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Investigating George Soros Is Neither Unethical Nor A Crime

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It’s bizarre to the nth degree that something this obvious needs to be said, but the media excels at normalizing illegal behavior and at abnormalizing completely normal behavior. That currently means insisting that any investigation of George Soros is some sort of crime.

That’s certainly convenient because Soros is a major funder of the Left. It has no actual basis except ideological convenience.

Even setting aside all the weight of political controversy that Soros has been involved in, including defending and spreading anti-Semitism, his alleged Nazi collaboration and so much else, the simple fact is that Soros has invested a lot of money into political activism. And, at one point, that political activism targeted Facebook. It was completely legitimate of Facebook to look into Soros.

It was a matter of simple self-defense.

The media outcry, its hit pieces on the subject, treat any investigation of Soros as a “right wing conspiracy” or anti-Semitic. That’s a particularly bizarre accusation to direct at the Facebook leadership which is largely left-wing and Jewish.

Soros hates Facebook because he wants a closed society and a censored media. The media wants the same thing. Its insistence that Soros should be above criticism is a demonstration of that.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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