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Ignoring The Obvious: 2 Nuns Dead After Experimental Injections – Blame COVID (Video)

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“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective.” -Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Friends, before sharing this new information concerning these two nuns, I have to ask, what information do we need before we understand what is happening here (Hosea 4:6)?

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It is not like these politicians and the self-identifying journalists in the mainstream media do not have the same information that we have concerning the fraud that is being perpetuated here, which only tells us that this is a concerted effort (Isaiah 28:18) and an alliance of conspiracy (Jeremiah 11:9), and that without a shadow of a doubt.

We have heard the statistics change over and over from these unqualified and unelected diplomatic magicians (John 8:44).

These are the same criminals that have been caught lying to the people over and over again.

M. Beddow Bayly said, “The more it [vaccinations] is supported by public authorities, the more will its dangers and disadvantages be concealed or denied.”

Again, that is all we have to do is consider the sources to understand the obvious when it comes to this plandemic (Ephesians 4:14).

Health Impact News reported:

Two Nuns Dead and 28 COVID Positive 2 Days After Experimental COVID mRNA Injections

Earlier this month WKRC Local 12 in Kentucky reported how two nuns died and 28 out of the 35 nuns at a Northern Kentucky monastery tested positive for COVID just two days after receiving their first experimental mRNA COVID injections.

The leadership of the monastery, as well as the local media, were shocked at the “outbreak” of COVID and resulting two deaths, because the monastery was not open to visitors, and the residents had not traveled outside of the monastery.

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If ever one wanted to find a totally locked down facility with no exposure to the outside world, a monastery is about as locked down as one can get.

Nevertheless, following what we have consistently seen in our news reports where a religious belief in vaccines prevents one from thinking logically and even considering the possibility that these experimental, non-FDA approved mRNA injections could have anything to do with the deaths or COVID outbreaks, the experimental injections they received just two days before were never even considered to be the cause of the deaths or illnesses.


Conclusion: How many more need to die before people understand what the agenda is here (Matthew 7:16)?

This is now at our front door (Amos 6:3) and must be stopped while we have the time to do so (Ephesians 5:16).

The world must have justice because justice upon the heads of the wicked is our only resolve (Isaiah 26:9).

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean

The Washington Standard

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