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How Many Child Deaths Will It Take?

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This is a question we need to ask. I realize by now many people think our country has no breaking point, and that no matter what gets done in the name of fighting COVID, people will just take it. I am not one of those people. I think our country’s handling of COVID will eventually lead to people forcing the government to stop the doing the terrible things it is doing. I am wondering, when will it happen, what will cause the breaking point, and how bad will the response need to be?

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The George Floyd riots are one example of people getting to their breaking point. I have already written articles going into the how and whys of that. I pointed out to my police friends that who is to blame will not change the fact that your police station is burnt to the ground. I have also pointed out to people who hate the police, that people who rob and murder other people, are not treating their victims fairly. When people are robbed and murdered, someone is hurting other people. It is unfair to hurt someone. It seems to me those people should realize that all the effort to make a fair judicial system is constantly being attacked by the fact that criminals are unfair. They hurt their victims with no concern for human rights. However, the minute they are arrested they start screaming: “it is unfair, my rights have been violated.” Yes, your victims’ rights have also been violated.

The reason we have a Constitution, is so decent people who do not harm other people, are not harmed by the government, and the others that do harm people. The government no longer protects people from harm. They just decide what happens to the people who cause harm, and which people get to harm other people. The government also causes a lot of harm. This is why there is so much anger amongst so many people. The government no longer fallows rules and yet they continue to demand we obey more rules.

That brings me back to my question of: “How Many Child Deaths Will It Take?” We know that vaccines are not safe for everyone. All of you, who cannot believe vaccines are unsafe, pay close attention to my words: “not safe for everyone.” Some people may not get hurt from vaccines, but some people do. If people did not get hurt from vaccines they would not have needed to pass the National Childhood Injury Act of 1986. They passed this Act for the specific reason that vaccines hurt people.

A major problem is people think what they believe matters. Only the truth matters. People are being taught their beliefs are truth, but that is nonsense. Jump out of an airplane and the belief of a parachute opening will not keep you alive, only a parachute actually opening. The COVID shot is hurting a lot of people that think their belief in vaccines will protect them. There are also a lot of people that are dead because of their false beliefs. The National Childhood Injury Act of 1986 should set these people straight but they are too uninformed to learn, and harm will be their only teacher.

The National Childhood Injury Act of 1986 was passed because too many children were being hurt by vaccines. The vaccine manufacturers told congress, that if they were not given immunity from the harm their vaccines caused, they would stop making vaccines. I realize some may claim they needed this because of the unfairness of the courts. Be sensible, who is more likely to get fairness in a court, a company with billions of dollars, or parents with children who have been harmed by the company with billions of dollars? Making billions of dollars buys you what you want, including a judge’s favor.

I am going to write another article explaining the National Childhood Injury Act of 1986 and the court case Bruesewitz ET AL. v. Wyeth LLC, FKA Wyeth, Inc., ET Al. This case shows that the government and the vaccine companies know vaccines hurt people. They just claim vaccines help more people than the number of people hurt by vaccines. The problem is, the people making billions of dollars, are the ones who decide if it is harmful for you to take what makes them billions of dollars. The fact that people are unable to realize the potential for corruption from this shows the problems in our government today. Most of them want corruption because it gets them so much money.

Unfortunately, because people love their money more than their children or their own health, people are going to continue to be harmed by the COVID shot and other vaccines. People assume it is normal for old people to die, but the death of a child is not normal. In fact, the death of a child is very rare. When a number of children die from the COVID shot, people are going to notice. Yes, the people making billions of dollars from the COVID shot will lie and already have stories to tell. There are too many people who know the lies are untrue. They can fool some people but they cannot fool everyone.

It is unfortunate that people are not protecting their children. My question of: “How Many Child Deaths Will It Take?” will be answered. The sad thing is, the answer is going to be more than “None” The other sad thing is, once we have the answer, healthcare workers will likely be the most hated people in the world. Healthcare workers should know better, but they don’t. For that they are unlikely to be forgiven.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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