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Increased Number of Haitians Seek Asylum Under laxed Rules Promoted by Homeland Security

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The Washington Times reported that the united States is now seeing a surge of illegal alien invaders along the southern border from Haiti, where Haitians have been coached to claim asylum in order to earn quick processing and immediate entry into the republic. Since the Haitian earthquake in January of 2010, the federal government awarded Haitians “special treatment” since their government and nation was devastated. “Haitians who were in the US by January 2011 were given Temporary Protected Status, allowing them to stay, while illegal immigrants who came after that were generally overlooked.” But, the new surge of Haitians gaining illegal entry into the united States has Homeland Security alarmed, prompting Secretary Jeh Johnson to declare that “deportation agents would once again begin deporting Haitian illegal immigrants picked up at the border through a process known as expedited removal.” But, Johnson purposefully let the cat out of the bag on how to stay in the united States without threat of deportation – claim asylum.

The Washington Time reported:

Analysts called it a backdoor amnesty that’s increasingly being abused by illegal immigrants who normally would have no shot of staying in the U.S., but who, by claiming asylum, can gain a foothold here. The Haitians are the latest to discover the route, likely encouraged by smugglers who stand to make thousands of dollars from each migrant they transport through Mexico and up to the U.S. land border.

A video obtained by Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, which originated with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, shows Haitians massing outside of a Mexican detention facility on that country’s border with Guatemala, ahead of what analysts said was likely a long journey north to the U.S.

“It’s a method for backdoor entry that presents a real exposure, because it’s virtually open to anyone to enter the U.S. without any real scrutiny or undergoing the regular process,” said Joe Kasper, chief of staff to Mr. Hunter. “The fact that 300 Haitians show up in Mexico and from that point are virtually guaranteed entry into the U.S. underscores one of many major problems with the president’s immigration policy — and Americans need to recognize it.”

The new surge has overwhelmed American authorities, and sources said Customs and Border Protection has imposed a cap of 150 Haitian asylum-seekers a day at San Ysidro, America’s busiest Mexican-border crossing.

Can anyone explain why imposing a per day cap on the number of illegal alien invaders from Haiti helps this problem? These invaders are being accepted into the republic regardless of whether all at once or a limited 150 per day. It really makes no difference since the secret to stay by claiming asylum was made public by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Johnson said in a statement, “Consistent with law, individuals who express a fear of return to Haiti will be screened by a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asylum officer to determine whether they possess a credible fear of persecution or torture. Those determined to have a credible fear will be referred to immigration court for removal proceedings where they may apply for asylum or other forms of relief.”

These types of cases typically require an immigration judge be involved, meaning these cases could drag on for years providing a foothold in the united States for these illegal alien invaders.

Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, claimed, “They know that if they show up for that court date, they might get asylum. If they don’t show up, nothing’s going to happen. It’s been made perfectly clear to everyone that if you’re not a serious criminal, you are not going to face deportation.”

According to the Washington Times, “In this case, the situation has forged better cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico, including building temporary housing at the San Ysidro crossing, which Homeland Security officials said is used in handling surges, to keep the migrants from exposure to the elements while they wait for a chance to make their claims in the U.S.” [emphasis mine]

Now, does anyone believe Mexico contributed any funds to build temporary housing for these illegal alien invaders?

Analysts have indicated that Haitians find it difficult to obtain visas to enter the united States; however, visas to enter Central America are fairly easy to get. Haitians seeking access to the US enter Central America first, hook up with smugglers who navigate them through Mexico to the US southern border, and then make claims of asylum to US officials.

Continuing, The Washington Times indicated:

The video obtained by Mr. Hunter’s office shows Haitians at the southern end of that journey at Tapachula, a city at the tip of Mexico on the border with Guatemala. From there, it’s a 2,500-mile journey to San Ysidro, the border crossing into the U.S. that’s become popular for Haitians.

