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Japanese Researchers Release Paper Warning About Unsafe Blood Supply Due To CONvid-1984 Injections

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When the talk of the modified mRNA injections began in 2020 with Donald Trump’s “crowning achievement” of Operation Warp Speed, many researchers, professionals and lay-persons, delved into the realm of “genetic vaccines” and the potential to cause harm from not only injecting the material into the human body, but the possibility of “shedding” (as all genetic injections do) onto individuals who chose to forego the experimental injections. Questions were asked and answered related to the alteration of our genetic code, DNA, symptoms of “transfection”, to problems with the blood supply for transfusions. The answers have been confirmed over the last three years since the rollout of these injectable poisons.

In fact, Japanese researchers are warning of the risk of using blood from mRNA injection recipients, suspending all “gene-based” injections, securing the global blood supply by conducting a harm-benefit assessment and thorough testing of injected and non-injected donors and taking steps to mitigate already identified risks. The researchers highlighted the number of problems seen in post-injected individuals – thrombosis, cardiovascular damage, and other diseases involving all organ systems. “[B]ased on these circumstances and the volume of evidence that has recently come to light, we call the attention of medical professionals to the various risks associated with blood transfusions using blood products derived from people who have suffered from long covid and from genetic vaccine recipients, including those who have received mRNA vaccines, and we make proposals regarding specific tests, testing methods, and regulations to deal with these risks.”

It is critical to remember that we do not know the contents of the vials used for injection of modified mRNA CONvid-1984 soup into the human body. Because these substances were emergency use authorization and the so-called “approved” Pfizer injection, Comirnaty, will never be manufactured, no vial of injectable for CONvid-1984 is required to be “standardized” – each dose identical in every vial manufactured. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, see the work of Katherine Watt at Bailiwick News on Substack and Sasha Latypova at Due Diligence in Art on Substack to discover the military operation perpetrated upon the American people and the world regarding these injectables while disguising it as a “civilian” endeavor.

One of the major concerns for the blood supply used for transfusions is neurological disease caused by misfolded proteins or prions. Prion diseases are characterised by a long incubation period, followed by rapid progression and high mortality. The suggestion that the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, especially from certain variants, might contain prion-like domains raises concerns for several reasons:

  • Transmission risk – If spike proteins with prion-like structures can be transmitted through blood transfusions, there might be a risk of inducing prion diseases in recipients. Prion diseases are notoriously difficult to diagnose early, have no cure and are fatal, making any potential transmission through blood products a significant safety concern.
  • Detection and removal challenges – Current blood screening processes do not specifically test for prions, partly because prion diseases are rare and partly due to the technical challenges in detecting prions at low concentrations. If spike proteins with prion-like properties are present in the blood of covid injected people, existing blood safety protocols may not be adequate to prevent transmission.
  • Long-term safety concerns – Prion diseases have long latency periods, meaning that symptoms can appear years or even decades after exposure. This delay complicates efforts to trace the source of an infection back to a blood transfusion and assess the safety of blood supplies over time.
  • Impacts on blood supply management – Concerns about the potential risks associated with prion-like structures in spike proteins might lead to changes in donor eligibility criteria or the implementation of additional screening measures. These changes could impact the availability of blood products, which are critical for routine medical procedures.
  • Public confidence – Public awareness of these potential risks, even if they are theoretical or have a very low likelihood of occurring, could affect people’s willingness to donate or receive blood transfusions, thereby lowering blood donation rates and the overall trust in the safety of blood transfusions.

The authors stress the need for comprehensive studies to better understand the implications of these prion-like structures in the spike protein, not only for mRNA jab safety but also for the broader implications for public health measures like blood transfusion practices.

There are other problems with blood from CONvid-1984 injection recipients.

If an individual had numerous doses of the modified mRNA genetic injection, they likely have a damaged immune system resulting in increased incidences of infections from antibody-dependent enhancement. Blood from these individuals may result in the recipient developing subclinical infections and diseases equating to a reduced immune function among those receiving blood products. With a reduced immune system, the recipient of the blood product may not be able to “neutralize” whatever is in the blood causing blood clots and aggregates. Prolonged exposure to whatever is in the injection can cause chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction in the injected individual through the formation of IgG4 antibodies. This is then passed on to the blood recipient.

IgG4 antibodies are often associated with chronic exposure to antigens, such as those seen in persistent infections, certain cancers, and prolonged exposure to allergens. IgG4 antibodies are also associated with a unique condition known as IgG4-Related Disease (IgG4-RD), a fibro-inflammatory condition characterised by swellings or masses in affected organs.

The authors also raise concerns about the potential of contaminated blood to cause autoimmune diseases in recipients. Recent research found that the RNA pseudouridylation, a process in which uracil is swapped out for synthetic methylpseudouridine, can cause frameshifting, basically a glitch in the decoding, which can trigger the production of off-target aberrant proteins.

The antibodies that develop as a result may, in turn, trigger off-target immune reactions. In addition to that, lipid nanoparticles (“LNPs”), a key component of the covid injections, have been identified as highly inflammatory and possessing more potent adjuvant activity compared to traditional vaccine adjuvants, which further increases the risk of an autoimmune response.

