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Interview with Albanian ISIS Jihadi: Wait for Knife Attacks & Car Bombs

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Dateline, May 2017, Albania: If you ever believed in interviews as ways of getting to know thy enemy, this interview could be the mother of all interviews with the enemy.

A stone-cold ISIS spokesman from Albania, a haughty language of Islamic supremacy honestly mixed with the language of total war, and the devious social media usage savviness. Interviews with the enemy have an important didactic purpose to help us understand directly the patterns in the behavior, the thought, and their implications.

For that reason, the mainstream media of the LEFT has done comparatively little to pursue interviews with the enemy camp of the warring Islam.

More interviews would mean a greater clarity on the true source of inspiration for the Islamic aggression, and we cannot have that because it would interfere with the social policies of the LEFT in the West.

In the interview drawn from the excerpts of the long article in the Albanian language below you will find the statements of an Albanian from the Kaçanik village of Kosovo, Lavdrim Muhaxheri, a well-known murderous exponent of ISIS who threatens even his own Albanians with attacks unless they support his cause. 

Recently, the ISIS terrorists have discovered the obscure Albanian language as a helpful way of communicating mainly because very few people know and understand it well.

While for instance, the Arabic language experts are many – the Albanian language informants and trainees are few and far in-between.

It is interesting to note that the Albanian ISIS volunteer from “ISIS Ministry of Communications” who acted as a go-between for the Albanian journalist Veliu and the Albanian dark horse of ISIS, Lavdrim Muhaxheri, only would even allow for this exchange to take place on the basis of the Albanian Muslim origins of the requester of the interview (journalist Mohammed Veliu).
He even implies at one point that the ISIS people take Veliu to be a sympathizer of their cause, if not one of them.
I would like our audience to know this because it is a telltale sign of the strength of tribal family connections that allow Albanians from different areas of the spectrum to still communicate, if not also cooperate, with each other.
This makes it difficult to penetrate their operations.
There is a hidden hand of solidarity of some kind, which, for instance, the Serbian state security services in the 1990’s consistently failed to penetrate or understand, leading to the Kosovo secession and the harmful NATO war debacle for Serbia.

There is also the point, not to be missed, of the exalted language of parable and allegory mixed-in with the divine style of addressing – imported from the Quran that makes the statements of the warriors and spokesmen for the imperial Islam look so other-worldly, possessed by a cold logic and an impersonal vocabulary so completely alien to everything Western in appearance.

This is no accident.

The world of Islam and the world of the West are irreconcilable and forever incompatible world entities.

Do people in the West have the courage to accept that fact? Not if the misleading LEFT is any guide…

Lastly, for the context of this article as well as the wider war on Islamic terrorism – the lead Albanian ISIS terrorist Lavdrim Muhaxheri is an EX-NATO soldier (trained for NATO’s Kosovo war against Serbia in 1999)! Now, – according to some intelligence reports – he and his men are among thousands who have fled Syria disguised as refugees – and are back in Europe!

The old queen of the Western culture, Europe, has never been more vulnerable (other than in World War Two) although in some deeper ways this Europe of today, in the 21st century, is more vulnerable to long-term destruction than she was even in the darkest days of World War Two!


The Gazette “Day” publishes several weeks of communications through social networks that journalist Muhamed Veliu has developed with an Albanian ISIS representative working in the Islamic State Media Ministry.

The ultimate goal was to interview Lavdrim Muhaxher loyal to the most faithful man of ISIS – its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Part of these communications will be published by journalist Veliu in a British daily newspaper as part of a few months’ survey, showing how social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram Messenger have become the strongest propaganda for ISIS, for attacks in Europe and also for recruiting for the Islamic State (ISIS).


Journalist Muhamed Veliu in his ‘Day’ story tells that everything started when a source told him about a facebook account, used by Lavdrim Muhaxheri. In this account every day there is detailed news about ISIS fighting in Syria and other countries.

It is a first-hand information coming from the capital Rakka of the so-called Islamic Caliphate.

“On the morning of April 7, 2017, I sent a friendship invitation to facebook, Lavdrim Muhaxherit, who accounts on facebook does not hold his name. My invitation was acknowledged and I wrote that I was interested in an interview that would be in two parts. One was about Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia to be published in the Albanian media, and the rest for the UK media for which I work as a free journalist from Tirana. After 13 days from the request for the interview comes the answer: “I’m sorry but I’m not the Glorious one.” It was a denial by him, though my source of information insists that that account is used by him.” says Muhammad Veliu.

