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Ilhan Omar decries reporting on identity of Boulder jihadi: ‘Shooter’s race front and center when they aren’t white’

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Ahmad Al Issa is white. Linda Sarsour and others insist that Arabs are “brown,” but that doesn’t make it so. In any case, Ilhan Omar means that only mass murderers who are not white non-Muslim Americans get attention, but reality is just the opposite: the political and media elites bend the truth about the motivations of white American killers (as in the Atlanta case) in order to buttress their false narrative about the threat of “right-wing extremism.”

Meanwhile, as we see in the Boulder case, actual instances of Islamic jihad are downplayed, denied, or ignored outright, because they don’t fit the establishment narrative that Muslims are always and everywhere passive and innocent victims of “Islamophobia.”

“Ilhan Omar Decries Whiteness Of Atlanta Shooter, Then Vilifies Focus On Race Of Boulder Shooter,” by Tristan Justice, The Federalist, March 23, 2021:

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar complained Tuesday after the identity of the Boulder, Colorado shooting suspect was revealed to be a 21-year-old Middle Eastern Muslim that people only raise focus on race when the accused is not white.

“The shooter’s race or ethnicity seems front and center when they aren’t white,” Omar wrote on Twitter. “Otherwise, it’s just a mentally ill young man having a bad day. Narratives drive our responses to awful crimes committed against innocent people, pay attention to these responses and who is targeted.”

On March 17, however, when Atlanta police held a press conference cautioning their investigation into an area shooting spree on massage parlors was still early but did not appear racially motivated, Omar focused on the charged culprit’s race, who is white.

“It isn’t hard to understand why it’s so normalized for law enforcement to protect the humanity of white mass murderers and their willingness to continually make excuses for them,” Omar wrote on Twitter….

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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