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Jeffrey Epstein’s St. Thomas Network, Comms, & An Elite School

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Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has quite a network in St. Thomas, VI, from a tax attorney setting up a microwave radio transmission for private comms to Little St. James Island, to owning 50% of a marina with billionaire Andrew Farkas, to a group of fascinating and well-connected ladies on the board of an elite private school that sits on 27-acres where Epstein’s attorney was one of the first students. Coincidentally, many of these individuals have direct ties to former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative, in addition to corrupt former Governor of the Virgin Islands, John de Jongh and his wife Cecile. In fact, a big corruption investigation from years back tie some of these folks together.

• Many of Epstein’s business addresses in Red Hook Quarter St. Thomas, where his 50% ownership in American Yacht Harbor resides, go to the marina – dock B, slip 3. Coincidentally, so does a CPA’s who setup his private comms to Little Saint James.

• This network has tales of past corruption running up through legislators, a Clinton appointee, an Obama campaign bundler, and the former Governor of the Virgin Islands.

• There is an elite preparatory school that resides on 27-acres that is likely a grooming school for high-level positions, and some of the board members have ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons. Epstein’s attorney Paul Hoffman was one of the original 13 students.

Understanding The Network Diagram Below

To put this complex network into a comprehensible structure, a diagram has been created with color-coded lines so that the connections can be fully understood. What does this represent? Antilles School would appear to be the hub of most of these connections. From there it filters out to the board members, most of whom have been on the board in varying positions for years. The ladies listed in the diagram, in connection with the school, are indicated in red. The founders and original 13 students of the school paint quite a picture as well, with one of the students being Epstein’s attorney Paul Hoffman.

For example, Pamela Berkowsky is a Clinton appointee with a military background, who was made the former governor of the Virgin Island’s chief of staff, until she abruptly resigned over a scandal. This was long after she had served as the assistant chief of staff to secretary of defense William S. Cohen. She is married to Adam Shapiro who operates several medical facilities in St. Thomas, is a plastic surgeon, has a transport pilot license, and was involved in the scandal with Berkowsky. Jeanne Brennan Wiebracht, is a licensed CPA who utilizes Epstein’s address for her business, and is on documentation for an Epstein company that setup microwave radio transmission from St. Thomas to Little St. James Island. Claire Starkey is involved with the Clinton Global Initiative via her Fintrac company that was founded in 1990 and operates out of countries that overlap with the Clintons agendas. Marjorie Rawls Roberts was a campaign bundler for Barack Obama, assisted criminals in setting up tax breaks in VI, has worked with the Clinton Global Initiative, and is a political-power-wannabe who would likely do anything just to stand in their shadows. Roberts took Erika Kellerhals under her wing and showed her the ropes, before Kellerhals established her law firm – the firm that maintained the documents for Epstein’s Gratitude For America Ltd. Foundation. Cecile de Jongh, former first lady to the Gov. was the manager for Epstein’s Southern Trust Company, Inc., a company that donated to Antilles School. Amexa Rivadeneira, the director of foundation accounts for Catchafire, who works with the Clinton Global Initiative, used to serve in the senate office of Kirsten Gillibrand.

Oh what a tangled web they weave, and this is just a snippet of what this web has been up to. The details are in the backgrounds and affiliations, as well as locations they’ve operated in. All of these ladies diagrammed below, are not only serving the board of Antilles School, they are a tight-knit group, and are all friends on Facebook.

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) is another connecting point, that works with Antilles School, the Clinton Global Initiative, Fintrac, and Catchafire. Aside from serving on the board of Antilles School, Pamela Berkowsky, Clarie Starkey, and two other board members not diagramed here also served on the board of CFVI. Beginning to see the arms of control?

So why is former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder indicated on this diagram? Holder was involved with big investigations into a financial criminal ring that went all the way up through legislatures, telecommunications companies, and the governor himself in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This corruption scandal dragged on for years, and it is alleged that Holder himself had put the brakes on it. The full story and the players involved is documented below.

