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Great Question, Dude, “Where are BLM & Black Panthers in Louisiana?” [video]

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While Obama golfed and George Soros and his hired Black Lives Matter thugs are nowhere to be seen, only Donald Trump traveled to Louisiana in the immediate aftermath of the overwhelming floods. Everyone seemed to be besieged, but the black community was hit hard.

This man records a video of his neighborhood and asks, “where are the Black Lives Matter” people? Do our lives not matter? “I don’t see any Black Panthers here.”

Where was Obama? Playing golf. Where was Hillary? No one knows. She hasn’t even held a press conference in 264 days. Maybe it’s because she can’t even stand up on her own or speak a coherent sentence.

Only the police and Donald Trump seem to care. Trump just donated $100,000 to the flood victims.

Either way, this man’s questions remain unanswered.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Bethany Blankley.

The Washington Standard

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