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I’m Tired Of Politicians Claiming I’m Demanding Things I’m Not Demanding & Banning Things Because They Think They Know Best! Aren’t You?

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Well, I have had about enough of charlatan hack politicians speaking on my behalf when they say something like “Americans demand blah blah blah blah blah”.  And, I am sick and tired of these same morons trying to ban anything and everything because they think they know what’s better for me than I do.  For all politicians who think you know how to direct my life better than I do, let me set the record straight.  Get ready:  Mount Hamner is erupting with an enormous wrangle deluge upon the charlatan hack politicians.

First of all, let me tell you political stooges that I am biased or prejudiced and sometimes both.  Hold on to your safe space because I’m also discriminatory.  Basically, I have a brain, can think for myself, and it’s located in my head, not yours.  I am perfectly capable of looking at all sides of an issue in order to develop my own opinion (discrimination).  Believe it or not, I can look both ways when standing on a sidewalk and decide when it’s safe to cross the street.  You don’t need to hold my hand or have idiot lights and crosswalks to help me.

Speaking of bias and prejudices, I happen to like Android over iPhone, PC over Mac, freedom over enslavement, information over ignorance, intelligence over stupidity, and a free market system over government-controlled economics.  I prefer competition among businesses rather than monopolization.  Why?  When an industry, such as health care, consists of multiple providers of the same product or service, an individual can shop around to find the highest quality at an affordable price.  It keeps products and services from becoming unaffordable.  Monopolization creates unaffordability, lower quality products and services due to lack of competition, and it does not provide a good return on the money one spends in that type of system.  So, it boils down to I prefer capitalism over communism/socialism/Marxism.

Get over the fact that I prefer to be American versus anything else.  And, until the Lord calls me home, I will exercise righteous bias, prejudice and discrimination where my well-being is concerned.

Second, you people are providing a poor return for my investment of a vote.  You weren’t elected to go to Washington, DC, to leave your brain at the city limits sign and embrace every cockamamie notion/scheme/idea that some ignoramus invents.  You certainly weren’t sent to Washington to have a 17-year-old high school dropout direct any policy/legislation/regulation on an issue that is within God’s realm.  Yes, I’m talking about the hoax of climate change.  And, you weren’t sent there to exercise your own ideas, opinions, judgments and personal beliefs or adopt the belief of others.  Believe it or not, you were sent to Washington to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution for the united States of America, just as your oath of office indicates.  If the Constitution doesn’t authorize you as a collective body to take action on an issue, you cannot legislate on that issue.  That’s the law.  Abide by it and get over it.

So far, you as a collective body have completely failed to control spending.  Lord help you if you had to exist on a real budget or a fixed income.  You cannot control your impulse to keep spending money you don’t have, thereby increasing the debt that is credited to the current and future generations of this nation.  I believe it was you political stooges who refused to hold a usurper accountable to the law for his crimes because “it was not a good return on the investment”.  In fact, none of you have held anyone who is in your circle of “political elitists” accountable for the numerous crimes committed.  Yet, you easily create criminals out of law-abiding citizens through unconstitutional, illegal, immoral legislation.  The executive branch does it as well with the abuse and misuse of “executive orders” and the “pen and phone” memos made infamous by the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.  It’s easy to spend other people’s money.  Maybe the people should demand you spend your own for a while, instead of indebting us, so you can “feel the Bern”.

Since when did any adult, much fewer members of government, start taking directions from kids on any issue that affects a nation?  It hasn’t been during any of my lifetime, until now.  Suddenly, kids without any life experience are being paraded before the media and Congress by subversive activists to affect policy and law, acting as some type of expert instead of the sheltered, triggered, ignorant, privileged, narcissistic children they actually are.  David Hogg knows as much about firearms as I know about driving a locomotive.  And, Greta Thunberg knows as much about climate change and science as the cat terrorizer knows about operating a computer.

You know the old adage, “There’s two sides to every coin”.  Well, there are two sides to every issue.  Unfortunately, you hacks have become stuck on stupid by championing one side of an issue without examining the opposing side.  And, FYI – the information presented by the UN on climate change is fake, manipulated and cannot meet the standard accepted in the scientific community to be accurate (the Scientific Method).  In fact, the opposing side of the issue has countless scientific studies that prove repeatedly, using the Scientific Method, that carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas, does not cause earth warming, and man does not cause this so-called “catastrophic” climate change.  But, you all already know that;  and, you already know climate change is a hoax being used to rob individuals and first world nations of money.  Just like you already know that “gun violence” is a misnomer being used to infringe upon the God-given rights of the citizenry.

