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It Has Begun: Is This The Way They Will Seize Hundreds Of Thousands Of Homes Across America? (Video)

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If you are a homeowner, then you are probably aware that over the last year or so, home insurance, as well as immoral property taxes have skyrocketed.  Last year, we increased our deductible just to bring the price down, which went up almost double.  This year, it increased another $200, and don’t even get me started on lawless property taxes!  Yet, we are seeing a trend developing now in which case many homes are being seized and many will face potential seizure due to what is currently taking place; and I’ll remind you that you need to prepare in your communities to stop these home seizures, men (Visit TacticalCivics.com).

In a recent report, more than 25% of Florida homeowners worry their carrier will pull coverage, while around 13% of California homeowners worry about losing coverage.

These stories are barely covered in the Mockingbird media, and if they are, they never call out the immorality of taxing people’s property nor the government’s fascism by forcing people to purchase products, ie. insurance.

WPTV News reported several months ago that Florida seniors are concerned they will lose their homes over skyrocketing insurance.

ABC7 followed up a little over a week ago in a report that many Florida homeowners have abandoned insurance amid these astronomical rate increases.

You already know how this will be framed too.  The Mockingbird media will begin to pitch it as people bought homes they couldn’t afford, which is not necessarily the case.  In fact, i can tell you that it’s been increasingly difficult to make payments on our own home due to the increase of both property taxes and required insurance.

Of course, Florida pays out insurance claims like no one else with the seasonal hurricanes that move into the Sunshine State.

So, when one is paying for a mortgage, which is really all your money anyways, they have to then have their homeowners insurance increased with massive insurance premiums (both flood and HOI) as well as having bureaucrats increase the value of the homes to rob the people further of their hard-earned money.

Add onto that increase in gas prices, groceries, goods, services and taxes and it’s a Commie’s dream for takeover.

Take a listen as SaleDaddy1 lays out what is going on and comments, “Recently, we have seen insurance companies seize 10’s of thousands of Florida homes. Could this be what we see in other places in America as well?”

Finally, listen to my interview with author G. Edward Griffin about the Communist plan to take over America and pay close attention to how he says they will come for our houses and land to force us into the cities.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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