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Gulf of Tonkin Incident – False Flag, or Not?

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As we approach the 51st anniversary of the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, an act that essentially kicked off the “hot” portion of the Vietnam War, we had an opportunity on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show to interview a man who was in the Gulf of Tonkin 51 years ago this week. Navy Chief Petty Officer, John Shattuck.

Although I have only met John Shattuck one time, very briefly, I was struck by the charisma and alertness he possessed for a man is in his mid-80’s. It is apparent that John is the kind of man one would describe as a “doer” and not a talker; as he illustrated with his 3 separate ventures into the Gulf of Tonkin aboard the USS Maddox. But, what about the events of August 2- 4, 1964?

I had the pleasure of a pre-interview with John before we went live, so I had a pretty good idea what John’s views were going to be on the notion of the 8/4/64 attack being one of a “false-flag” variety. I know that there is plenty of evidence, some even captured on film, of “officials” admitting that the second attack never happened. John, however, says that they did happen, and any theories to the contrary are false.

I found myself in a bit of an unusual situation while interviewing John. I have investigated the official, and un-official, documents of the
Gulf of Tonkin incident, and watched the movie in which the former Secretary of Defense,
Robert McNamara, claimed that the second attack was bogus. However, how could I dispute someone who was actually there in the Gulf of Tonkin on the very day that the incident happened? Please listen to the interview below and decide for yourself. I welcome all respectful commentary.

* Article by Jim White

The Washington Standard

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