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Information Out Suggesting Worst To Come As Plans For Future Being Told To All By Powers That Be

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Is America dead?  When asking that question, it just doesn’t apply to our landmass;  It applies to the people who comprise our former republic.  Yes, we are a constitutional republic but have been operating more like a bureaucratic oligarchy for quite some time.  This is a two-fold question that can be answered only one of two ways – yes or no.  But, everyone living in the landmass known as the united States of America will have to answer for themselves then make a decision on their actions based on their answer.  

There will be very little commentary with this because the bulk of the information here will be through videos done by some well-known YouTubers who keep their finger on the pulse of this entire situation.  Listen carefully and think critically.  Don’t minimize this information or overblow the information.  Take it as it is presented and think.

First, Richie From Boston interviewed James Corbett of The Corbett Report from corbettreport.com and the YouTube channel of the same name.  The information will truly open your eyes.  Pay close attention to what is said about the “second wave” of COVID-19 coming in September – the controllers keep mentioning it and both Richie from Boston and James Corbett believe this is a way of telling the public the plan.

Richie has been exposing what is about to come to America for quite some time, at least five years.  When this plan-demic began, he traveled the country to check on the status of hospitals to determine the conditions.  What he discovered was no hospitals overwhelmed with cases and health care workers being laid off due to lack of patients – all in opposition to what the lamestream government-controlled entertainment media fear mongered to the people.  He exposed the lies of Anthony Fauci early on through Fauci’s article in the New England Journal of Medicine and comparing it to the opposite information Fauci gave to the general public.  Richie has interviewed Dr. Andrew Kaufman numerous times to expose the coronavirus plan-demic for the scam it is.  

They discussed the coming crisis with food.  Both believe this is the next step that will be taken in order to gain further control over the people.  And, hopefully, everyone understands the military role in vaccinations.  A subscription to Richie From Boston’s YouTube channel is well worth it for information.

Next, Justus Knight of Restricted Republic posted a video on his YouTube channel Justus Knight regarding a World Health Organization/Anthony Fauci report from September 2019 about a “Lethal Respiratory Pathogen” under the title “A World At Risk”.

Both he and Lisa Haven of Lisa Haven News Network have been warning subscribers about the potential coming tyranny to the point Lisa has been totally demonetized by YouTube.  Together, they created Restricted Republic, their own platform, which is worth the paid subscription, if you have the means to do so.  You won’t be hearing any of the information they provide on lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia and barely get it on the alternative media.

James Corbett has done a four part documentary on Bill Gates titled Who is Bill Gates?.  He exposes the rise of Bill Gates to become the face of “global health”, vaccinations, and population control.  Each video is almost 30 minutes long, but the videos provide quite a bit of information on Gates if you didn’t know a lot about Bill Gates.

Richie From Boston provides a further warning in a video informing Americans that the United Nations is now announcing the “new world order”.  As usual, Richie provides the information coming from the United Nations itself.

As you contemplate all of this information, think about our Congress passing the USMCA and Trump signing it, which has very little to do with trade and more about combining political and economic structures of the US, Mexico, and Canada.  Go back to the days after the Parkland Florida school shooting where Trump said he’d rather take the guns first and worry about due process later.  States immediately jumped to hurriedly pass “Red Flag” gun laws.  Don’t forget Trump saying, “they have to get the shots”, talking about children and vaccinations.  Be mindful of the information Lynne Taylor has provided and continues to provide on education that has exposed a plan that doesn’t just include the school systems.  Last but not least, be discerning about where all the plans to handle this planned scam-demic are originating for the united States as well as the world.

You will then understand why Richie From Boston is saying that America is dead because our Constitution has been discarded by those who are in both chambers of Congress in favor of some “doctrine” that is communistic and fascistic in nature.  But, the actions of those in both chambers of Congress and this president, as well as the State governments, have not been done with the consent of the governed.  Our Constitution cannot be discarded by the creature it created.  It will take an exerted effort on the part of “we the people” to remind them of that fact.  Heed the warning that a second wave is coming this September and be advised, it will be far worse than what we are experiencing now.  It is those who are in “control” saying it;  some of us are just pointing it out so you don’t miss it.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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