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Hillary Clinton: The Weekend at Bernie’s Candidate

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I have been following Hillary and Bill Clinton’s health issues since the 2016 Presidential campaign began. Both are clearly very ill, as seen in every appearance they have made.

Bill looks like a corpse these days and exhibits every sign of a person who has AIDS, with his lifestyle this is likely the case.

Hillary doesn’t seem to be any healthier, with massive coughing fits during speeches, freeze-ups where she just stands silent for several seconds and is unaware of her environment, apparent lapses in memory, and needing help for such simple tasks as getting out of her van. Hillary’s motorcade van now comes complete with a wheelchair and lift, as well as an occasional ambulance being part of her vehicle entourage.

The latest Hillary Clinton health incident came on 9/11/16, at a 9-11 Memorial service in New York City, where she had to leave the event early, due to an apparent fainting spell. As she was about to enter her van, she almost fell as her legs buckled and was immediately surrounded by Secret Service trying to keep her from falling to the ground.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Hillary’s deteriorating health of late is her wearing dark sunglasses most of the time almost everywhere she goes.

Since she started wearing the dark shades, and needs help simply getting around these days, she has become what I refer to as the Weekend At Bernie’s candidate. Like the movie character Bernie Lomax, who had to be carried around everywhere by characters Larry Wilson and Richard Parker, in an attempt to show everyone he was still alive, Hillary, too, seems to have to be helped around to show us she is still healthy. However, the dark shades she is wearing are just too coincidental to the shades worn by Bernie Lomax.

Article by Tony Elliot

The Washington Standard

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