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Hollyweirdos & Others Can’t Be Quiet!

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Most intelligent individuals recognize that there are times when one needs to keep their mouth shut and when one needs to speak up.  Unfortunately, too many intelligent individuals cannot seem to engage their brain long enough to recognize when it is time to remain silent.  Charlatan politicians and Hollyweirdos belong to the group who cannot recognize the time to “shut up.”  The election of Donald Trump should have given these individuals at least a hint;  but, their egotistical narcissistic personalities, needing that continual “hit” of addictive adoration from misguided fans and supporters, just couldn’t resist the “id” need for instant gratification.  The pathology of these individuals’ personality has led them to engage in outrageous, false rhetoric on various topics based on someone else’s failed research, instead of researching issues for themselves, turning an unrealistic ideology into a “cult-like religion,” on one hand.  On the other hand, their personality pathology thrives on power – its attainment and expansion, to the point these individuals continually operate as though they are in power instead of out of power.  The list is long so only a few are covered.  Feel free to add your favorites and their rhetoric in the comments section.

Harrison Ford

Speaking at the 2018  Global Climate Action Summit, has-been actor of the Indiana Jones trilogy and Star Wars fame blasted “anti-science” political leaders and man-made climate change deniers, warning that  “climate change is threatening humanity.”

Ford stated, “If we don’t change the path that we’re on today, the future of humanity is at stake.  While you work to meet the challenge of climate change, I beg of you — don’t forget nature.  Because today, the destruction of nature accounts for more global emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world.”

Ford called climate change a “monster” and encouraged everyone to “shut off phones, roll up sleeves, and kick this monster’s ass.”

Last November, the actor slammed the Trump administration’s environmental policies while accepting an award from environmental nonprofit Conservation International.

He said at the time that the greatest threat is not climate change, it’s “that we’ve got people in charge of important sh– who don’t believe in science.”

On Thursday he took aim at Trump again.

“For God’s sake, stop electing leaders who don’t believe in science,” Ford said.

Apparently, Ford cannot decide which is more responsible for climate change – destruction of nature or global emissions from all cars and trucks in the world or people in charge who “don’t believe in science.”  In his opinion, climate change is not the greatest threat;  but, it’s the “people in charge of important sh—who don’t believe in science” that are greater.  Climate change is the biggest redistribution of wealth scheme disguised as an environmental intervention against the evils of human occupation of the Earth.  Climate change caused by man is a hoax.

Unfortunately for Ford, independent scientists have long ago debunked the UN IPCC computer model, which the IPCC admitted was faulty and biased.  Their research uncovered temperature data manipulation by so-called scientists, found that none of the “scientific studies” in favor of “climate change” met the criteria for satisfying the Scientific Method, and declared the cause of climate change being contributed to man as either inconclusive or downright false.  Moreover, what these government scientists call a “greenhouse emission” – carbon dioxide – is a necessity for plant life growth.

For all of his bluster, Harrison Ford doesn’t believe in science either, particularly when the science does not “gee and haw” with his belief in the climate change ideological “green” utopia.  Ford should do his research before opening his mouth.  Better yet, he should just shut up.  No one should put stock in his opinion and ideology simply because he’s a recognizable name and famous.

Alyssa Milano

This Hollyweird-o is better known for her activism against everything considered “conservative” and “Trump” than for her acting skills and memorable roles.  Visiting Breitbart.com and entering her name in the search box produces 10 pages of her antics.  Among her activism credits are support for gun control, support for the baby murder mill Planned Parenthood, opposition to Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, campaigning in States where she does not reside to urge voters to elect individuals that hold to her ideology, calling for violence against those who oppose her ideology, and association with terrorist supporter Linda Sarsour advocating for DACA, amnesty and open borders.  This is one individual who has turned activism into a cult-like type of religious activity.

What is hilarious about Milano’s antics is she actually blames the Russians for the Democratic loss in Ohio’s special election.  Yes, those Russians not only colluded with Trump;  they had time to meddle in Ohio’s special election. (sarcasm)  Despite the lack of evidence that Russians meddled in our elections and colluded with Trump to win the presidency, she cannot grasp the concept of “protest” voting, which happens when citizens feel disenfranchised by both political parties and frustrated with the system.

