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Hate Crime Hoaxes Illustrate The Left’s Lack of Character

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All too often, commentators such as myself find ourselves preaching to the choir, so to speak. While this is can be enlightening for our readers and helps the like-minded in framing their arguments, it does relatively little toward winning the hearts and minds of the more apolitical independent and swing voters, whom we know are key to winning general elections.

Well, there is a fantastic opportunity at present for conservative and libertarian types to win the hearts and minds of the apolitical, and that is in bringing to their attention some of the recent demonstrations of abominably low character which those on the political left have evidenced. As an aside, I would speculate that these have been the result of desperation on the part of leftists due to the popular revolt against establishment politics.

First, there have been the highly-publicized instances of social media giant Facebook having tainted the news cycle by artificially manipulating trending articles in favor of those slanted toward the left wing agenda. While Facebook is not a news organization and is a private outfit that is free to lie if it so desires, it is evident that given its power in the social media arena, such action renders its credibility highly in doubt. Then, there are the instances of Facebook applying a double standard with regard to suspending conservative users versus liberal users and even openly abusive ones pertaining to controversial posts.

Over the last few days, several prominent individuals have come forward claiming that the representation of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in a recent article by The New York Times is not the one they conveyed when they were interviewed by the ‘Times for the article, and that they were misled by the Fishwrap of Record concerning the focus of the piece.

Finally, there the recent cases of individuals on the left who have faked various slights and instances of “hate speech” or “hate crimes” supposedly perpetrated by those on the right. We’ve been aware for some time that those in the sodomite community who initiated legal action against business people who refused to compromise their religious beliefs in favor of the perceived rights of homosexuals were in fact targeted by the former in order to generate press coverage and advance their agenda in the courts.

These examples of fakery go farther than even that sort of scheming. Three black college students in Albany, New York are currently facing assault and false reporting charges in the wake of their bogus January 2016 claim that they had been attacked by a group of white men and women on a bus.

Last week, Jordan Brown, the homosexual pastor of an Austin, Texas church, attempted to sue the Whole Foods store chain for decorating a cake he supposedly ordered with the legend “Love Wins” instead with the words “Love Wins Fag” on the cake. Well, it turns out that Brown added the offensive “homophobic slur” himself after getting the cake home. This week, Brown withdrew his claim after Whole Foods announced that it had video of Brown’s purchase of the cake, and that it now intends to pursue legal action against Brown.

On April 30, black University of Iowa student Marcus Owens told Iowa City police that he was attacked in an alley by three white men who hurled racial slurs and beat him. A two-week investigation by the police found that Owens actually had instigated a fight in a local bar which resulted in injuries he claimed to have sustained during the alleged hate crime.

Finally, a group of black students at Maryland’s Salisbury University drew a racist sketch accompanied by racial epithets on a whiteboard in the university’s library, claiming that it was put there by racist white students. Their subterfuge was discovered as a hoax by university officials.

This proclivity on the part of liberals for faking events calculated to advance their flimsy causes has even given rise to a website, fakehatecrimes.org, which documents hate crime hoaxes going back to 2012. A May 2, 2016 news piece by Breitbart claims that there have been over 100 hate crime hoaxes over the past decade, the most infamous being the Duke Lacrosse Case, wherein a black stripper falsely accused lacrosse players at Duke University of brutally raping her in 2006.

The point here is of course that this sort of behavior is wholly acceptable among members of the politically-active liberal community, wherein we do not see the same sort of behavior on the part of those on the right. Amoral and even illegal behavior is justified by liberals as the ends justifying the means. For example, one is more likely to see confrontational or openly offensive politically-related bumper stickers on a liberal’s car than on a conservative’s car, and a liberal is far more likely to vandalize a conservative’s car for displaying even an innocuous politically-related bumper sticker.

All of the foregoing are things that have been taken as given by conservatives for a long time, because they already know that liberals possess low character. The increasing instance of high-profile hate crime hoaxes and press reports addressing them however, present a unique and rare opportunity to reveal or demonstrate this unsavory proclivity on the part of liberals to our unaffiliated and more apolitical friends.

One might start with having them read this column, or directing them to fakehatecrimes.org. It is our civic duty to capitalize on any opportunity to reveal the evil machinations of the left to those who remain unaware of them and the gravity of our nation’s circumstance.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Erik Rush.

The Washington Standard

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