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Islamic Sex Slavery: Muslim Gangs Now Kidnapping Thousands of Girls and Women in Europe

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Sexual abuse and Islam are like peanut butter and jelly in the grocery store- where you find one you will find the other right next to it. This has been a problem throughout history that Christians have fought against the Muslims over, and ever since the Muslim invasion of Europe last year, there has been an explosion of forced prostitution and horrible sex slavery:

Nigerian females have been landing in Italy in significant numbers since the 1980s, lured by the promise of jobs only to find themselves with colossal debts to the traffickers who got them here.

The trade has exploded in recent years. According to IOM figures, 433 Nigerian women arrived in 2013, 1,454 in 2014, 5,653 last year and 7,768 in the first nine months of 2016.

“We estimate that between 70 and 80 percent of them are in danger of being forced into prostitution,” said the IOM’s Luca Pianese, adding that the numbers do not include hundreds of minors.

Some of the women will end up working on the streets of Italy, others in France, Spain, Austria or other European countries where demand seems to grow incessantly.

Pianese, who works as part of a 13-strong team that includes two women of Nigerian origin, has learned how to spot the signs that newly arrived women have been trafficked.

Most of the victims come from Edo state in southern Nigeria, they invariably have had only the most basic education and say they can remember little about how they got from Nigeria to the Mediterranean.

– Smashing dreams –

Usually the women have a phone number they have been told to call when they arrive.

Sometimes they will be accompanied by a minder. “You have to separate them from false sisters and pretend husbands,” said Pianese.

Then comes the painful bit. “They arrive here full of hope, confident they are headed for a better future,” the aid worker says.

“Unfortunately our duty is to smash their dream.”

That involves explaining that the future envisaged for these young women involves long hours perched on the edge of out-the-way roads, servicing 10 to 20 clients a day for less than 20 euros (dollars) a time with no guarantee that some of the punters will not be violent.

There is also some positive news to be shared: Italian law guarantees residency rights and social support to women trafficked for prostitution, even if they have not got to the stage of being forced to sell their bodies in Italy.

Despite that, the IOM says barely 300 women accepted such help between the start of 2015 and the end of August. (source)

This should come as no surprise. Muslims have always been involved in the sex slave trade since the dawn of Islam. African, European, or Asian, it did not matter, since as long as they are non-Muslims and because Islam has no respect for life they would trade people like baseball cards and abuse them like dogs for their convenience or pleasure. The Muslim slave trade in African people dwarfed anything the Europeans had ever done, and it was often times African Muslims who sold fellow Africans to European traders for work on the plantations of the American and Caribbean and Christians who rescued them.

Such was the case of Giuseppina Margherita Bakhita. She was born in 1869 as pagan in Sudan and was captured at the age of 8 by Muslim slave traders. Over the next six years she was sold to five different masters, viciously raped and beaten daily, and subjected to horrible torture, such as with one master, and Ottoman Turk, whose wife had her body permanently scarified for fun. One day when her last master put her up for sale, an Italian diplomat in Sudan, Augusto Micheli, saw here and purchased her as a servant for the consulate with the intention of giving her freedom after he left. However, she insisted that she come with him to Italy. Bakhita eventually was baptised, and became a nun with the Canossian Sisters and in 2000 was canonized by the Catholic Church.

A tiger can’t change its stripes and Islam can’t change its teachings. Sexual abuse will always be a part of Islam, and the best way to stop it is to prevent the Muslims from being allowed in and to propagate their teachings in the first place.

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.  Article by Andrew Bieszad.

The Washington Standard

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