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Helping The Demoralized & Not Being Demoralized

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I was at a meeting the other night and some things happened that caused me to think. The presentation had a lot of information as to the serious danger our country is in. It is obvious our country has serious problems. If we do not do something about those problems, things are going to get even worse and there will be more suffering. We all agree something must be done. However, there is great disagreement on what that “something” is that should be done.

At the end of the meeting, a women asked the speaker something like, “What should we do?” Then, there was a discussion between this person and the speaker that got rather heated. The speaker was a close personal friend of mine, and I do not know the other person. I say that to acknowledge that people being our friend can affect our opinion of a situation.

I left there not knowing what to say, but I have given it a lot of thought since that time. I have a lot of respect for the speaker and I would never want to be critical of him or his intentions. I just keep wondering if we accomplished what we wanted to do that night. When I played football, the coach would analyze what we did during the game, regardless of our winning or losing. Considering that both the speaker and the person that asked him the question were both trying to tell each other something, maybe we should think about how we convince other people to do something?

The older I get, the more I have taken the position that if what I say will not help, most times I will not say anything. Over my lifetime, I have watched people I love horribly hurt themselves. When I tried to tell them something, I got nowhere. So, if people are not ready to listen, I choose to say nothing. Maybe it is my medical training: “First, do no harm.” An example of this is my brother, who has been drinking himself to death for more than 20 years. Once he got so drunk that he fell down the stairs. His blood alcohol was .28 when the EMTs got there. By the time he got to the major hospital, his blood alcohol was .32. They say death is possible at .30 but many alcoholics can go way higher than that. People told me to say something to him, but really, if a traumatic brain injury does not convince someone to quit drinking, what can I tell him?

The same goes for my uncle who had emphysema.  He was smoking even when he needed to be on oxygen. Nothing I said was going to help him. He was like the vaccine loving fanatics. Every cigarette he smoked was proof that cigarettes did not hurt him. That was until smoking cigarettes gave him emphysema and yet, he smoked them until the day he died. The vaccine loving fanatics are the same way. They rarely admit that vaccines harm people, even when the vaccines harm them. I know a paramedic with no history of any heart problems. A few days after his COVID vaccine, he had a heart attack. He thinks the blood clot came from his lungs from when had COVID 4 months ago, instead of from the vaccine he got a few days before his heart attack. If he refuses to ask if the COVID vaccine gave him a heart attack, I can’t help him.

These examples may seem like distractions from my writing about the meeting, but they are not. They show us what we are working with when we try to tell someone to do something. It seemed to me that the person was trying to tell the speaker to do something, which included telling her how to fix things. The speaker was trying to tell that person to do something, even if she did not know what to do. This seems to be a great dilemma in the country today. A lot of people need to do something, and most people would like someone else to do it.

We need to look at where we are, where we need to go, and how to get there. Where we are is living in a country where the government does not follow the Constitution. That means there are no rules that the government will follow. Unfortunately, the COVID cowards are happy about this. They seem to think that the government having power will somehow protect them. If this was true, Nazi Germany should have been a safe place, and yet millions of people died at the hands of the government in charge of protecting them.

We all need to accept the blame for where we are. Yes, our grandparents and parents allowed things to get to where they are, but so did we. What makes us different than them? At this point blame accomplishes nothing, and it will end up demoralizing the people we need to encourage to help us. I accept some of the blame. I have been involved in politics for more than 25 years and yet this lock down still happened. Yes, there are numerous corrupt politicians and corrupt judges. I agree they all should be impeached. However, I have not impeached one single corrupt politician. So I cannot complain that others have not done what I have not done.

The reason I have not impeached anyone is I am not a member of the Congress or the legislature. The Constitution is very clear on the impeachment process. This gets to answering the question of “where do we need to go, and how do we get there.” These are two of the most important questions that have not been answered in my lifetime. We have to answer these questions because the country really is going in a bad direction. One of the reasons I stopped listening to Glenn Beck and others like him, is he constantly says what is wrong, but nothing he ever suggests fixes things. People might as well stay uninformed, if all they are going to do is wallow in the problem.

If we want to impeach the corrupt politicians, we need to get organized and work together. The reason I keep talking about Make Americans Free Again is they have a model that will work, and they are already using it. The people in office do not care what we think. The only way to change that is to make them care. Right now, they are laughing at us, and we deserve it. If we cannot convince our friends and neighbors to attend a weekly meeting, and to recruit others to attend those meetings, how do we think we can convince unmoral politicians to behave morally?

The whole point of having the meetings is to start training people to do what needs to be done and then to have them do the things that need to be done. Starting with the common goal of exposing the COVID fraud gives us one simple goal to unite around. The last thing we need right now is something to fight with each other about. We need to fight against the people that hurt us, not the people that can help us. If we deal with the fact that the emergency declaration was a fraud, it takes a lot of power away from a lot of evil people.

We need to accept a reality. The Constitution is the law of the land, and yet they still locked things down. We have inalienable rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence, and yet they still locked things down. I have never heard of a thief arresting himself. The people who are violating our rights are never going to protect our rights. They are laughing at us for thinking they should. We need to start meeting with our friends and neighbors and actually take action to change things.

I have been holding meetings for awhile now. However, a big problem I have been having is most people want someone else to fix things. That cannot happen because a lot of people need to do this. Answer this question, did it matter how much money someone earned before Hitler sent them to the death camps? If you always have something more important than starting groups and growing groups, explain why you think things will not get worse. Tell me why someone other than you should do something to fix things, when you won’t. You really need to answer these questions. There are a lot of demoralized people. They need to see some success. They need to be part of a solution.

Go to https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/ and listen to the recording of the latest conference call. There is a plan to start fixing things. People keep asking what they should do, but now when they have something to do, they do not do it. That needs to change. Fixing this country is going to take a lot of people working together. We might as well join the people that have a good ground game that is working. Anyone that is not working to fix things will deserve the suffering they get if we don’t. That is not going to be me, and I hope it is not going to be you.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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