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Help Us Send A Shock Wave To The Establishment

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I am saying nothing new to the readers of this column when I say that the establishment media along with establishment religion and establishment political institutions are no friend of Liberty. Particularly, the phony Covid narrative of the past year clearly showed us just how out of touch mainstream 501c3 churches are with God’s principles of Natural Law, Liberty and constitutional government.

I have produced three packages of messages that deal in depth with the subjects above. These are truths that the vast majority of pastors and churches refuse to address or even openly reject. I urge readers to watch these three DVD packages:

Package 1: Aggression, Revolution, Anarchy And Gun Control

Package 2: The State, Slavery And The Sovereignty Of God

Package 3: Natural Law, Liberty & Government

The one positive element of the phony Covid scamdemic is the fact that it brought thousands of new viewers to my online messages at Liberty Fellowship. These are people who are fed up with the cowardly, compliant churches that refused to take a stand for Liberty and the Constitution and sheepishly bowed (and still bow) to the false god of the Covid religion. These people got online and began searching for Truth and found Liberty Fellowship.

Here is the series of messages I brought to my congregation regarding the antichrist nature of the Covid narrative. The series is entitled The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist.

During the past 15 months, the religious and political establishments have attacked us as “extremist,” “fringe,” “cultist,” etc. They did everything they could do to shut us down during the lockdowns. They harassed us. They sent spies into our midst in an attempt to sabotage our work. All to no avail.

This brings me to how the readers of this column can really help us. Right now!

Our daily newspaper (a typical controlled, mainstream media outlet) is conducting a poll in our area. Two of the categories they are asking the online audience to vote on are “Best Pastor” and “Best Church.”

This poll is skewed in favor of two large establishment, 501c3, pro-Zionist, pro-lockdown mainstream congregations. These two pastors and churches almost always finish 1st and 2nd in this poll by virtue of their immense size.

But with the hundreds of new Liberty Fellowship viewers and readers of this column, we have a unique opportunity to go to the top of this poll. Believe me when I say, if that happened, it would send a SHOCK WAVE to the religious and political establishments.


We have a real opportunity to send an unmistakable message to the religious and political establishments that they cannot intimidate or coerce the message of Liberty out of existence, which is exactly what they are attempting to do.

To me, this is not about seeking popular opinion; it is about sending a message to the religious and political establishments that our message of Biblical Natural Law and constitutional Liberty is supported by thousands of people across Montana and the country.

For many months during the course of last year, we were the ONLY church in the entire area to remain open and resist the Covid lockdowns.

The pressure against us was intense.

Now we have a unique opportunity to show the big-government establishment that thousands of people agree with and appreciate the stand we took for Liberty.

Please help me send a message to the 501c3 government churches that people really do care about Liberty and constitutional government by helping us go to the top in this year’s poll.

This is an online poll, so you can vote in the poll regardless of where you live.

And remember, you can vote with every email address in your family.



And while you are at it, please vote for Dr. Annie Bukacek as “Best Family Physician.” She was the only physician in the valley to oppose the Covid medical establishment and resist the mandates and lockdowns. She never closed her office to her patients.

And the medical establishment did everything they could to ruin her.

In April of 2020, she dared to deliver a stunning public address at Liberty Fellowship that went viral across the country, exposing the way the CDC and medical establishment were manipulating and exaggerating the Covid death count. Millions of Americans watched that video. She was the first physician in the country to blow the whistle on the deceptive practices of the medical establishment during the Covid “pandemic.”

And the medical establishment hated her (and still does) for exposing their dishonesty and chicanery. Dr. Annie is the bravest physician I’ve ever known.

Please vote for Dr. Annie Bukacek as “Best Family Physician.”

After over a year of mass medical deception, government intimidation and religious capitulation, should we be able to go to the top in all three categories of this poll, the message would be unmistakable that there are still millions of people in America who love God, who love Liberty and who will not be bullied or bribed into bowing to the Beast.






Thank you.

P.S. This is the 2nd notice that we are now distributing THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

This is the giant compilation of 57 of America’s greatest historical documents in one large, beautiful volume. It is available nowhere else.

This is the semi-annual summer printing, and our stock will not last long.

Here is my column last week in which I describe the details of this giant compilation of America’s great historical documents.


Article posted with permission from Chuck Baldwin

The Washington Standard

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