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Why Does This Humanitarian Group Want to Separate Muslims From Other Migrants?

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We have all seen the pictures of the millions from the Middle East seeking to escape the violence and intolerance of their war-torn countries. We are told that these Muslims only long for a better life and opportunity. They want to live in peace and raise their families. However, time is showing that this is not the truth.

Breitbart reports:

Christian asylum-seekers in Germany are regularly bullied, beaten and forced to participate in Muslim prayer services, according to a report released this week.

There are currently more than one million migrants and refugees living in Germany, the vast majority of whom are Muslims. The new report, titled “Religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees in Germany” was prepared by the humanitarian relief organization Open Doors, and documents a sharp increase in aggression and violence towards
Christians in the refugee centers.

Why do you think that there has been an increase? Simply put, a leopard cannot change his spots. The Muslim is intolerant to other religions, and especially those who have converted from Islam to Christianity.

It seems that these people, supposedly fleeing persecution, have no problem with persecution, as long as they are the ones persecuting. If it is not their beliefs that are under attack, they are okay with violence.

Breitbart continued:

The study found that fully half of the 231 Christian migrants interviewed over the last two months said they had been “bullied” by Muslims in refugee camps or reception centers, and also claimed that Muslim migrants were forcing Christians to take part in Islamic prayers.

Though there have been petitions to the German government to separate non-Muslims from the rest of the asylum seekers, there seems little chance that this will happen.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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