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Heidi Cruz: “Ted is an Immigrant”

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And here come the slipups just like Michelle Obama has done concerning her husband. Just days ahead of the Indiana primary, Heidi Cruz, wife of Texas Senator Ted Cruz told a crowd that one of her husband’s strengths is that he is an immigrant.

“Ted is an immigrant,” Mrs. Cruz said. “He is Hispanic.”

Here’s her comments in context.

We have been unifying this party. Five of those 17 candidates have endorsed our campaign. And different parts of the party. We’ve been unifying fiscal conservatives. Evangelicals. Young people. Do you know that Ted has been winning the millennial vote in state after state? He’s been winning the women’s vote in state after state. Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic. He can unify this party. We have libertarians joining our cause. I have people everyday from the Democrat party telling that they have re-registered to vote for Ted as a Republican because they understand what he stands for and he represents American values.

The Cruz campaign responded to Heidi’s words, saying that she “misspoke.”

“As she has in numerous speeches over and over, Heidi was referring to Ted as being the son of an immigrant,” said spokeswoman Catherine Frazier. “That is a story she shares repeatedly on the campaign trail. It is an integral part of his background and personal story, one which resonates with the millions of Americans who share a similar background, and that gives hope to those struggling to climb the economic ladder.”

Cruz was born in Canada, and even though he claims that he is a US citizen, it would be due to an act of Congress and not because of a fact that he is a natural born citizen.

There is a plethora of historical evidence which I have written on that clearly proves that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen. Cruz’s records are also sealed so that even Freedom of Information Act requests to determine whether or not he is even in the US legally are denied.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump blasted Cruz last week at a rally in Connecticut.

“Rafael! Straight outta the hills of Canada,” Trump said. “Was a Canadian citizen until 14, 15 months ago. And then he ran for the Senate. You know, you’re registered as a Canadian citizen. He says, ‘Oh, I’d never do that.’ He never knew he was a Canadian! I can’t believe that.”

That’s not all.

Last week, Cruz announced that he was tapping former presidential rival Carly Fiorina as his running mate. However, earlier this year, Fiorina expressed concerns over Cruz’s eligibility when she said that she found it “odd” that Cruz didn’t renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2014, even though he had been in the US since he was four years old.

“Well, I don’t know all the particulars, but I would say this, I find it odd that Senator Ted Cruz did not renounce his dual Canadian citizenship until 2014, when it became clear he was running for president,” said Fiorina. “Clearly, there are both legal scholars, and others who think this is, perhaps, a legitimate issue.

She then expressed concern over both Trump and Cruz in an election campaign against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

“My issue is, that I think both Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz, are far too divisive as candidates to ever beat Hillary Clinton. I’m a conservative who can beat Hillary Clinton, who won’t sacrifice our principles, but [who will] explain our principles to the American people. I don’t think you can have someone win who insults everyone routinely, and I also don’t think you can win, when you have someone, like Senator Cruz, who says one thing in the drawing rooms of Manhattan, and another thing in the living rooms of Iowa. That’s kind of what politicians do. They say what they need to say to get elected, and then they do whatever they please.”

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