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Italy: More Than 500 Municipalities Have Taken Action To Halt Installation of 5G

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Despite the claims of the naysayers like the self-professed “health editor” for Newsguard, John Gregory, who doesn’t know the difference between a disease and a virus, the fact of the matter is that 5G technology has not been proven safe for the public and many are now questioning it and even putting a halt to its installation until such proof can be made public.  Italy, the country that we were led to believe had a huge amount of people with coronavirus and allegedly died of COVID-19, which we discovered later was all propaganda, has decided that they aren’t having there in more than 500 municipalities.

According to Italian Alliance Stop 5G:


“As indicated in the 2019 Vicovaro Resolution , the Italian Stop 5G Alliance asks the Government and local authorities to stop the dangerous 5G,” the site reads.

The entire list of pronouncements and official documents presented in any institutional venue to block and / or contrast, study, stem the risks of 5G are listed at the site.

A Parliamentary motion Stop 5G: national moratorium under discussion in the Chamber of Deputies (October 2019)

B. N. Frank writes:

Opposition to 5G is WORLDWIDE. Cities AND countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation as well as issue moratoriums due to serious health and safety warnings (see 12345678910, 111213). Since 2017, doctors and scientists have been asking for a moratorium on installation on Earth as well as in space (see 12, 3). The majority of scientists worldwide continue to oppose 5G until studies prove it’s safe.

Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for publishing and updating this list of international action taken against 5G deployment.  In regard to Italy:

Civitavecchia Italy suspends 5G rollout on health concerns, May 202o News Report

Scanzano Italy, Mayor of Scanzano (region Basilicata, where EHS people are exempt from medical co-payments) announces he is prohibiting 5G rollout on the basis of health concerns, quoting the precautionary principle and the need to protect electrosensitives. TV footage, News: 5G hazardous to health: Scanzano Jonico forbids it 8/3/2019,The municipality of Scanzano Jonico has banned 5G trials to prevent health risks

Florence, Italy“It causes damage to the body!” Florence brakes on 5G and applies the Precautionary Principle. Motion in defense of health approved (almost) unanimous, EXCLUSIVE NEWS OASI SANA, 05/04/2019

Florence, Italy Florence will use the precautionary principle for the rollout of 5G, Lennart Hardell’s Blog, 08/04/2019

XII Municipality of Rome, Italy A Municipality of Rome votes against 5G: what will the Giunta do?Terra Nuova, 28/03/2019

Municipality of Rocca di Papa, Italy 5G moratorium approved in Rocca di Papa (Rome), the city council deliberates on the precaution: “We do not authorize technologies that can aggravate the unhealthiness”EXCLUSIVE NEWS OASI SANA, 24/04/2019

Montecitori Palace, Rome, ItalyStop 5G: a parliamentary motion commits the Government to the moratorium, Ortica Web, 20/05/2019

Additionally, in my interview with weapons expert Mark Steele, he referred to 5G as a “weapons system designed to kill.”

Weapons Expert Mark Steele: 5G Is A Weapons System Designed To Kill

He also joined The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert, Kate Shemirani to expose the amount of EMF that is being put out in London via 5G.

5G: What You’re Not Being Told With Kate Shemirani & Mark Steele

Watch these videos to see what is really going on behind the scenes of 5G technology.

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