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Ireland’s First LGBT Prime Minister: Babies Don’t Deserve To Live Because ‘They Don’t Have The Same Human Rights’

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We warned for years that the LGBT, based on the words of Sacred Scripture, is a form of serious sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance and leads to other sins such as murder and blasphemy, especially of the innocent.

Ireland is a nation with a long Catholic history, but in recent years has fallen as with much of Europe.

Now Ireland’s first openly LGBT Prime Minister has declared that he will legalize the murder of unborn children in that nation because, in his view, unborn children don’t deserve to live because they do not have equal human rights:

Ireland’s first openly homosexual prime minister has entered office.

Leo Varadkar is also the youngest prime minister in Irish history.

He is said to be liberal on social debates such as gender issues and abortion, but is criticized for his right-leaning economic views.

Varadkar wants to expand abortion options, telling The Irish Times that he disagrees with Ireland’s current constitutional position that equates the unborn child’s life to that of the mother’s life.

“What we have at the moment…is this kind of absolute right to life where the unborn’s life is equal to that of a pregnant mother, I don’t agree with that. I think that is too restrictive,” he said.

He has confirmed there will be a referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution on abortion next year.

The current amendment gave recognition to the right to life of an unborn child. It was signed into law on October 7, 1963.

In his acceptance speech Wednesday, Varadkar said politics of the past no longer work.

“The government that I lead will not be one of Left or Right because those old divisions do not comprehend the political challenges of today,” he said. (source)

Now, this is an older story (June 2017), and I bring up because of the large amount of talk there has been in society about supporting the LGBT and the future of their agenda and what it will bring.

In spite of the continuing revelation of horrible stories, scandals, the push for transsexualism among young children and the social legitimization of even more terrible forms of sin on a scale never before seen in world history, I am not surprised in the least.

In fact, I could have told you this was coming based on past example.

Likewise, things are going to get worse for the time, and it doesn’t come as a surprise either.

Forrest Gump said it well- stupid is as stupid does.

If somebody tells you they are something or they support something, and then their actions go and testify to what their words are, it does not matter what else they say.

Unless there is a true change that takes place, their words confirm their deeds and vice versa.

This applies to any group or individual.

It is difficult to speak out against the LGBT today because to do so puts you in opposition to the culture not just in the USA, but around the world.

Sodomy always was a sin, and as we continually emphasize, the sinfulness of the act and the severity of this sin is explicitly clear in the Bible.

However, public support of this heinous sin is now regarded as a mark of social virtue and to oppose it is to label oneself a social pariah.

Make no mistake, collecting labels is a good thing.

People labeled Jesus with all kinds of horrible labels, but it did not matter because no man can change truth from God.

So be proud if people label you because you stand for Biblical truth, because just as they did to the prophets of old, to Christ when He walked on the Earth, and the great saints in the ages since, so they will do to you.

In response to their label, you return to them the knowledge of the truth, which lest they repent stands as a condemnation of their sins or sinful views.

We told you the LGBT are pedophiles. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT supports pedophilia. (source)

We told you the LGBT supports sex with farm animals. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT supported bestiality.

We told you the LGBT wants to molest your children . People laughed at us. Then the LGBT brags about molesting children. (source)

We told you the LGBT supports vile sex acts. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT brags about teaching teenagers to engage in homosexual play with feces. (source)

We told you the LGBT wants to take away your children. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT passes laws to take children away from people who oppose them. (source)

We told you the LGBT spreads horrible diseases. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT admits they normalized HIV and other STDs. (source)

We told you the LGBT is used as a political lever to overthrow other nations. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT is used as a reason to try and overthrow nations for political reasons. (source)

We told you the LGBT hates Christ. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT actively persecutes Christian pastors who say that homosexuality is a sin. (source)

We told you the LGBT worships Satan. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT said that half of the members of the church of satan are LGBT. (source)

We told you the LGBT worships murder and death, especially of children. People laughed at us. Then the LGBT does this.

So when we tell you the end of the LGBT is burning in hell because God Himself said so in the Old and New Testaments and for two thousand years of Christian teaching, we so because it is the truth.

Sure, some people will laugh. For now.

So speak out. Be proud when people hate you and label you, for the hate you because they hate Christ.

When they bark like dogs, be the whistle for their ears, because the torment they claim is actually the voice of their conscience convicting them of their sins they refuse to repent of.

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.  Article by Andrew Bieszad.

The Washington Standard

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