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Jared Fogle Now Suing His Child Victim’s Parents

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Former Subway scumbucket Jared Fogle just found a way to be even more disgusting, a feat most people had no idea was even possible at this point.

While serving 15 years and eight months in prison for having sex with children and child pornography, Jared Fogle decided to put down the honey buns he’s been binge eating behind bars to file a lawsuit against the parents of one of his female victims for what he says are her “destructive behaviors,” AP is reporting.

The girl’s parents had previously filed a civil suit against Fogle for $300,000 in damages for the girl’s injuries and what has been described as “significant emotional trauma” she suffered during her contact with Fogle.

However it is the parents, Fogle claims, who are the ones that should be responsible for what Fogle did to the girl… not Fogle.

“See how that works?” said Fogle’s lawyer and no one else ever.

Amazingly, Fogle is trying to blame the parents, claiming they abused alcohol and fought in front of the girl and that they got divorced, and so its the parents that caused the girl distress… not Fogle secretly videotaping and using her to create child pornography without her knowledge.

It’s as if Fogle read a book called “How to get shanked in prison” and then went and aspired…

Article by Piper McGowin posted with permission from The Daily Sheeple.

The Washington Standard

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