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I Would Rather Get Sick

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I realize many people cannot imagine anyone saying the words, “I would rather get sick.”  However, it needs to be considered. Our country has lost its way and COVID is only exposing our problems, it is not our main problem. Frankly, it is not even worthy of being considered a problem. America’s problem is that they do not care if they are ethical. They do not care if the elected people lie to them, and they do not care if doctors lie to them. America is just fine with deception and if that was not true, the media would not be as deceptive as the media is.

One example of America’s problem that involves all those things is the current propaganda campaign for the COVID vaccine. In my last article, I wrote about how several Covid-19 Vaccines are made using fetal cells. The article came from Dr. Joseph Mercola and did a great job of explaining the use of murdered babies in the vaccine process. The fact that there is such little outrage, and such silence, shows that American Christians are lost and need to come back to God. How can you be about to celebrate the birth of Christ, and have no concern if the vaccines being used in the name of COVID, have used aborted babies in their production? You celebrate Christ’s birth and then seek to benefit from other babies not being allowed to be born. This disgusts me to such a point that I wonder if I can continue to be an Emergency Medical Technician. How can I stay in a health care system with no morals?

Even Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did not use the Jews they killed as ingredients in their medical procedures. Donald Trump and America’s Christians should be ashamed of having aborted babies in their vaccines, and being worse than the Nazis. Donald Trump is bragging endlessly and taking credit for the vaccines and yet, he is silent on the use of murdered babies as part of the vaccines. So as long as these pharmaceutical companies benefit Trump with the murdered babies, abortion becomes okay? I am glad Trump lost. He is leading Christians astray, and I would rather have pro-abortion Joe than have a claim to be against abortion Don, but use the murders of the babies for his benefit Trump.

We are not going to make America great again by being so afraid of COVID that we stand by and allow these kind of atrocities to continue. All these so-called pro-life Republicans, parading up to get their vaccines, and at the same time failing their moral duty to speak out against the taking of innocent life for the vaccine they are getting. Playing stupid and saying they do not know what is in the vaccine makes it worse. Whatever happened to better safe than sorry? Christians are claiming we should wear a mask that does not stop viruses in the name of being moral and yet, they are not concerned if a baby was killed to make their vaccine. As I said, COVID is not our problem.  America’s lack of morality is the problem.

Besides standing by and allowing babies to be killed and used for their benefit, Americans are standing by while millions of people’s finances are being killed. They are also standing by while the elderly are being tortured. They are standing by while children are suffering. Putting masks on children is child abuse. Conservatives like to complain about the Muslims and how their women dress, and then the conservatives put masks on their own children without asking if it does harm.

I have never seen more reckless behavior than what is going on now. In the name of people not getting sick, we are self-destructing as a country. The churches are self-destructing as they worship avoiding illness more than they worship God. They pray for a vaccine, ignoring that the pharmaceutical companies have no problem profiting from aborted babies that were cruelly murdered. Praying for God to help the devil do evil to benefit you is an insult to God.

We need to come together as Christians. We need to repent to God for what we have done and for what we have left undone. We need to tell the healthcare industry that if they do not change their ways, they will not get our money. I would rather be sick than get any help from a doctor who profits from abortion, even if the doctor launders the money. We need to organize and speak out. We need to refuse to obey immoral orders by unlawful governors. We need to do more than whine. We need actions and not words.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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