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Government Fines Christian Girl $15,000 for Overthrowing Blasphemous Art Work of Jesus

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A Christian girl in Russia named Mila Odegova saw with righteous indignation a blasphemous “art” exhibit in which Jesus Christ was portrayed in horrific ways. She, and other Orthodox Christians, entered the premises and made a protest in which civil disobedience was  exhibited. Some of the evil and degenerate drawings were thrown down. Now, the communist forces behind the degenerate show want the Russian government to fine Mila for over a million rubles (over $15,000) to repair for supposed “damages.”


Her trial has already begun, with the first session now completed. At the beginning of the trial, the judge, Alexander Merkulov, asked her for her name, to which she responded: “God’s servant, Ludmila.” “Where were you born?” asked the judge. “The kingdom of heaven. We are Christians…” said Mila. “I’m very glad,” said the judge, “What is your nationality?” “My homeland – a heavenly Jerusalem.”  In the trial, Mila agreed to pay the fine, as long as it does not go to the repair of the blasphemous imagery. Her zeal is in emulation of the zeal of Christ, Who, when seeing His Father’s Temple being prostituted by merchants, took up a whip and drove the thieves out and overturned their tables. If this was praise worthy and imitable, then what Mila did is also worth of our praise.

It does not matter what the modernist ‘christians’ say, to act in civil disobedience against the enemies of Christ lets them know that they will not show their evils without a strong response. Last year, I interviewed Mila Odegova when the communist forces first began persecuting her. In the interview, I showed the footage what Mila did at the evil “art” show and of Mila explaining why she did what she did.

We at Shoebat.com took Mila’s case and raised money for her cause when her persecution first began.

I wrote a letter to the Russian Orthodox Church, exhorting them to defend Mila Odegova from being forced to pay a fine for blasphemy. This is what I wrote:

To the Russian Orthodox Church and the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow,

I come to you with an exhortation to defend your faithful member of the Orthodox flock,  Lyudmila Yesipenko. When she saw the evil art exhibit in which Our Lord was blasphemed, she expressed and showed her righteous indignation against the sacrilegious and antichrist portraits. Now the ones who conducted the exhibit want her to be fined for over a million rubles to repair certain “damages” of this disgusting filth that they call art. Its not even art, it is pure garbage. She did not show her anger or make her protest for the cause of herself, but for the cause of God. When Christ saw His Father’s Temple being tainted by the evil of materialism and thievery, He overturned the tables and drove the merchants out with a whip. Lyudmila followed the example of Our Lord, to have zeal when God is mocked, and to show the wicked enemies of Christ that the followers of God will not stand around with indifferentism, but rather will fight against evil.

The Church, being the representative of Christ on earth, must defend Lyudmila and not allow her to be forced to pay for the cause of blasphemy.

Theodore Shoebat,

Communications Director for Rescue Christians

I encourage all of you to write to the Russian Orthodox Church and exhort them to defend Mila Odegova, a fellow Christian who fought the forces of evil. The emailis [email protected]

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

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