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GOP Establishment Pouring Millions into Alabama Senate Primary in an Effort to Defeat Conservatives

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Dear friends in Alabama, now is the time to stand up and be counted.

Now is the time to tell the establishment in D.C. that we are tired of their moderate hand-wringing and their constant efforts to dictate to the people instead of serving the people.

Senator Luther Strange (R-AL) has done a fine job in replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate, but he’s long been a tool of the establishment and we know where his loyalties lie. He was selected by the corrupt and disgraced former Governor of Alabama, not elected by the people of Alabama who are overwhelmingly tired of the GOP’s failures.

Instead of Luther Strange, the voters in Alabama have two solidly conservative men to choose from. Two men with the backbone to do what their constituents want, instead of what their party demands.

The real choice in next week’s primary is Judge Roy Moore or Rep. Mo Brooks.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s own PAC are spending millions of dollars to make sure that Luther Strange wins the primary battle, even though the people of Alabama vastly prefer one of the two other conservative candidates.

McConnell is responding in kind. His super PAC is set to spend as much as $8 million to boost his favored candidate, recently appointed Republican Sen. Luther Strange.

McConnell has activated his sprawling donor network and pressed the White House for more resources. And the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP campaign arm McConnell controls, has warned consultants they’ll be cut off from future work if they assist Strange’s opponents.

And in a highly unusual step, one of McConnell’s top political lieutenants has begun quietly advising a long-shot Republican primary candidate running for Brooks’ House seat.

The move is designed to get in the congressman’s head and dissuade him from emptying his campaign war chest in the race for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat.

Earlier this week both Rep. Brooks and Judge Moore could be heard slamming the GOP for their efforts to smear them.

Speaking at a candidate forum held by the Shelby County Republican Party, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks both slammed ads pouring into the race from the Senate Leadership Fund super PAC.

The Senate Leadership Fund, founded by GOP operative Karl Rove and aligned with McConnell, has spent millions on ads supporting Sen. Luther Strange and opposing Brooks. The group released its first ad targeting Moore yesterday.

The GOP establishment seems prepared to put up more of a fight to stop conservatives than they are to stop Obamacare or the Democrat Party.

It’s disturbing, but it’s all the more frustrating when you realize just how popular Brooks and Moore are in Alabama, and you understand that either man would destroy their Democrat opponent. Sadly, the GOP is still wasting millions in the Yellowhammer State… not in an effort to save the seat from Democrats… but in an effort to save the seat from conservatives.

From Breitbart:

A new poll provided exclusively to Breitbart News by JMC Analytics, a Louisiana-based polling firm, shows Luther Strange tapering off in the polls as Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) surges behind him and former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore remains steady in first place.

The poll shows Moore at 30 percent, Strange at 22 percent, and Brooks at 19 percent. Others combine for a total of 12 percent, while 17 percent are undecided.

The poll of 500 Alabamians likely to vote in next Tuesday’s primary was conducted from August 5 to August 6—during the weekend—with a 95 percent confidence interval and a margin of error of 4.4 percent. Assuming these numbers are accurate, they show Brooks surging behind Strange inside the margin of error in the final days—a silent majority similar to the one that elected President Donald Trump—while Moore maintains a solid lead at the top.

Alabama Senate Republican Executive Summary Release by Breitbart News on Scribd

The primary will take place on Tuesday August 15th and if no one candidate can reach the 50% threshold on that day, then the top two vote getters will head to a runoff on September 26th.

It seems likely that a runoff will occur and that Judge Roy Moore will be one of the two candidates in that runoff. Moore has led in every poll since the start of this primary season and his support has not wavered much since he launched his bid. Moore is a very popular figure in Alabama, even if he remains unpopular in the rest of the nation.

The real question is, who will the 2nd runoff candidate be? Brooks is surging in the final days even as the GOP establishment continues to pour MILLIONS into Alabama in an effort to swing the race towards Luther Strange. The race for 2nd place is a toss up right now, and that is a problem for America.

We need a strong conservative to win the race for the Senate in Alabama, and if Luther Strange is able to hold off Rep. Brooks… we may not get that. We may end up with a GOP establishment stooge holding office in D.C.

Which is why, we’re begging Alabama voters to throw their primary support to Judge Roy Moore. Even if you’re a strong supporter of Rep. Brooks (who is a good man and would make a wonderful Senator), for the sake of Alabama cast your ballot for Moore.

Get Judge Moore over the 50% hump in the primary and let’s ensure that a conservative takes over as the next Senator from Alabama.

The fight to stop the GOP establishment and their failures begins in Alabama. Elect conservatives and let’s change the game in Washington, D.C.

Please consider supporting Judge Roy Moore’s Campaign.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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