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Government’s War On The People Just Went To A Whole New Level

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The federal government has been waging a war against the American people for a long time now. But things have just ramped up and they are preparing for a hot war against us.

They have started a domestic war a long time ago with the creation of a central bank and the IRS. Now, using the power they continue to amass because we refuse to disobey and unlimited financial resources stolen from us or created out of thin air to raise literal armies of heavily armed federal agents who will seek out and execute Americans who refuse to comply with the tyranny (be stolen from).

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has been training to fire upon the American public.

Still think the 87,000 new agents are to track down 927 billionaires and make them “pay their fair share?” They are coming for us and they are making it obvious. Even after the IRS collected a record $4.1 trillion in recent months, it’s never enough. The American taxpayer must be threatened at gunpoint, raided with rifle teams, bled dry after all their property is stolen, and terrorized with the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents who will of course selectively target those who cannot afford to fight back.

All government is slavery. We all need to stand together against this tyranny and be able to fight back because as they attempt to disarm all slaves, the IRS is training to shoot Americans:

This photo, also from the 2021 report, shows IRS agents training like the police while firing handguns at paper targets:

Here’s a close-up, zoomed-in image of some of the targets:

Note that these targets are shaped like people, not merely circular target zones for rifle competitions or sighting in:

What these targets prove is that the IRS is deliberately training to shoot American citizens, and they are “desensitizing” their troops to be able to pull the trigger when they are shooting people.

Share these photos everywhere. All people should know that their government is ramping up a team to not just steal the fruits of their labor, but to use force and shoot us. We should have stood up and disobeyed governments out of existence sooner because now it’s looking like there could be a real war brewing. You will comply or you will die.

We are out of time and far too many continue to make excuses somehow believing that the right puppet sitting on the throne of power will somehow give the slaves more freedom. The problem isn’t the puppet on the throne. It’s that there is a throne at all.

Here’s the source of these photos, via Jobs.IRS.gov:


They will probably pull this PDF, so Natural News has saved a copy and will post that if needed

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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