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Issa Pegs Lynch on Speaking Half Truths in Testimony, Yet No Indication of Punitive Measures Forthcoming

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On Wednesday, Rep. Darrell Issa appeared on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” calling out Attorney General Loretta Lynch of speaking “half-truths” during her testimony to Congress.  Issa stated Lynch “went out of her way to tell half-truths and outright refer us to things that made no sense” regarding her decision to close the Hillary emailgate investigation without any criminal charges being filed.  In the interview, Issa stressed that Lynch misled the people with her answers multiple times and “in some cases, she misled so much that the American people need to understand.”

Newsmax.com continues:

“For example, I asked her very specifically, ‘Were there political appointees in this process that led to no charges to Hillary Clinton?'” Issa said. “She kept repeating about how these were career lawyers and dedicated public servants.

“What she wasn’t answering is, ‘Yes, there were people who were politically appointed.’ They served in that particular role at hers and the president’s pleasure.

“So, in some cases, she went so far as to not answer the question in a way in which she misled the American people,” he said. “That’s a problem.”

As chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Issa oversaw Congress holding then Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for the “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation.  To this day, Eric Holder has not been arrested or held accountable for his contempt charge.  Yet, any average individual committing the same offense would be sanctioned legally using the full extent of the law and possibly jailed until complying with a congressional inquiry or judge’s order.

This has been the standard operating procedure of every congressional committee occurring during this administration.  A congressional committee is formed or currently exists to oversee or investigate some scandal or operation by this administration or those under direction of the administration.  Lengthy hearings are held.  Thousands upon thousands of documents requested and received after plenty of arm-twisting.  Individuals involved are questioned – some on C-SPAN.  Time and again, the “witness” or individual questioned makes a mockery of the committee or intentionally obfuscates and obstructs the investigation.  Committee chairs and members parade their mug to the news media whores declaring indirectly commission of perjury and intentional stalling by witnesses.

The news media whores press “questions” in order for these charlatans to feign fake outrage and rale against those giving testimony as well as those within the administration.  After several of these “B, G & C” sessions on the news, the committee either holds the individual in contempt or goes about their business satisfied they have played to the demands of the “entertainment-seeking” public allowing witnesses to continue their lives with impunity.  The “entertainment-seeking” public and those with a 36-hour news memory cheer for the “bulldog” tactics of all bark and no bite for a day or so.  The incident is then forgotten as these “dupes” are heralded into the next scenario.  And so the cycle goes with no one being held accountable and members of Congress able to state how they tried to do their job but the administration blocked the attempts.

Lynch testified four hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.  Any bets as to action this committee will take against Lynch?  If the past operation of any Senate or House committee is to be taken into account, Lynch will go about her merry way with impunity while the public is given one lame duck excuse after another from committee members.

To all Senate and House Committee members:

What difference does any hearing held make when the committees have demonstrated the lack of backbone to exact any punishment against those who have testified that committed perjury, obfuscation or obstruction?  Why are the taxpayer dollars being spent on “dog and pony” shows just to let violators operate with impunity?  What is any congressional committee accomplishing except to have a plausible deniability excuse to give to the public?

The act of “tenacious bulldog” by many in the Senate and House has worn thin the patience of many Americans.  Justice has been discarded even when it is established without a doubt there existed a commission of absolute wrong-doing on the part of many department head, political figure and the man occupying the Oval Office.  In other words, there exists an inequity of application of the law when it comes to the average individual and those in “political” circles.

No committee member should be barking against the blindfold being taken off Lady Justice when the committees are just as guilty of committing the same atrocity – Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton in Benghazi-gate, etc.  The hypocrisy, if it were something new, could be considered astounding.  However, it is difficult to be surprised.  In other words, the “B,G & C” behavior regarding FBI director James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch for not pressing charges against Hillary Clinton is moot when committee after committee has refused to hold any administration stooge responsible for their “indiscretions.”

It’s fake outrage against individuals who have done the exact same thing Senate and House committees have done now for years.

The House holds the power of impeachment as outlined in the Constitution.  Why has not anyone used the power to correct the corruption and hold individuals accountable?  The answer is simple – each and every member of both chambers is complicit in the wrong-doing and corruption.   Lame excuses, such as “have you met, Joe Biden,” are insulting to the American public.  The committees and both chambers refuse to follow the law as outlined in the Constitution.  Yet, citizens and residents of this nation are expected to abide by legislation and laws passed by a lawless House and a lawless Senate.

Thanks to Congress, AG Lynch and FBI Director Comey, a new defense is now up and coming for those who have engaged in any wrong-doing – the Hillary Clinton defense.  It boils down to claiming one did not know what one did was wrong and having no intent to commit a crime, but merely violated some conduct rule.  Regardless of the seriousness of the alleged crime, individuals can plead the “Hillary Clinton defense” and show precedence that the federal government would not prosecute without evidence of intent or prosecute when one claimed “ignorance” or even engaged in gross negligence.

In conclusion, all of you need to sit down and shut up unless you are willing to uphold the law, follow the law and abide by the Constitution.  In short, stop wasting the taxpayers’ money engaging in empty hearings and committee investigations.  The public needs no more “dog and pony” shows since many have outgrown the circus.

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