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Interposition In Kansas – No Immunity For Teachers & Librarians Who Give Obscene Materials To Minors

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A small town in Kansas has learned of their duty to interpose against evil.

Should teachers and librarians have legal immunity for providing obscene materials to minors? The state of Kansas says yes. One small town defiantly says no.

The city council of Edwardsville, a town of 4,800 in the Kansas City area, voted 3-2 Monday to reject a state law-inspired municipal ordinance that essentially grants immunity to school and library officials for presenting obscene materials to minors.

It’s a provision in current state law, and in past Edwardsville ordinances, that grants such immunity. Cities in Kansas are offered a Uniform Public Offense Code (UPOC) each year by the League of Kansas Municipalities as a model cities can adopt – or reject or amend to their liking – as a catchall public offense ordinance, patterned after state laws.

Like her colleagues, Mayor Carolyn Caiharr, who took office this year after being on the council, had never noticed the obscenity protections before in the 160-page UPOC. This year, she did. And after weeks of study and discussion, and a meticulous explanation of the issue by Caiharr Monday night… [read the rest of the story]

Most school boards and municipalities simply rubber-stamp the evil handed down by the state (which are simply rubber-stamping the evil handed down to them from the federal government). The tyrant superior civil authority counts on the blithe compliance of the lesser authorities in order to get their evil down into the fabric of society. The interposition of the lesser authorities stops the evil.

A teacher or librarian giving obscene materials to children (the same materials we would be arrested for if we gave them to a minor) is evil. They should not be given “immunity” because they are agents of the state (that actually makes the evil more evil). We thank God for this act of interposition by the magistrates in Edwardsville – and we pray it lights a fire in other magistrates to do the same.

Two months ago we saw interposition in draconian LA County which has a huge population – now we see interposition in Edwardsville which has a small population.

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates continues to grow!

May Christ be glorified in the earth.

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is demonstrated by the interposition of lesser civil authorities. When the superior authority (like a governor or federal judiciary) acts lawlessly – it is the duty of the lesser magistrates to interpose and not obey their unlawful actions. The lesser magistrate doctrine was first formalized by Christian men in 1550, but has also been seen in non-Christian nations showing it is natural to man.

Article posted with permission from Matt Trewhella

The Washington Standard

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