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Huckabee Takes Liberal Stance on Illegal Immigration

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Immigration is one hot topic for the 2016 presidential election campaign trail among candidates in both parties. With Donald Trump revealing his plan on illegal immigration, candidates are defining their stance on the problem of unfettered illegal immigration. It is producing quite a stir in the media as candidates comment on their rivals’ remarks.

Former Arkansas Governor and 2016 GOP presidential nominee contender Mike Huckabee insisted on “Fox News Sunday” that he is in the same place he’s always been. His plan is “secure the border first, don’t provide amnesty, but don’t be irrational.”

“In 2006, Huckabee told the Washington Post that the ‘rational approach is to find a way to give people a pathway to citizenship.’ He also advocated as governor for financial assistance for illegal immigrants attending in-state colleges.”

Everyone is dancing around the issue with the media being complicit in “fluff n’ stuff” questions and coverage. First, the US already has a pathway to citizenship. It starts with immigration to this country via legal means. The process to attain citizenship is lengthy and takes years so foreign immigrants learn our government, culture, way of life and assimilate to life here in the US, instead of engaging in sub-cultural activities detrimental to our nation. Any “pathway to citizenship” for illegal alien invaders ignores the crime of entering the nation illegally, regardless of the reason for doing so.

According to Newsmax.com:

Huckabee pointed to an illegal immigrant in Arkansas who had come to this country with his parents as a small child and ended up graduating valedictorian of his high school class.

“Would we rather have him one day become a neurosurgeon or a tomato picker?” Huckabee said. “I’ve never regretted taking the stand that you don’t punish the children for something their parents did illegally. If you did, the next time a person gets stopped in a car, give the kid in the backseat a ticket instead of the dad.”

It is true that the sins of the father should not be applied to the child and vice versa. However, when the parents brought the child with them across the border, they, in turn, made a criminal out of the child. The immigration law does not distinguish age. His “ticket” example is not the same as there is an age restriction regarding driving a motor vehicle.

The entire illegal immigration issue continues to divide the candidates vying for the Republican Party nomination — all spurred by Donald Trump when he raised the issue in his campaign announcement. Or, was it? US citizens plunged headlong into the immigration issue with Obama’s unilateral, unconstitutional, illegal amnesty by fiat announcement, the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill disaster, the mass invasion of the nation by illegal alien invaders crossing the southern border by the tens of thousands, and DHS ordering border patrol to stand down and assist invaders to go wherever they wanted in this nation. The proverbial slap in the face came to many Americans when Obama began flying in planeloads of illegal alien invaders at taxpayer expense.

Donald Trump brought to the forefront of the Republican presidential nomination campaign race issues the citizens of this nation were voicing to the deaf ears of their Washington elected charlatan officials. Criticism abounded against Trump when he claimed Mexico was sending their criminals across the border to the US. His statement may not be totally true, but it isn’t totally false either. Mexico allowed individuals from Central America to cross their country illegally and unimpeded to gain entry into the US. Mexican drug cartels cross between the two countries running drugs and control extensive territory in the southwestern US. The Mexican government deals with neither drug cartels nor individuals moving illegally through their nation, unless it’s Americans. Breaking the law makes one a criminal.

Trump’s criticism of the “anchor baby” practice has split the Republican Party. Some rely on the Fourteenth Amendment to justify the “anchor baby” practice while many conservatives argue the original intent of the Fourteenth Amendment is not a guarantee of “birthright” citizenship. And, back and forth the issue goes across the multitude of candidates.

Huckabee said people are not angry about immigration because they hate immigrants, but because they see their way of life threatened.

“They see their jobs just disappearing, going to Mexico, to China, to Indonesia,” he told Fox. “If we deal with the real, acute problems, the immigration problem is not going to be as acute.”

Candidates still cannot get it right no matter how much US citizens try to explain it. It proves they are not listening and do not want to listen. US citizens are angry about immigration in totality right now — legal as well as illegal. Visa programs are abused and unenforced. If someone overstays a Visa or certain Visa programs overused for frivolous reasons by corporations and even our own government, impunity is the norm. US citizens are angered by “guest worker programs” to satisfy corporate America when our nation is experiencing record unemployment.

Illegal immigration angers US citizens because taxpayers foot the bill for many of these individuals through social programs the government allows these illegal alien invaders to access that are normally reserved for citizens. US citizens are fuming over the sheer number of illegal alien invader criminals entering this nation perpetrating heinous crimes against our citizenry, while the government releases repeat offenders into the communities and touts “pathway to citizenship” and “these are ‘dreamers’.” Unvetted Muslims by the tens of thousands are “imported” into our nation by a corrupt administration under some fake “refugee” status from terrorist nations while our government ignores persecuted Christians. Jihadi attacks against Americans are rising.

The issue is simple. These illegal alien invaders, along with this administration, have broken the law and government promotes impunity in the form of handouts, “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship.” The bigger issue remains the government and candidates’ support for illegal alien invaders over US citizens. It’s no secret pregnant illegal alien invaders “dropping babies” across the border are used as a means for the parents to stay instead of being deported back to the country of origin. Citizens are tired of the “anchor baby” loophole and handouts that threaten to collapse this nation. Government refused to enforce the law and secure our border to protect this nation from illegal alien invasion. In fact, government perpetrates an illegal alien invasion upon this nation. These are the issues citizens would like addressed, especially the criminal operation of our government.

In regards to legal immigration, certain programs need evaluating for abuse, misuse, and fraud as companies use these programs to import workers for lower wage than hiring US citizens. Violators of the various Visa programs remain in our nation with impunity. While government relegates legitimate applicants for immigration to the “back of the bus,” it promotes lawbreakers to the front and rewards them for criminal behavior. At times, legal immigration needs curbing for various reasons; it is essential for a nation to maintain its security, stability, and sovereignty. What is it about these concepts politicians are unable to grasp?

Unfortunately, these candidates are not interested in hearing the issues from the perspective of conservative citizens. They are busy pandering to special interest, corporations and some legal immigrants who may have families here illegally. How would these candidates suggest society deal with an unemployed, homeless male citizen who stole food and clothing from a store for his family who were cold and starving? Impunity would never cross their mind. But, be it an illegal alien invader or fraudulent “Black’s Lies Matter” looters, rioters and vandals, these charlatans yell “amnesty” and excuse crime perpetrated on irrational reasons.

These “self-professed” conservative candidates are not conservative when it comes to immigration or many other issues. This election cycle will propagate the mantra “Voter Beware.” Although, does it really matter since the machines are rigged and the next POTUS already chosen.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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