He shows that a few days later he received an invitation for friendship on facebook by an Albanian in Syria named Abu Musab al-Albani, who was introduced as an employee of the Ministry of Media in ISIS.

Abu Musab al-Albani tells Muhammad Veliu was aware of his request for an interview with “the Praised” Muhaxheri, a fact that implies that the person who denied being Lavdrim Muhaxheri was the one who had already channeled the request for interview at the Ministry Media in ISIS.

“On April 21st at 1:48 pm I received on facebook Messenger from Abu Musab al-Albani the message saying:” We are notified that you are interested in an interview with us. Write to me about these things, I am an employee of the Ministry of Media. ” The interview request was repeated by Abu Musab al-Albani, who made me understand that he was tasked to mediate this interview by Lavdrim Muhaxher. His answer was: “I will look but tell you that the rules of the state do not allow individual interviews, which are outside the state media institutions, for reasons that I believe you can understand”.

In one of the messages he says, “We are still waiting for the response of state leaders about your interview request. You need to know that this issue does not depend on us. We are not allowed to conduct this interview without their permission. We are trusted in obeying them. All Praise be to Allah who sees all. ”

“We are under the siege of disbelievers and idolaters, but with the goodness of Allah we stand firm. For us there is nothing but one of two good things: O winners, you martyrs. ”

Muhammad Veliu asks about the number of remaining Albanians in Syria.

Abu Musab al-Albani replies:

“There are still Albanians, although the number of them is decreasing.”

“I was told that Lavdrim is ready for the interview. He has also expressed the suspicion that you will not abide by your promise. You should know that we have previously agreed to talk to different journalists / media, but they have not kept the word and have changed our words. ”

Following this message Muhammad Veliu replied:

“I have been working for journalism for 15 years and I have never changed anyone’s sayings.”

During the conversation, journalist Veliu tries to learn more about who is Abu Musab al-Albani when he asks if he is from Albania. He answers:

“Yes, but not from present Albania. I mean the boundaries … “. [Kosovo]

Refusal of interview

Talks between journalist Veliu and Abu Musab al-Albani continued in the Telegram messenger application from where the reporter asked how the interview with Muhaxher will take place. Through Facebook Messenger, Skype or by phone, and asks Abu Musab Al-Albaan if they could use the phones as well. He says:

“We have, but it’s very dangerous. Airplanes and drones around the world are bombarding here. There are Albanians killed by these attacks. ”

During the conversation, he also makes a warning to the Albanian Government.

“The Albanian government will be doing well not to continue working as a puppet of crusaders. We are aware that it is planning to send units against the Islamic State.” wrote Abu Musab al-Albani.

How Much Mujahideen Albanians have been killed so far by Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia? It was the journalist’s next question for Abu Musab al-Albani who gave this answer.

“To be exact we do not know. There are also Albanians from other parts of the world, including those who were displaced decades ago to Turkey, Syria and so on. I as an employee in the media do not know the number, but we are working in this direction as well. So that when the martyrs fall, the brothers are officially notified. ”

A few days later, Abu Musab al-Albani asked to be sent by e-mail questions for Lavdrim Muhaexherin.

“They are from those interviews that can happen once in a lifetime. Hence the preparation of questions was of particular importance. Since the issue of ISIS is complex before preparing questions, I had to consult experts with knowledge of terrorism and Islamic affairs. I spent a lot of time online learning more about Lavdrim Muhaxher and the organization where he militates. I had to formulate 40 questions divided into three blocks. The first block was related to Lavdrim Muhaxher’s activity in Syria and his relations with Islamic State supporters in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. The second block was linked to the UK and the recent assault taken by ISIS in London and the third block for using social networks from ISIS.

Abu Musab al-Albani, on 25.04.17 at 23:02 answers that he has received the questions which he were also seen by Lavdrim Muhamxheri but said “I think there are questions which he will not answer.”

There are some questions about the execution of a youth by Lavdrim Muhaxheri. The questions are: What is the argument based on the Islamic religion that justifies the killing of this boy by your side with an anti-tank missile?

In Surat Maid 32 it is said [repeating the Bible]: ‘Whoever kills a man is considered to have slain all mankind.’ So the murder of that boy on your part is totally unjustified or not?

