camera in here when Google is all about selling our data?” asks Jones.

Another woman working at the event then attempts to grab Jones’ microphone and physically remove him, before she walks away to call the police.

When Jones and his film crew return to the building and point out that Google openly states it is recording everything that takes place inside, an event coordinator states, “I’m not sure everybody here would like to be on camera.”

“But there’s a sign saying that Google videotapes you inside,” responds Jones.

The exchange illustrates how while Google is perfectly content to take on the role of Big Brother, when little brother tries to watch back, different rules apply.

*Article by Paul Joseph Watson

The Washington Standard

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