In her protest against Brett Kavanaugh, she actually believes that Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court would “affect everything we know to be true as American citizens.”  What she means by that statement is anyone’s guess.  However, what she considers to be “true” as an American citizen is probably not the same as other American citizens.  She went so far as to dress in a Handmaid’s Tale costume donning a sign saying, “Never Kavanaugh, Never Gilead”, referencing the totalitarian government featured in the series.

Needless to say, Milano doesn’t live in reality and has zero clue how government operates.  She voiced anger at Hussein Soetoro for failing to “shut down the government” over the Senate delaying confirmation of his nominee for the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  Her baseless fear is that Kavanaugh could help overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court in the Roe v. Wade case, which “would affect those that have the least access to healthcare, civil liberties, everything.”  Milano has no idea civil liberties, or what we call God-given individual unalienable rights, are outside the purview of government to regulate, trample or remove, meaning everyone has access to those.  Moreover, there exists no right to commit murder, which is what abortion is, and murdering the unborn is not considered “healthcare.”  In the united States, everyone has access to healthcare whether one can pay or not.  Milano is not any better at reading lines than she is creating them.

This “has been” actress should focus her attention on raising her newborn baby.  Because she is semi-famous, but more notorious, for her activism in everything, media outlets parade her as some kind of expert when she clearly knows very little about the issues.  Instead of educating herself on the issues, she spouts garbage opinions based on her ideological beliefs and her bubble of reality.  Milano should shut up and follow God’s word and His law when it comes to raising children.

Jim Carrey

This talentless actor turned political cartoonist is best known for his portrayal of certain sects of workers as idiotic, incompetent and stereotypical of low intellect in an attempt at comedy in movies.  Recently, Carrey purchased Nikes to show support for Colin Kaepernick, stated on Real Time with Bill Maher that Democrats should just say “yes” to socialism and stop apologizing, and drew a caricature of Donald Trump burning at the stake.  Carrey is no better at art than acting.  Searching for articles at Breitbart.com relating to the 3rd rate actor produces numerous examples of his political art that is in poor taste and mindless comments that indicates how out of touch with reality Carrey appears to be.

Again, here is another example of the media portraying Carrey as some kind of expert on government and politics simply because he is part of the Hollyweird-o elite. Carrey should go back to Hollyweird obscurity, taking his art with him, and just shut up.  There is nothing worse than the uninformed on government and the Constitution speaking as though possessing extensive knowledge on both.

Jimmy Carter

Former governor of Georgia and president of the united States Jimmy Carter is one charlatan politician who should stay in the background and remain quiet.  Having met the former president and first lady at a local pub known for its hosting of political events, Mr. and Mrs. Carter are very down to earth, friendly and are willing to talk to the people.  But, the 39th president claimed that Jesus would “approve of gay marriage” and some abortions.  He had no scripture to reference (duh) but voiced belief that Jesus would “encourage any love affair if it was honest and sincere and was not damaging to anyone else ….”

Carter has been particularly critical of Trump, especially because of Trump’s appointment of John Bolton to a post in his administration.  Because the citizens of the united States rejected the “establishment” candidates from both parties, Carter agreed with Stephen Colbert that America wanted a “jerk” for president.  More recently, Carter stated at a student town hall at Emory University in Atlanta that if he could be elected president again, he would change all of Trump’s policies initiated since being in office.  Carter objected to all of Trump’s activities in the typical Democrat fashion of using generalization.   Trump has to be doing something right for this “has been” Democrat political charlatan to want to reverse the good Trump  has accomplished.

Age is just a number and many adults are still mentally sharp long into their twilight years.  But, at age 93, Carter has made some bizarre statements.  If not for Obama, Carter would be labeled “America’s worst President.”  This political “has been” should shut up and stay on the farm because his mental sharpness, clarity, and reasoning are waning fast.