Take a good look at the diagram below, study it, absorb everything that’s been revealed above, and then scroll down to see the individual resumes of these folks with the key connecting points that ties this all together. The corruption scandal follows the resumes.

convicted sex offender

In 2008 Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution in a plea deal that only required him to spend 13 months in jail, of which he served most of in his Palm Beach office on “work release.” There were dozens of victims, a 50-page indictment on sex trafficking charges that was shelved, and a secret plea deal that concealed the full extent of his crimes and granted immunity to any potential co-conspirators. It stunk, and is now in the spotlight again. A judge recently ruled for the unsealing of up to 2,000 pages of judicial documents to show evidence of whether Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell were recruiting underage girls in an international sex trafficking operation.

Epstein was taken into custody on July 6, 2019 on charges of sex trafficking minors and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors. The indictment states he conspired with others to carry out these acts. They have tentatively set his trial for 10-13 months out due to 1,000,000 pages of evidence against Epstein that they are sifting through.

This particular network in St. Thomas is only one of many networks and potential operations that Epstein is involved with. Many of Epstein’s connections have criminal histories, and many sit in very high places.

The Players

Jeanne Brennan Wiebracht

• Weibracht is a licensed CPA with a master’s degree in accounting and BA in psychology. Her business, Accounting Strategies Group, LLC’s address is listed at 6100 Red Hook Quarter B3, St. Thomas, VI 00802. This is boat slip 3 located at dock B in the America Yacht Harbor marina. This is the same address where several of Jeffrey Epstein’s businesses resolve to. Wiebracht is also listed in Epstein’s black book as a contact under his Financial Trust Company on the “Island” section.

• Wiebracht is originally from Holmdel, NJ, moved to Washington D.C. from 1993 – 2003, and then moved to St. Thomas in 1994 just one year after Epstein purchased Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, and four years prior to him purchasing Little St. James Island.

• She has served as a trustee on the board of Antilles School for years. Both of her daughters have attended Antilles School.

• She donated $250 to Obama’s campaign in 2008.

• Her husband Mathias founded See & Ski Powerboat Rentals in 1983, which is located at Dock A, right next to Epstein’s dock B in the same marina. They also own Maritime Yacht Sales in Holmdel, New Jersey. They also service St. John, St. Croix, St. Thomas, and Water Island. • Her brother George Brennan, who still resides in New Jersey, is a mechanical engineer at NAVAIR, whereby he designs ship integration for a system that operates on aircraft carriers, and works with stakeholders. He has been an engineer since 2001 and has worked with ships and aircraft since 2009.

• Her father George G. Brennan, MD, passed away in 2016 in Holmdel, NJ. He specialized in pediatrics and adolescent medicine in the 1960s and served as a doctor for 57 years. He worked with special needs children and worked closely with the Child Study Teams in school districts. He was also a lector and religious education teacher at St. Catharine’s Church of Holmdel, NJ.


One of Epstein’s companies is VT&T, LLC, pointing to the same address in Red Hook Quarter, and Jeanne Brennan is listed as the contact for a microwave industrial/business pool license. Basically, this is an 18.7 ghz microwave radio transmission for private communications that runs from Stalley St. Thomas to Little St. James Island and points back. The license was granted on October 17, 2014 and doesn’t expire until October 17, 2024. The equipment is by Dragonwave Inc. Model: 18HY40HFC279V01 HAAM.

Jeffrey Epstein private comms

On the documentation, it requires a yes or no to the question, “Has the applicant or any party to this application, or any party directly or indirectly controlling the applicant, ever been convicted of a felony by any state or federal court?” They answered YES, as they should.

The equipment was mounted on the lower portion of the tower that was already equipped with numerous other transmitters. Because of that, a company by the name of Micronet Communications, Inc. out of Plano, Texas performed a frequency coordination study according to FCC rules and regulations. This entailed running tests to ensure there was no interference with existing parties. At that time, there were 24 other parties/companies that had equipment on this particular tower, most of whom were bigger name companies.

The coordinates of the tower on Stalley are at the south-east area of St. Thomas, where the tower is quite visible by satellite, and the pin is only feet away from the tower, based on those coordinates. Yet, the coordinates on Little St. James Island do not resolve to a tower or structure, and in fact, fall adjacent to the tennis courts, not too far from the famous sundial. Perhaps the satellite image is prior to 2014 or there is another form of equipment capable of this transmission? Or perhaps the sundial is equipped with something extra special?

