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Hundreds Of Counter-Protesters Descend On BLM March In Ohio – MSM Makes Them Out To Be The Bad Guys

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What? Do these people believe they can receive funds from domestic terrorists within the US and outside the US and no one is going to stand up to them?  That’s what some think, and from what we’ve seen in Florida, Missouri, Minneapolis and abroad, the Black Lives Matter gang are not as innocent as pure as the wind drive snow.  Yet, when a group decided to form a BLM march, they were met with hundreds of armed bikers to stand against them, but the mainstream media made the bikers out to be the bad guys.

For instance, take a read from Fox 19:

BETHEL, Ohio (FOX19) – Motorcycle gangs, back the blue organizations, and Second Amendment advocates tried disrupting a Black Lives Matter protest in Bethel on Sunday, according to Village of Bethel Administrator Travis Dotson.

The original group of protesters with Bethel’s Solidarity with Black Lives Demonstration was expected to be around 20-25 people, the release states.

Protesters worked with the Bethel Village Police Department to inform them of the event’s plans to protest on the sidewalks of Plane Street, Dotson says.

Once the word got out about the protests on social media, other groups soon made plans to counterprotest.

Motorcycle gangs, back the blue organizations, and Second Amendment advocates were among those now planning to be there during the protests, Dotson explains.

Two booths were set up on either side of Plane Street as a staging area for the officers. The Bethel Police Department had all six of its officers on duty and stationed around the demonstration area.

According to the release, six Clermont County deputies were also called to attend as needed. However, most of the deputies were called to respond to another urgent matter in the county and only one deputy was initially able to assist with the demonstration.

Nine additional deputies were dispatched and arrived to assist.

Roughly 250 motorcycles were “occupying the intended demonstration area,” around 2 p.m., according to Dotson.

Since the original protest area was being blocked, protesters with Bethel’s Solidarity with Black Lives Demonstration were forced to move over a few blocks, the release says.

Dotson says by the time the event was officially supposed to start, between 750-800 people were now in attendance.

Now, from reading the report, we don’t know if Dotson was counting the bikers and others that gathered to oppose the protest or not, but you have to admit the numbers jumped pretty fast.

We know at least 250 motorcycles were involved and often, Bikers ride in pairs, which could be more than half of the numbers touted.

“These groups included several motorcycle gangs, back the blue groups, and second amendment advocates,” Bethel officials said in the statement.

So, there you have additional people that may not have been riding motorcycles in attendance as counter-protesters.

According to a statement by police, “Towards the latter part of the event, the various other groups began to move toward the Bethel’s Solidarity with Black Lives Demonstration area.  This resulted in approximately 10 incidents. Those involved were removed from the scene and there are ongoing investigations concerning those incidents.”

Here’s the telling part.

MSN reports:

On Monday morning, Bethel officials received one anonymous call saying bus loads of protesters were on their way to Bethel from Columbus, according to Village Administrator Travis Dotson.

Dotson said the village has received at least one similar call previously and there is no evidence to suggest that this claim is true.

As a precaution, Dotson and other city officials alerted local businesses and neighboring police agencies are ready to help if needed.

Yes, yes, no evidence to suggest this is true.  Right!

This is the modus operandi of these people.

Of course, several calls went out to complain the bikers were armed, as if to suggest this isn’t the united States where the right to keep and bear arms is supposed to be protected not vilified.

Police said there were around 10 “minor scuffles” that resulted from the event.

It’s quite possible that other things were prevented, such as we have seen in other cities across the country due to the counter protests.

What’s even more telling about the mainstream media’s reporting is that they failed to interview one counter-protester for their side of the story.

In this video, let a local break it down for you.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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