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Illegal Alien Invader Released by Biden Heads to Congress w/Machete

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Biden has a red line when it comes to open borders. In the border negotiations with Congress, Biden refused to abandon the policy of freeing illegal alien invaders on their own recognizance to stay in America until their court dates arrive in the 2030s.

That sort of thing has consequences that reaches all the way to Congress.

A man who was arrested last week for carrying a machete and a knife outside the U.S. Capitol is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela that federal border authorities previously released from custody.

Jose Leonardo Marquez, 23, was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police on the afternoon of December 26 after illegally entering the U.S.

According to a press release from the USCP, an officer observed Marquez’s “strange behavior” and approached him.

The officer spoke with Marquez and noticed a brick in his pocket, which the man tossed to the side at the officer’s request, the agency said.

After Marquez complied, he also removed a knife and placed it on a ledge at the Capitol building.

Authorities said that the observant officer also noticed a handle under the man’s clothing. After calling for backup, the office drew his gun and ordered Marquez to put his hands up.

Authorities found a machete and immediately arrested him.

What was Jose doing near the Capitol? Good question. We don’t know, but Venezuela is a narco-socialist terror state run by a leftist drug cartel whose leaders, prior to Biden, were on wanted posters for helping smuggle drugs to America. Venezuela is tied up with Iran and other global foes.

So maybe we shouldn’t be releasing its illegal invaders to go get machetes and do whatever they were planning to do with them.

ICE said that border patrol released him from custody “due to a lack of detention capacity,” enrolling him in the tracking program known as “Alternatives to Detention.”

Alternatives to detonation end up being our major cities and apparently Congress.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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