Back in 2004, Jeffrey Epstein and his attorney Paul Hoffman were working to get a $1.2 million underwater fiber-optic cable project passed that would run from Red Hook in St. Thomas to Epstein’s island Little St. James.

Cecile de Jongh

• Former first lady to Gov. John de Jongh.

• She was Jeffrey Epstein’s office manager for his Southern Trust Company, Inc., which was a DSB providing extensive DNA database and data mining. Epstein was very invested in science, human behavior, and the brain. One of his projects regarding AI is covered in Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis.

Jeffrey Epstein southern trust company, inc.

• She has served on the board for the Antilles School in the position of treasurer for several years. Her and John are listed as “parent donors – parents of alumni” in the Antilles School Review 2017.

• Cecile is also listed in Epstein’s black book, just above Jeanne.

Pamela Berkowsky

Berkowsky’s background is quite extensive, including being appointed by former President Clinton to serve as the assistant chief of staff to secretary of defense William S. Cohen. In her own words, she documents her background on her LinkedIn account.

• In 1997, the New York Times wrote a short article on the marriage of Berkowsky to Adam Shapiro. At that time, Berkowsky was the Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Navy.

• In 2000, she was listed on the Term Member Program for the Council on Foreign Relations, under the seminars and roundtables. Her title at that time was Assistant Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense. Other notables are David Rockefeller, Federal Reserve, Harvard, CNN, WaPo, Asia Society, and many more.

• She has been the Practice Administrator for her husbands Virgin Islands Ear, Nose & Throat practice since 2002.

• In 2010 she served on the board of the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, and had agreed to serve another three-year term.

• Berkowsky served as a trustee for the Antilles School board for several years.

• While working for the governor of the Virgin Islands, Berkowsky tried to pull a fast one on getting her husband’s company special Virgin Islands tax rates, was ousted, and abruptly resigned. This is all referenced in the corruption section below.

• She is the COO of Aerospace Medical Sleep Consultants, which is registered to Pamela and Adam’s Coral Gables home in Florida. It is based out of Miami, FL and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. According to their website, they improve the safety and efficiency in aviation and the space industry, specifically with sleep disorders and fatigue, but list a myriad of “expertise” in other health-related areas. The industries they serve are quite extensive and cover aviation, spaceflight, air traffic control, maintenance, commercial, governmental, charter operations, military, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and service North America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

• She founded Blue Sapphire Strategies, LLC on February 27, 2018, registered to her Coral Gables mansion in Florida.

Adam Shapiro

• Husband to Pamela Berkowsky. As indicated in the corruption section below, Shapiro created a company called JaminDoodle Productions, LLC, which partnered with VI 4D, LLLP to apply for tax breaks to build a 4-D theater for Virgin Island Tourists. They tried to quietly slip this through via Berkowsky’s PBB Blind Trust, which owns 49% of JaminDoodle, so as to receive big tax breaks in the Virgin Islands. Berkowsky abruptly resigned when she was ousted.

• Shapiro has 14 Years of college under his belt with an AB in biochemistry from Cornell University, and MD from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, four years at Albany Medical College for otolaryngology head and neck surgery, and four years at the University of Pittsburgh for facial plastic surgery. Just to throw a dash of humor in, Shapiro attended high school in “Great Neck, NY.”

• Founder and President of Aerospace Medical Sleep Consultants since 2015 in Miami, FL and St. Thomas, VI, that he operates with his wife Pamela.

• Head and neck plastic surgeon.

• Founded Virgin Islands Ear, Nose & Throat, P.C. with offices on St. Thomas and St. Croix.

• Founded Virgin Islands Facial Plastic Surgery.

• Founded Virgin Islands Allergy Center.

• Founded Virgin Islands Hearing and Balance Center and the St. Thomas Sleep Center.