John Kerry

John “Swiftboat” Kerry has been a disaster politically for the united States.  If ever anyone should crawl away in shame and keep quiet, it would be him.  In the last 47 years, Kerry has made some preposterous and stupid statements.  Kerry rationalized the slaughter of individuals at Charlie Hebdo for engaging in free speech.  He maligned his fellow Vietnam soldiers in a testimony before Congress, accusing his fellow brothers of horrendous war crimes – war crimes that turned out to be false and litigation, brought to defend the honor of those Vietnam veterans accused, exposed that John Kerry never was “sworn in” before giving “testimony” before Congress.  Soldiers, who served in Vietnam dubbed Kerry a “traitor” because his appearance before Congress jeopardized prisoners of war held in North Vietnam.  “As a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, he went to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and, as network TV cameras rolled, he threw medals and ribbons over the fence – his own, it was naturally assumed.”  Yet, years later Kerry admitted those medals and ribbons belonged to “some other guy” when a reporter noticed Kerry had framed and mounted his medals and ribbons on the wall in his office on Capitol Hill.

In nine days time, Kerry went from having reservations about Bush 41’s war to actually supporting it.

More recently, Kerry has been working “behind the scenes” and against the Trump administration by meeting with Iranian officials to try and “save” the Iran Nuclear Deal – one of the failures of the Hussein Soetoro administration.  What was touted as a deal to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon turned out to actually assist Iran in doing so.  As a reminder, the deal was brokered by Kerry and his Keystone Kops negotiators.  For any other American citizen, this would be considered a crime.

But, like the rest of the individuals covered, Kerry cannot back away into obscurity and needs to feed his desire to remain relevant.  Kerry, the leopard that he is, has not changed his spots where treason is concerned.  He should “lurch” away and shut up and quit his meddling as a private citizen into the Iran Nuclear non-Deal.

Barack Hussein Obama

The former illegitimate, unconstitutional, 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, cannot hide his disdain for Trump and his policies.  After all, Trump has slowly been eroding the legacy of the “king wannabe”.  Hussein Soetoro has now hit the campaign trail to attempt to get more Democrats elected to both chambers of Congress.  After eight years of 44’s politics of dividing Americans along every socio-economic, racial and belief system demographics and over 1,300 examples of his criminal activity in office, many citizens are ready for this “Bozo” to pack up his circus tent, put it in storage, and be held accountable for his crimes.

Instead, Hussein Soetoro spoke at a rally for Democrats in California.  He urged citizens to activism saying, “If we don’t step up, things can get worse.  In two months, we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics.”  But, in typical charlatan community organizing fashion, he took a stab at recruiting “Never Trump” Republicans.

“I want to reach out to some Republicans who kind of harken back to the values of a guy named Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, and who say to themselves … ‘I don’t recognize what’s going on in Washington right now. That’s not what I believe.”

By now, every American citizen should know what Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah believes – hint, it isn’t having a constitutional republic.  As a sign of respect, the Baca Bazi Barry should stay silent when it comes to commenting on his successor.  But, after trying to sabotage the Trump campaign by using government intelligence agencies to spy on Trump in hopes of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House, he can’t afford to slink away into the shadows because of the potential to be held accountable for his crimes.

After eight years, Hussein Soetoro should go away and shut up.  The 2016 election should have given him a hint that Americans are tired of the “race” card, the “sodomite” card, the “anti-Christian” card, the “victim” card, and the “anti-American” card.  Americans are tired.

While this is a small sampling of individuals who should shut up about government, policies and issues affecting the republic, there are plethoras of others that deserve mention, but would turn this article into a Ph.D. dissertation.  The big question is why do some Americans listen to these hacks, paraded by the lamestream entertainment media as persons who can influence the populace only because of their fame, notoriety or being a former official in government?  These past political officials are hounded by controversy, scandal, criminal activity and incompetence, hence being a “past political official.”  Yet, one watching the fawning of the lamestream entertainment media over these individuals would indicate these were “stellar” examples of American citizens.

Some Americans listen to these less than knowledgeable “has been” Hollyweird-os out of some fandom infatuation or sharing of the similar anti-American value known as socialism.  It is the same with these past political hack charlatans.  Unfortunately, these Hollyweird-os and past political hacks are part of those that would be “exempt” under any implementation of socialist policy and government.  It is easy for them to spout all the supposed benefits of socialism knowing they won’t live under that Draconian tyrannical government form.  Those who support and back these ideologies should take a hint from The Hunger Games series of movies.  Unless these average Americans following these “has been’s” in the entertainment and political arena think they will be exempt, they need to wake up to the fact they are the “political cannon fodder” of useful idiots that will be slotted for termination the same as those who oppose the destruction of our constitutional republic.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

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