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It’s Time To End Tyrannical Lockdowns Ourselves

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The truth is that the government is lying about the real statistics and continuing to tell us that reopening the economy can’t happen right now. Well, it’s time we reopen it ourselves.  We’re Americans! Since when have we ever needed the government’s permission?

Fear and panic have gripped the public as the mainstream media did their job of providing the right kind of scary propaganda to the masses.  I walked on eggshells before Easter so we wouldn’t get shadowbanned more than we already are. But not anymore.  It’s time we, as a people, stand up to tyranny and tell the elitists they don’t control us!

ZeroHedge and others, such as us are targets of big tech for speaking truth to power! They don’t want people exposed to even differing opinions at this point, because the official narrative is all they want you focused on. If you are panicked and afraid and need them, you are easy to control and manipulate.

Not only has our favorite site for financial news (ZeroHedge) been banned from Twitter, but I recently noticed that when I went to click on its articles shared by others, I end up getting a special disclaimer that gives the vibe that it’s a virus site and is about to crash my computer!

We should have stood up years ago when they throttled our freedom in the aftermath of 9/11 to “keep us safe.” But with the coronavirus, I now see the mainstream press and its elitist master are going for the final death blow to our liberty – a decapitation strike that has been very successful so far while they keep pushing lies about the viruses severity to keep everyone in a deep state of fear.

They’ve managed to get Americans to stay home, even from church on Easter Sunday. I’m not religious at all, but I was depressed last Sunday when realizing that the government had an enormously successful lockdown of Americans and there wasn’t even a single protest I could find to cover.

Where is the tea party? The Occupy Wall Street crowd? Bernie and Trump supporters? Ron Paul people?

And then I look in the mirror and realize I didn’t protest, either.

If that wasn’t enough, Google began to blacklist sites to destroy our search results and bury us!


If you’re interested in opening up your business, going for a walk on the beach, taking a hike, or visiting a park with your kids, print this out. It’s a permission slip that allows you to live your life and pursue your dreams.

Download it now and give it to any of these people who are following orders – let them be on the wrong side of history. Government has as much power as we allow it to have. Don’t let them rule you! Start acting like you own yourself and act like you deserve your God-given right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Mac Slavo

P.S. The elitists are getting desperate.  They are desperately trying to scrub an interview David Icke did with London Real‘s Brian Rose.  Rose refuses to allow Icke to be silenced even as the elitists try to prevent the interview from getting out. You can watch the entire interview with Icke here. If the elitists are trying this hard to hide an interview, then it isn’t because it’s “fake” it’s because it exposes them for who and what they really are.

Rose, who was on the side of the lockdowns before beginning the interview with Icke can now see that there are people who want ultimate power and control. He’s been silenced for the crime of getting information out to the public that the elitists don’t want anyone to know. But he’s standing up.

And we should all be standing up to the draconian tyrannical orders of the government and the elitists who think they have the right to rule over everyone.

The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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