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How Low Can They Go?

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My conscience compels me to write this but I don’t suggest you read it.

You read that correctly.  If I was you, I wouldn’t want to read this.

If you insist on ignoring my warning and reading it anyway perhaps you should prepare yourself by taking a moment to read ROMANS 1 which explains from a spiritual perspective what it is you are about to see.

I warn you again.  THIS IS VULGAR and it is taking place in Cleveland next weekend and soon an American city near you.

Recently Brannon House, the leader of the Christian ministry Worldview Weekend had several seminars canceled at hotels in the upper Midwest.  Mr. House’s ministry is designed to alert and inform Christians about the enemies of Christianity that are currently working overtime to undermine Christianity.

Here is a firsthand account of what the Islamists and the Marxists did to Mr. House and his organization.   In a nutshell, Christ-hating groups organized to shut down Mr. Houses’ events at hotels that he had legally contracted with to hold his seminars.  The hotels canceled his events and left his ministry holding the bag for nearly $20,000 in expenses he had hoped to recoup from offerings taken at the seminars.

This censorship of Christian values is happening all across America.  One need look no farther than what Facebook, Youtube, and Google has been caught doing with “conservative” groups on their social media platforms.

I suppose we are expected to just sit back and take it.  After all, Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek,” right?  We should never fight back or stand up for what we believe.  That wouldn’t be very Christian, now would it?

I hope Worldview Weekend sues SOMEBODY into oblivion.

Are you ready for the gross part?

Here is an example of what IS accepted and approved up in YOUR neighborhood brought to you by the homosexual deviants that many of the modern church so openly embrace?  Are you ready?

Be forewarned you may need to get out the Lysol or the Raid…I am not sure which is more appropriate…and imagine your next family outing to a getaway weekend at the local Westin or Hampton Inn.

Some of my regular websites may not post this, and most of the readers will NEVER forward this.  It just doesn’t fit the mold of our contrived view of homosexuality.  I bet YOU won’t forward it.  THE TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE HATE TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH.

Here we go.

Go to this website. This is the website that will connect you to the traveling debauchery that is being hosted by hotels around the nation.

I warn you…this is sickening.

Their next “event” is in Cleveland, Ohio on April 26-29.  The entire hotel is closed to the public during the weekend as the guests come and learn about the latest sexual deviancy.

(Remember, Brannon House was not given the freedom to hold his seminars.)

What seminar would you like to attend in Cleveland?  Here is a list of “skills” being demonstrated for the weekend.

(You have traveled this far…take a minute and look at the “classes” offered).  Aren’t these a violation of the public health?  Would you like for your family to unknowingly stay in the hotel the night after this wicked event is over?  Don’t you think the hotel has a duty to tell future guests what went on in the conference room the previous weekend?  Would you want to hold your meeting in a banquet room the night after this group left?

Please understand…these programs involve hands on (sorry) attendee participation.

How about participating in a seminar called INTRO INTO FISTING( 10 am Thursday).  Fisting is putting your fist where the sun don’t shine.

Perhaps you would enjoy SCAT: BEYOND BROWN. (3:30  Friday)  SCAT is how to enjoy homos pooping on each other during sex.

If you are a novice perhaps you would like to learn more about ASS PLAY: FILL THAT HOLE. (7 PM  Thursday).  I don’t think this needs much explanation.

Folks…this is going on in public venues in America while at the same time the voice of Christian/Conservatives is being silenced all across the land.

Our government officials are either bought off or afraid of the radical homosexual mafia.  They love to tell us that homosexuals are just like everyone else and they only want to love the person of their choice.

Don’t believe it.  Radical homosexual behavior is deadly and in hotels all across America customers are being put in danger due to the acceptance of deviant sexual practices all across this nation.  This is a direct threat to public health.

Brannon House and the Worldview Weekend folks are not free to explain how the Devil is working in America while the Devil’s kids are free to practice all forms of debauchery in public venues.

If you would like more information on our plan to push back against this darkness visit AFT.

How low are we willing to let the deviants go?

Article by Dave Daubenmire

The Washington Standard

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