Of course, this is nothing new for readers at Sons of Liberty Media. This very real problem of a contaminated blood supply was discussed early in the planned scam-demic when the injections were announced. It is a problem everyone has to face at this point – injected or not injected – if one finds themselves in need of blood and blood products. The inevitable question pops up, “Why did medical professionals not consider this issue when these injections were formulated and being rolled out?”

There could be several reasons this problem of a contaminated blood supply did not register. First, they considered these injections “regular vaccines” instead of gene therapy injections as Moderna’s own website indicated. This meant there would be no issue with the blood supply from a “regular vaccine”. Remember, they operate on the ideology that “vaccines are safe, effective, and adverse events are rare.” Second, they relied on a screening process for blood donors and processing methodologies that would remove contaminants. Unfortunately, there is no process currently that can remove the contaminants of lipid nanoparticles, other “contaminants”, or whatever the injection is instructing the body to make that circulates in the blood. Third, medical professionals who do not deal with gene therapy products may be unaware of the contraindication of gene therapy product recipients to donate blood. Likewise, medical professionals who do not deal with gene therapy products may not be aware of the “shedding” potential recipients present to others through handling contaminated blood products. And, fourth, medical professionals failed to do their own research into a new product using new technology, utilizing critical thinking skills to predict potential problems. If they did, they ignored those problems in favor of a false narrative for whatever personal reasons were used for justification to turn a blind eye. Moreover, the average medical professional would not take heed of the information coming from colleagues engaged in this type of research because “official sources” and the Operation Mockingbird Media dubbed it “misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information”.

It is now left to the people to protect themselves from being injured from CONvid-19 injection contaminated blood products. Blood transfusions have always carried risks; however, the CONvid-19 injection-contaminated blood supply has increased that risk, not just from reactions, but the development of chronic, debilitating disease.

The researchers proposed measures that can be taken to deal with this issue.

A key part of the proposal involves conducting thorough interviews with potential blood donors. These interviews should cover their vaccination status, number of doses received, their covid-19 infection history, and any symptoms they might be experiencing that could indicate conditions like post-vaccination syndrome (“PVS”), long covid or other complications.

They recommended a deferral period for mRNA injection recipients concerning blood donations – 48 hours for mRNA injections and six weeks for AstraZeneca DNA injection recipients. The proposal included a series of tests – mass spectrometry for spike protein measurements, testing for markers of autoimmune disease, immunophenotyping (study of proteins expressed by cells), PCR for detecting spike protein mRNA and DNA (which may be questionable based on PCR use alone), ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay – antibody-based experiment to measure macromolecular interactions), “liquid biopsies combined with proteomics to detect and quantify spike protein and its mRNA”. As new information becomes available, the researchers suggest frequent updates and revisions of policies and procedures surrounding blood donation and receipt.

While that solution addresses future blood donation and supply, the researchers suggested measures for the blood that is in current circulation.

The paper also reviews strategies to ensure the safety of blood products already collected, highlighting the complex challenges that medical institutions, regulatory bodies, and the broader healthcare ecosystem must navigate in the wake of the widespread use of mRNA injections.

The primary concern is the risk posed to patients by the use of blood products from donors who have received gene-based injections without confirming the presence or absence of spike proteins or modified mRNA. To ensure their safety, methods to quantify potential contaminants must be developed and implemented as soon as possible.

Another critical issue that must be addressed is the current lack of reliable methods to remove spike proteins or modified mRNA from blood products. The authors warn that, given the potential persistence, low solubility, heat resistance and radiation resistance of these components, current methodologies are inadequate for the job. The only solution, they say, is to discard all blood products found to contain these contaminants until effective removal techniques are established. [Emphasis Mine]

To determine the potential for transmission through “shedding” via exosomes, researchers suggested that all injected and non-injected individuals be tested when donating blood. Research showed that “when exosomes collected from vaccine recipients were administered to mice that had not been vaccinated with the genetic vaccine, the spike protein [whatever the body is instructed to make] was transmitted.” They suggested a framework for “ensuring the traceability of blood products and establishing a rigorous legal and regulatory framework to manage the myriad issues arising from the use of blood products derived from covid-injected individuals”, which could include systems for registration of all potential blood donors.

“In conclusion, the authors point out that if we continue using mRNA-LPN-based platforms to replace conventional vaccines or create new ones, then the risks to our blood and bone marrow supply will be augmented further.

‘The impact of these genetic vaccines on blood products and the actual damage caused by them are unknown at present,’ they write.”

The authors urged the vaccination campaign using genetic injections be suspended and a harm-benefit analysis conducted as soon as possible.

We have to consider that we do not know what protein is being expressed by these gene therapy injections misnamed “vaccines”. But, we do know there is a problem with “shedding”, unknown adjuvants, and the delivery lipid nanoparticle system. Blood donations containing these proteins, unknown adjuvants, and the LNP system coursing through the bloodstream could cause problems in blood recipients.

Don’t hold your breath for anyone at any supposed “health” institution, government regulatory agency, medical professional or political stooge to address this mounting concern. It is an intended consequence of a military operation. Moreover, it is a monetary boom for the pharmaceutical companies to develop more injections for humans using this technology – with little oversight, expanding it to food source animals and pets, and eventually to other food sources such as vegetable and fruit plants. With Big Pharma lining the politicians’ wallets with lobby money and paying for Operation Mockingbird Media programs, there is not one who will engage their conscience or humanity to counter it.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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