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Horrifying Dashcam Shows Psycho Cops Laugh as they Pepper Spray a Baby, Beat Her Innocent Mom

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Article first appeared at Thefreethoughtproject.

Chicago, IL — A mother travelling with her two small children in her car tried to pull into her driveway when they crossed paths with two psychotic Chicago cops. The interaction would end with an innocent woman being dragged from her car, her and her children doused in pepper spray, and this mother of two facing attempted murder charges.

The nightmare unfolded for this mom, who is also a local Reverend, back in 2013. Rev. Catherine Brown was returning home, about to pull into her driveway, when a police cruiser with no lights or sirens on came barrelling down her alleyway. Had Brown not proactively honked her horn, the police cruiser would have likely smashed into her car head on.

“It’s a blessing I did blow my horn,” said Brown, recalling that fateful night.

However, the blessing of stopping a head on collision would quickly morph into a horrifying experience. Inside the police cruiser were Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy and Officer Jose Lopez, who were blocking Brown from entering the driveway to her home.

Seemingly to proud to back up and let the mother and her two children pull into their house, officer Murphy jumped out of the vehicle and began swearing at Brown demanding she move her vehicle.

Before she can even respond, Lopez rushes the innocent mother and children with his gun drawn and aims it at Brown’s head. Remember, she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

“It startled me,” Brown says. “I reached for my license … The other officer takes the gun and points it at the front of my head.”

Fearing that these maniacs might hurt her and her children, Brown called 9-1-1, repeatedly. The recordings of those calls reveal that she was being terrorized and threatened. She begged for a police lieutenant to come to the scene.

Brown’s oldest daughter Georgia was 8-years-old at the time, and when asked what she thought the cops were going to do, she responded by saying, “they might shoot and kill us.”

Instead of waiting for their lieutenant to show up, Brown’s attackers, two of Chicago’s finest tried to force open her door. Terrified that these sociopaths might kill her, Brown drove backwards out of the alley and began screaming to her neighbors for help.

“Now she’s chasing me with the car. I come to a complete stop, and then she takes the car and rams it into me,” Brown says.

The dashcam video of the rest of incident is nothing short of infuriating and horrifying. After smashing the cruiser into a car full of children, Officer Murphy jumps out and begins dousing Brown with pepper spray. Murphy was so careless that she sprayed Brown’s small baby too.

 After hitting her with a chemical agent, Murphy held her pistol to Brown’s head as another officer approached and began smashing her car with a baton. Both cops then violently pull the mom out of the car as her children scream in terror.

To illustrate the sadistic nature of these cops, the video even catches officer Lopez smiling as he beats down this innocent woman.

They “Beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me,” Brown says. “They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head.”

After assaulting and arresting an innocent mother in front of her own children, police then charged Brown with attempted murder because Murphy claimed she was dragged as Brown tried to flee. However, after going to trial for the incident, Brown was found not guilty as there was no evidence of Murphy ever being in danger.

Brown was still convicted of reckless conduct for driving backwards, but she has appealed that charge as well. Any sane person will see that she did so to avoid these two savage public servants.

Brown’s attorney, Ed Fox pulled the records from The Citizens Police Data Project, which shows the outright insane history of these two Chicago cops. Morsi Murphy has been hit with a whopping 19 complaints, and Lopez has received even more at 21.

The disturbing video below shows the dangerous power of belligerent and violent individuals being given badges. Had the dashcam video of this incident not existed, Brown could be rotting in a jail right now, serving time for an attempted murder that she never committed.

The Chicago police have declined to comment on the case because of the pending legal action against them by Brown. They only released the following canned statement:

“Reaffirming our commitment to accountability and integrity is paramount in our efforts to rebuild trust between police officers and communities,” the spokesperson said in a prepared statement. “Since there is pending litigation in this case, CPD is not able to comment on specifics. However, we take allegations of excessive force and discourtesy very seriously. These matters are thoroughly investigated by the Independent Review Authority and individuals are held accountable when wrongdoing is discovered.”


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