According to the Shari’ah you say you rely on and want to apply around the world, no one can be executed without trial. Was this boy judged to be killed with an anti-tank under Shari’ah Law? Is there a court decision for that boy who executed him?

Who are the judges of the Islamic State?

Do they have the right education?

By referring to the religion of Islam, we can say that no repayment or retribution is allowed that’s greater than what the person has done.

During the attack in France, the Islamic State has also been killing children. On what do you justify this? At a time when Prophet Muhammad in one of his hadith says, “When you fight with a people, do not destroy crops, do not kill women, children, old men, and armed men.”

Al-Albani responded: “There is still no decisive thing. Muhamxheri is not accepting to be interviewed. He has seen the questions and many of them were harassing questions. Know that if I had the slightest evidence that you are against Islam and the Muslims, I would not have considered your testimonies and would not associate with you.Otherwise it is also in our benefit for the wider community to be informed about the policy of the Islamic State on behalf of the oppressed Albanian territories” the ISIS media writer wrote.

The Islamic State has proclaimed many countries as an enemy. Does this list include Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia?

Abu Musab al-Albani gave this comment on these questions.

“Not with harassing questions that cause damages and increase torture to believers in the prisons of Slavic crusaders where Muslim rebels are even if we do not respond to them.”

On April 28, 2017, al-Albani responds with: “I just reported that your interview request was not accepted. In addition, I have been banned from engaging with you and I have to enforce obedience to the leadership. I’m sorry, but it’s been decided. ”

The threat of Lavdrim Muhaxher

Abu Musab al-Albaani, on 28.04.17 at 20:33 said that Lavdrim has this message: “You will soon enjoy and feel the same pains the Muslim people are feeling in Iraq and Syria … I will not have mercy for you at no point. .. oh you will accept Islam and live with the sharia of Allah … or between us and you there will be only knives and car bombs. ”

The journalist Veliu asks Abu Musab al-Albani to whom Muhaxheri addressed this message.

“For Slavic crusaders, apostate powers and their tools, ie journalists, etc. ? (There is no Muslim population involved there)” he writes.

Meanwhile, Abu Musab al-Albani continued to convey the rest of the message that led to Lavdrim Muhaxheri.

“The time has come for the interviews … what do you look at  …. You see nonstop in the news of how Muslims are slaughtered and massacred in the Islamic state side by side … while you seem to be playing a movie in the cinema … And never go against them with your statements … otherwise you want interviews With the help of me and filling the earth under your feet … with the help of Allah you will experience all that they have experienced as Muslims in the lands of the Islamic state. ”

A few days’ talk between journalist Muhammad Veliu and Abu Musab al-Albani closes with another announcement from the latter. “Do as you wish, but be careful if you appear to us as enemies of our people.”

Popularity of Albanian on ISIS social networks

Journalist Veliu shows that during his preparations for the interview with Lavdrim Muhaxherin he has noticed a number of facebook accounts that echo the ISIS fighting by Muhaxheri himself and the Islamic State Media Ministry in Albanian.

According to the journalist Veliu, ISIS has a channel in the 272-member Messenger Telegram applet in Albanian, featuring video and macabre images with the ISIS fighting that can be downloaded from members of this channel. “Who are the members of this channel, and their location is impossible to identify, because channel moderators have blocked their visibility on this channel in the Telegram,” Veliu asserts.

Also, the Islamic State has an online Albanian-language radio called ‘Albayanradio’ including a news website to the Albanian audience.

Youtube is another source of ISIS propaganda through the video in Albanian.

In Conclusion

Journalist Veliu says: “But it is true that there is a debate about whether to give such a voice to such ghastly people. I am aware that after this writing there will be no people who will say: What for do you need to do such interviews? I also had my dilemma if I had to take this effort to interview a brutal and heartless terrorist like Lavdrim Muhaxheri. The goal was to enter the dark world of this organization that unfortunately hundreds of Albanians have joined – and without an interview, Muhaxheri, his recruiters and their savagery could not speak out.”

“I think it is the duty of every journalist to understand the other side, and drawing on the surface not only the black and white sides but also the shades of gray of such events and characters. For several weeks, I have been surfing for hours on social networks, where ISIS is propagated and the macabre assassinations are shown – which I believe are completely unfounded in Islam.” – the Albanian journalist Veliu concludes.

Ex-NATO soldier Lavdrim Muhaxheri and his men are among thousands who have fled Syria and are back in Europe!

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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