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Hypocrisy: Before CNN Debate, DNC Chair Tells Audience Democrats Want Secure Borders

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Democrats have consistently pushed for secure borders over the decades.

However, when Trump came up with a viable solution the tune changed.

This is American politics.

Here’s Gary with the latest from Next News Network:

Here’s more from Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit:

Before tonight’s debate DNC Chair Tom Perez spoke to the liberal audience.

Perez said Democrats “want to secure the border.”

Since when?

Does anyone believe this?



What are they trying to do now?

Steal Trump’s Thunder?

The truth is that this is how American politics ALWAYS works.

Here are a few YUGE historical examples of liberals calling for securing the Southern Border:

And here is where we are today:

The liberals must be stopped because their agenda is NOT about helping some guy named Jose from Central America. In fact, terrorists routinely cross our Southern Border.

Yes, I did say terrorists are crossing our Southern Border regularly.

According to Steve Scalise, at least ten are caught every day trying to cross.

How many are getting through?

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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