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Hero UK Soldier Goes To Iraq To Fight ISIS And Is Charged With “Terrorism Offences”

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This summarizes the state of the UK today. Men who rise up to fight Islamic terrorism are prosecuted under “terrorism” charges while actual Muslim terrorists rampage as they will, and the government will not raise so much as a finger to even scold them:

A former soldier who fought against Islamic State in Syria has described the 10 months he spent on police bail after returning to the UK as an “extremely harrowing ordeal.”

Joe Robinson, 23, was arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences at Manchester airport in November last year after fighting alongside Kurdish rebels in Syria.

The ex-soldier, from Accrington in Lancashire, was told on Friday that he is no longer on police bail but it is understood that detectives are continuing to investigate whether Robinson and other Britons who fought against Isis committed terrorism offences.

“Although the investigation for all UK citizens who volunteered with the YPG [Kurdish militia] in Syria is still ongoing, the fact that special branch have confirmed that, due to insufficient evidence, all restrictions and bail conditions placed on me have been dropped is definitely positive news.”

The ex-soldier, who toured Afghanistan with the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in 2012, described the past year as “extremely stressful” for him and his family.

“I went to Syria to fight against terrorism and to protect the civilians caught up in the fighting who have had to endure the most horrendous experiences and living conditions imaginable,” he said.

“I love my country, I am ex-military and served my country in the Afghanistan conflict, but to be accused of terrorism by the same country I fought for for simply trying to help those in need has been extremely harrowing and made me think twice about the morals of the government in the UK.” (source)

That last statement is what everybody in the West needs to hear. The governments are totally corrupt, they don’t care about you, and the only reason they are supporting the Muslims is because they think Muslims are easier to control. I have stated this repeatedly before- governments love Islam because Islam, especially in large groups of people, makes people dumb and easier to control. The problem that all governments overlook, however, is that there inevitably comes a point where the Muslims can no longer be controlled, and that is when a revolution happens.

The UK, Germany, Belgium, and the like are all supporting Islam because the fact is that Europe is losing control over its economies, and, from an atheistic, communist standpoint, Islam is an easy way to keep the vulgar masses “in check,” so long as they do not get too violent. However, they are doing so at the expense of their own people. They are literally eliminating their own heritage in the name of trying to consolidate and keep a little more money and power for themselves.

Ultimately, as we are seeing now, this strategy cannot and will not work. It will turn Europe into the Muslim Middle East, and it will destroy European history in an irreversible way, down to the very biological makeup of the people. Never before in European history has there been so destructive of an invasion, and yet this invasion was literally a coup from within, organized by the very governments that soldiers like Mr. Robinson took an oath in good faith to protect.

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

*Article by Andrew Bieszad

The Washington Standard

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