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Illegal Alien Invasion Numbers Return To Obama-Era Levels

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The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president saw illegal immigration drop from the Obama era administration’s policy of “welcome everyone – legal or not.”

However, in the last few months, the surge of illegal alien invaders through the borders of the united States has surged back to the levels experienced under the Obama administration, possibly due in part to the continued “DACA amnesty” talks.

According to The Washington Times, data indicated that gains President Trump made early on in his tenure have “worn off.”

Illegal immigration across the Southwest border has surged back to Obama-era levels, according to the latest data released Friday that suggests the gains President Trump made early in his tenure have worn off.

Nearly 40,000 illegal immigrants were nabbed attempting to jump the border in November, which was up about 12 percent compared to October, and more than twice the monthly numbers from March and April, when Mr. Trump touted his early accomplishments.

Perhaps just as worrisome for officials is the rise in families traveling together, which surged 45 percent last month, and unaccompanied minors traveling without parents, which rose 26 percent in November.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman, Tyler Q. Houlton, stated things have improved over the worst years of Obama under President Trump, but more needs to be done.  And, that action has to come from Capitol Hill.

“The administration is working tirelessly to secure the border, enhance interior enforcement and establish a merit-based immigration system. But we need Congress to act immediately to close immigration loopholes, fund the border wall, terminate outdated visa programs and provide the necessary tools for DHS officials to carry out their mission,” Mr. Houlton said.

Securing the border has to be the first priority.

This includes more than “funding the wall”;  it means building the wall.

Along with the wall, continual monitoring by agents stationed on the wall is required.

Moreover, government needs to allow agents to do their duty when encountering illegal alien invaders, which could mean use of force should violators fail to heed warnings and instructions.

Clearing out illegal alien invaders inside the border is paramount to deterring others.

Regardless of whether their home countries want to take these individuals back or not is irrelevant.

If the illegal alien holds citizenship in that country, that is where the illegal alien belongs.

A tough stance against these criminals has to be taken to prevent more individuals from suffering the fate of Kate Steinle.

Let’s face it.  It’s a terrible miscarriage of justice when the men who took the life of Kate Steinle gets acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges and a man who places bacon on the steps of a mosque gets 15 years.

Closing immigration loopholes as well as ceasing outdated visa programs is another step in the right direction.

Our immigration law should end allowances for “anchor babies,” chain immigration, and leniency for employers hiring illegal alien invaders.

Most visa programs should be ended since many entrants into the republic overstay their visa.  While this may not seem fair, life isn’t fair.

It is because of the criminal actions of a few that an overhaul is badly needed.

And, corporations should be hiring American citizens over foreign workers who may work for less.

Providing tools for government agents charged with protecting our borders is paramount to our security and vital to protecting against invasion.  This would include knowing where individuals who enter the republic under a visa program are located, making sure these individuals leave when their visa expires, and deporting them rapidly when caught, denying them from entering again under any circumstances.

Most importantly, our schools and universities need to cease indoctrination and degrees in “gender studies,” “women’s studies,” “transgender dance,” and a number of “fluff” degrees, returning to preparing young adults for a productive role in society instead of violent, non-critical thinking social justice warriors who do nothing but “disturb the peace.”

All of this requires funding from the taxpayers.  While we hear that the government has no money, the “government” continues to pay out foreign aid, use taxpayer money to pay off sexual harassment claims against Congressional members, mismanage Veterans’ Administration funds, waste money on witch hunt investigations, fund the United Nations and NATO, and funds to spy on and provide constant surveillance of American citizens.

There’s a host of other wasteful spending in Washington, DC that could be curbed if members of both chambers actually represented the people and the States.  Unfortunately, these corrupt politicians would rather waste money and time to impeach Donald Trump, protect the Clinton crime family and their cohorts, and combat the fallacious climate change to the tune of less than one degree Celsius over the next 100 years.

To many, there seems to be plenty of money to be found in Washington, DC to protect the republic from invasion once wasteful spending is eliminated.

Other issues that have contributed to the surge in illegal alien invasion are cartels learning to “exploit legal and policy loopholes,” according to CBP officials.

Policy and legality should be the same – if an individual does not enter through legal channels, the individual doesn’t stay.

Moreover, there should be no type of “refugee” program in this republic or any other.

While there are individuals who need “asylum,” those requirements should not extend to “war torn” areas, nations with corrupt governments, or cartel-run governments.

These proposals may seem harsh, but, it is only because of the severity of the problem created by decades of Congressional folly that harsh measures are necessary.

This is not to say that persecuted sects of people, such as Jews and Christians in certain countries in the Middle East, should not be accepted into the republic.

On the contrary, these groups are definitely deserving of “asylum” since an ideology centered on murder, slavery, misogyny, sexual abuse and terrorism threatens their very existence.

With criminals, corrupt politicians, and individuals supporting terrorist organizations occupying much of the legislature and government agencies, citizens are likely to see an increase in the pushback against President Trump’s policies to secure the republic from illegal alien invasion, wasting more of the taxpayer money on “witch hunts” instead of doing the business of the republic.

Citizens know that Democrats, leftists, progressives, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and liberals are the enemy;  however, Republicans are not friends of constitutionalists.

In fact, establishment Republicans and RINOs are just as much of the enemy as the others.

Adding in the Obama holdovers to this mix makes government the enemy to the people as well as the republic.

Unless this dangerous group of people are ousted and replaced with constitutionalists, the republic will become more foreign to all, appealing to the worst elements of those seeking entry into our borders.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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