Rep. Scott H. Peters, a California Democrat who represents San Diego, said at a hearing Thursday that his city is playing host to some 4,000 Haitians right now. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldana said they are posing a problem.

“Those and the other increased numbers of families from Central America are really taxing our resources,” she said.

According to Jessica Vaughan, these asylum-seekers should be making application to Mexico, which should accept them, not make their way to the US border. Moreover, she indicated that “until the 1990s, the US had the policy of turning asylum-seekers at the Mexican border away, telling them to make an appointment with US consular officials in Mexico City.” This had the effect of “weeding out” invalid cases.

The current US policy has had the effect of skyrocketing the applications for asylum, “both in defensive claims made in the interior of the US and affirmative applications made at the border.”

The government recorded 3,000 credible fears referral a month in 2013 under the process Johnson described of claiming asylum at the border. This year, the number has increased to 5,500 referrals per month. Add to this number the importation of Syrian illegal aliens by the Hussein Soetoro administration per month, which is set to increase, and the number of illegal alien invaders crossing the borders of the US undetected plus those allowed entry by border patrol. What is occurring is a recipe for disaster for this republic. How does anyone know these illegal alien invaders are from Haiti? Because they said so? The truth is we don’t know who these people are, where they come from or if they have a criminal or terrorist background.

As Jessica Vaughan told the Washington Times, this is “backdoor immigration,” and “it’s nuts.”

We are witness to the federal government abandoning immigration law, actively promoting entry of illegal alien invaders into the republic, and thumbing its nose at all united States citizens. Does anyone believe all of these people entering will become citizens? Does anyone believe these illegal alien invaders are “dreamers” coming for a better life? If you are a diehard Democrat, liberal, progressive and have been thoroughly brainwashed by government, the answer would be yes. And, if under those conditions the answer is no, these people are classified as migrants deserving entry into the united States “because reasons.”

The nation of Mexico recognized the influx of illegal aliens represent a problem to their society. Hence, the nation shuffled these invaders on through to the US border where the federal government worked a deal to build housing to provide shelter from the elements as these invaders await entry into the US. If anyone cannot see this is a contrived agreement between this lawless administration and Mexico to admit illegal alien invaders into this republic, well, there is no hope of getting through to sheeple.

While the Democrat, liberal, progressive leftists holler “xenophobe,” “racist,” “bigot,” “isolationist,” toward those opposed to this “open border” policy, which is against US immigration and naturalization law, these “blind-folded donkeys” are contributing to their own demise as well as everyone else’s by supporting this unlawful, unconstitutional policy. The problem of this acceptance of illegal alien invaders affects everyone in every State, not just Border States. It is designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to tip the demographic base to usher in a Democrat Party controlled government tyranny leading to eradication of US sovereignty and protection of individual God-given rights. Moreover, it is designed to wreak havoc within the US through admission of terrorists disguised as “refugees” and asylum seekers to further subdue the population to the control of government.

Unfettered illegal alien invader entry further taxes this republic’s resources at a time when jobs are scarce and resources dwindling due to shrinkage of the taxpayer base. The government is contributing to this republic’s demise as leftists cheer as if they have won something. What they think they have won is not what they will get. All one has to do is look at the whole of Europe to see it.

This republic, once referred to as “the land of the free,” “the home of the brave,” and “the land of opportunity,” will soon be known as “the land of the enslaved,” “the home of illegal alien invaders and politically correct bullies,” and “the land of the apathetic,” as good men do nothing while evil perpetuates. The corruption is so entrenched at every level of government that voting will do little as States move to allow illegal alien invaders to vote and promote balkanization. As they increase in number to bolster the left, constitutional conservatives, the right, or whatever you want to call those who support the Constitution dwindle in number or remain stagnant.

We can all thank an inept, complicit Congress, State governments, and those unwilling to suffer through name-calling and labeling for this republic’s demise. Moreover, we can all blame ourselves to some extent for allowing the situation to get to this point. Unless drastic action is taken, we all can look toward Europe to see our future. How does that look to you?

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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