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Husband of LA’s First Black Female DA Points Gun at Black Lives Matter Thugs Invading His Home (VIDEO)

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The only black people that the black nationalist hate group, Black Lives Matter, cares about are murderers, rapists, and drug dealers.

No others need apply.

Including the first black female DA in Los Angeles.

Jackie Lacey’s win was touted as a big move for civil rights. But while LA has gone to hell, Lacey hasn’t fully embraced BLM’s insane “stop enforcing all the laws and arresting criminals” program. The only major politician to do that is Senator Bernie Sanders.

So the black nationalist hate group, funded by the Ford Foundation, began its usual campaign of harassment, including disrupting campaign events and harassing Lacey at home.

Harassing people in their homes began as a campaign against Republicans and has now been embraced by the Bernie camp and the radical Left when targeting anyone more moderate than they are.

That led to a standoff where Lacey’s husband showed BLM where to go. At gunpoint.

The husband of the Los Angeles district attorney is accused of pulling a gun on Black Lives Matter activists in a video captured outside of their Granada Hills home Monday morning, just one day before Tuesday’s primary.

A man – who protesters identified as David Lacey, the husband of L.A.’s chief prosecutor Jackie Lacey – wielded what appeared to be a handgun while threatening to shoot the protesters if they did not leave the property.

Cannick said in a tweet that the group was protesting Lacey in front of her house after she allegedly failed to meet with Black Lives Matter. During the protest, her husband opened the door and threatened to shoot Abdullah, who is heard speaking off-camera.

“I will shoot you. Get off of my porch!” he said.

“Can you tell Jackie Lacey that we’re here?” Abdullah said.

“I don’t care who you are,” the man said while lowering the gun. “Get off of my porch! Right now!”

The man identified as David Lacey then said he was calling the police as he closed the door.

Can he run for DA?

Anyway, after harassing the Lacey family, Black Lives Matter, in true crybully fashion, is now whining. “All we did was go to your home at night and make you feel intimidated. How dare you pull a gun on us?”

Meanwhile, BLM is backing its own candidate in the hopes of finally getting a DA who will completely destroy Los Angeles and finally stop enforcing any laws against any criminals.

Except anyone who points a gun at BLM racists in self-defense.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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