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“If…Koranic passages encourage terrorism…every Muslim would be a terrorist”

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Out of the mouths of …. burkas:

“If…Koranic passages encourage terrorism…every Muslim would be a terrorist” By Robert Spencer, January 26, 2016:

Tareena Shakil went to live under a government that has repeatedly vowed the mass murder of British civilians. If she had gone to live in Nazi Germany in 1940, would she be allowed back into Britain with the simple avowal that she “made a mistake”? If, furthermore, Twitter had existed then and she had followed on Twitter numerous Nazi leaders, and retweeted Nazi slogans, would anyone have any doubt about what she is?

What an absurd age we live in. Note that she didn’t just tweet Qur’anic passages; she tweeted Qur’anic passages juxtaposed with photos of jihadis. If the Qur’an does indeed encourage terrorism, then every Muslim would not be a terrorist, no. Only every Muslim with piety sufficient enough to move him to decide to obey the Qur’anic injunctions to commit violence against unbelievers.

“British Mum Denies IS Tweets Were Terrorism,” by Tom Parmenter, Sky News, January 25, 2016:

A young British mother charged with joining so-called Islamic State in Syria has clashed in court with a prosecutor over whether she encouraged terrorism through her social media updates.

Tareena Shakil, 26, fled the West Midlands in 2014 and took her baby son to live in the IS stronghold of Raqqa.

A few months later she returned to the UK saying she realised she had “made a mistake.”

She denies joining the terrorist group and has told Birmingham Crown court she simply wanted to take her son to live a better life in the caliphate.

Prosecutor Sean Larkin QC questioned her repeatedly about why she followed people on Twitter who have celebrated IS fighters.

Shakil replied: “How am I responsible for their actions? I am only responsible for my own.”

She was asked why she retweeted messages that blended phrases from the Koran and images of groups of jihadi fighters.

She replied: “If you are saying Koranic passages encourage terrorism … if that is the case every Muslim would be a terrorist.”

“Where is the messages where I encourage any act of terrorism, where are the messages where I glorify any act of terrorism?” she asked the prosecutor.

At one point during their feisty exchange Sean Larkin QC said: “If you don’t mind I will ask the questions and you give the answers Miss Shakil.”

Shakil argued that she had not directly tweeted support for IS terrorists – particularly when she was actually in Raqqa.

She said: “If it (inciting terrorism) was my intention I would have been doing it when I was in the capital of the Islamic State – I wasn’t.”…

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