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Islamic Honor Violence: Muslim Hate-Crime Hoaxer in Danger from Her Own Family

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The internationally publicized story about a Muslim teen who claimed that she was “verbally abused on a New York train” by three “Islamophobic” Trump supporters has turned out to be a hoax. I was right – read my column here. It wasn’t a guess. I was right because this story fits a definite and disturbing pattern. But the enemedia could not get enough of the story. It was worldwide news. No one in the media questioned all the holes in the teenager’s story. And now the media are missing an even bigger story: This girl is in real danger – not from Trump supporters, but from her family.

The New York Post reported that “Seweid had been having problems with her strict Muslim Egyptian family in North New Hyde Park because she is becoming ‘Westernized,’ one source said. Those problems were aggravated when they learned she was dating a Catholic, the source said.” Yasmin should be punished for her hate crime hoax, but there is a larger story here that is being ignored by mainstream media: the terror of devout Muslim households.

Because she has a non-Muslim boyfriend, Yasmin is in real danger from her father, her mosque and devout members of ummah. Yasmin Seweid was so afraid of her own family that she preferred to face jail than risk being the recipient of violent treatment from her “strict Muslim parents.” And it’s clear she had good reason: They shaved her head. A news photo shows Yasmin’s brother Abdoul gripping her in a chokehold.

Ironically, New York Newsday reported police charges against Abdoul from a few years ago. Allegedly, Abdoul Seweid and his friends were involved in some serious criminal activity Abdoul tried to cover by blaming the involvement of “three unknown males.” Maybe that gave Yasmin the idea for how she was supposedly attacked by the three “Trump supporters.”

It could have been worse for Yasmin, and may still be. But Yasmin’s sister wouldn’t break rank, blaming the NYPD because they exposed the hoax. It’s always this way. Amina and Sarah Said’s brother aided and abetted their father in the cold-blooded execution of their two Texas Muslim teen sisters who merely wanted to live a freer life.

Aqsa Parvez, a Muslim girl in Mississauga, Ontario, lived in what can only be described as a homemade concentration camp before being murdered by her father and brother because she did not want to wear the hijab.

Rifqa Bary, an Ohio Muslim teen who converted out of Islam, was threatened with death by her father before she escaped to safety in Florida.

Bus ads and taxi ads sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and offering help to these girls have been banned from running in numerous cities. It’s an outrage: Authorities are consigning these girls to their fate and denying them the help that could save them.

The abject terror these young Muslims live with is a deep, dark secret. Fatima Abdullah was abused, beaten and sexually assaulted by family members. Her honor killing in Florida was classified as a suicide (by repeatedly hitting her head against a coffee table) because the Tampa Police Department feared Muslim reprisals – how does one commit suicide by banging one’s head on a coffee table? Tampa Rescue said she looked as if she had been beaten.

According to neighbors, Fatima Abdullah had brought shame to her Muslim family because of her divorce. The family allegedly didn’t allow her to return to their homeland in the Middle East. Sources close to the family say that they didn’t even allow her to drive on her own, even though she had a license. She was the subject of numerous family arguments, and her brothers allegedly treated her horribly. There is a great deal more information on this here and here.

If Yasmin’s sister really loves Yasmin, she should stop blaming the NYPD and help her to freedom. Yasmin Seweid is under severe threat – and she is just the kind of girl who we seek to help at the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). We get help to Muslim girls who want to be free. At RefugeFromIslam.com, Yasmin can connect with other Muslims who have suffered under the boot of Islamic honor violence. And most importantly of all, she can get to safety.

Sara Yasin of BuzzFeed News asked on Twitter: “so, who is going to save muslim women from pam geller trying to save muslim women.” How despicable. Apparently, Sara Yasin would rather see Yasmin end up like Noor al-Maleki, Amina Said, Sarah Said, Jessica Mokdad and other dead American Muslim girls than get my help.

Yasmin, if you’re reading this, contact me at [email protected]. We will get you help.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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