When it comes to guns and firearms, you know the truth about that as well.  But, you allow a knew-jerk reactive president to set the tone to deny the right of due process to anyone based upon the rantings of another individual who has to provide zero proof of their claim.  This is injustice on a grand scale.  Moreover, you bend to the screaming tantrums of children, a generation of Tide Pod eaters and condom sniffers, who have done no research, recant a rhetoric developed by someone else, and operate on a high emotional level as though these “kids” are some type of expert on guns/firearms and mass shooting incidences.  You cater to a generation of ignorant future voters as you ignore the law, the Constitution, and rational calm adults who present factual information devoid of emotion.  The only reason for this is to complete some preconceived agenda developed by American hating entities that grease your palms under the table to supplement your “rock star” lifestyle.

The lie of climate change and the lie and misnomer of “gun violence” are used to institute more people control and secure increased centralized power in Washington, DC, through manipulating States into violating the people through money flowing in the wrong direction.  It’s bribery, plain and simple.

When it comes to criminality, there is not one citizen that rivals the criminal machine of government.  You rob the people of the fruits of their labor for unconstitutional measures, release dangerous criminals into the communities of the middle class while sheltering the gated communities of the wealthy and political elites, and import massive numbers of foreigners through illegal alien invasion and legal immigration who have zero interest in acclimating to our society, abiding by our laws, or able to be financially independent.  How is this good for Americans?  It isn’t and you know it.  I charge all of you as criminals, enemies of the people.  And, in the glorious tradition established by our president of due process last, every one of you should be removed from office, thrown in jail under a pre-sentence of no less than 5 years, and wait for due process later.  After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

But, as one who holds to the Bible and biblical principles and the Constitution as the laws of the land, no action would be done to you that I would not want to be done to myself.  In other words, you would be treated better than what you are treating the citizens who employ you.  Unfortunately, this will all ring hollow for you.

Instead of working to uphold the law, you have sold your soul to stand along your unconstitutional party line, which neither has proven useful or beneficial to the people.  Your view of American citizens, those who truly love this country and their heritage, as “domestic terrorists” when it is those citizens who want nothing more than to have the law upheld, is abominable.  The extended time that you have spent in the “ivory” halls of the capitol has isolated you from the reality faced by average citizens, who want nothing more than to live their lives without interference.

There is something terribly wrong when government, and those in it, want to micromanage my everyday life.  I am perfectly capable of determining a man from a woman, a man trying to pass himself off as a woman and vice versa, and determining the correct pronoun designation to use.  I don’t need or want the LGBTQrstuvwxyz agenda forced down my throat or choked like a cat being fed a spoonful of butter.  The same applies to the “drag queen” anything.  My rights do not end where they believe theirs begins.  The freedom of religion and association applies to me, whether you like it or not.  Regardless of what the immoral, depraved, and lecherous people of society think, speaking truth is love and will never be seen by God as racist, harassing, hateful, or wrong.  To allow immorality, depravity and licentiousness to be paraded openly, supported by government goons, and let loose upon the children of this nation is considered an evil deserving of punishment – when a child is involved, it is considered child abuse.

Members of your “political” club associate with known terrorist and terrorist supporting groups then you expect me to kowtow to their demands that conflict with my beliefs.  Well, I will not submit.  Adhering to the enemies of the USA, giving them aid and comfort is the very constitutional definition of treason.  No need to ask how many of you have engaged in that very behavior – the news media covers it all while glowing over those who intend to destroy our American way of life.  There’s plenty more that could and should be said;  but, no doubt you will ignore the points while maintaining the status quo.

In short, if the American citizen did his/her job the way you do yours, an employer would be justified in firing that individual.

Unfortunately, there are too many ignorant voters in society keeping you in your position.  But, as with everything, what is sown is what is reaped – and believe me, you will be reaping bull manure because you have sown bull manure.  God will see to it.

You should get the point by now;  but, I doubt you will even express a burp over it.  Just remember one thing.  Nothing lasts forever.  Everything is temporary and our life upon this earth is less than a blink of an eye of our Creator.  Despite all the failures you have created and now must fix, I pray that God gives you the wisdom to see your own shortcomings, grants you His Grace of forgiveness, and you walk with God in your everyday dealings.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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