• He obtained his practitioner controlled substance license for schedule II – IV narcotic substances and is a licensed medical doctor and surgeon in the U.S. Virgin Islands, California, District of Columbia, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Whereas his medical licenses listed on his Virgin Islands Ear, Nose & Throat business doesn’t list Arkansas, he had a temporary license from March 23, 2018 thru November 30, 2019, and a separate one from March 16, 2018 through April 6, 2018. This is all rather strange being as he doesn’t appear to have facilities in these locations. What would he possibly need a medical license for in these states, and a temporary one in Arkansas over the past year+?

According to the Arkansas Medical Board, physicians can apply for a temporary license prior to obtaining a permanent license providing they meet the qualifications and requirements, in addition to other criteria such as “the physician must practice medicine in an area of critical medical shortage in Arkansas.” In other words, either his medical background in sleep issues, plastic surgery, or ear, nose and throat issues would have to be a medical shortage in Arkansas for him to obtain the license. So what it is Dr. Shapiro intends on doing in Arkansas, a location far away from his other practices in St. Thomas, who’s schedule would make a grown man cry? And more importantly, as a transport pilot, what exactly is he transporting, and to where?

• He is a licensed pilot and aircraft commander and former assistant district flight safety officer with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary at Air Station Borinquen in Puerto Rico. He has several certifications dating back to 1993 as a commercial pilot for a single-rating engine both land & seaplane and multi engine land, in addition to a 2015 certification as an airline transport pilot Citation Jet CE-500 type rating.

• From 1995 to present, he is an FAA designated senior aviation medical examiner.

• As a licensed pilot he flew his Beachcraft turboprop to Haiti in 2010 to assist after the earthquake, and brought along a few other doctors.

• In addition to running multiple facilities simultaneously and directing a laboratory at his allergy testing center, he is also a Roy L. Schneider Hospital staff physician, and is an associate professor at the University of the Virgin Islands School of Medicine in St. Thomas and St. Croix.

• He is also friends with most of these women on the board of Antilles School as seen on their facebook accounts and LinkedIn endorsements. His companies donate to Antilles School as well.

• Shapiro’s background is so extensive, it would require multiple people to carry out all of these positions simultaneously, not to mention the medical licenses in numerous states. His extensive background can be viewed here.

Shapiro’s organization created a campaign PAC in 2014, which accrued over $340,000 from physicians all across the country, that was disbursed to both Democrat and Republican candidates for the House of Representatives and Senate in numerous states.

Marjorie Rawls Roberts, P.C. “The Bundler”

• She worked with the London and Washington D.C. law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher from 1981-1985. From 1985-1988 she served as an attorney advisor in the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Policy in D.C. She was chief counsel to the U.S. Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue from 1988-1995. And, from 1995-1999 was the director and VP for Globalvest Management Company, LP, a St. Thomas based investment company managing $1 billion in investments in Russia and Latin America through offshore funds.

• Her schooling entailed the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and holds law degrees from Harvard and Cambridge universities. She is admitted to practice law in California, Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

• Her expertise is in offshore funds, investments, and taxation. She is the U.S. Virgin Islands correspondent for Tax Notes International and on the board of several tax and offshore investment related organizations.

• Roberts was a big campaign bundler for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection, having pledged to raise between $100,000 and $200,000. She believed Obama was the “Greatest President.” She also donated to Hillary For America’s 2016 campaign.

• She has assisted criminals and ponzi schemers in setting up special tax breaks in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and indicated below under the corruption scandal. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was scheduled to do an Obama fundraiser event with her, but when the scandal broke publicly, Wasserman canceled her trip.

• Having served on the board of the Antilles School for several years, Roberts daughter Marjorie is currently attending Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Following in her mother’s political footsteps, she shares photos of herself with politicians on her facebook page as well.

• Roberts was a big fan of the Clintons as well. In fact, she was so instrumental in assisting the Clinton Global Initiative, they included a big thank you to her in their June 4, 2019 press release.

Marjorie thoroughly enjoys her connections to those in power, going all the way back to her youth, and she really likes to brag about it. On January 7, 2019 she proclaimed “I was walking on Magens Bay and ran into Governor Bill Richardson, who I’ve gotten to know well over the past few years.” Richardson is the former governor of New Mexico, took campaign funds from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, is tight with Bill Clinton, and happened to be in St. Thomas at the time Albert Bryan Jr. was inaugurated as the USVI’s governor.

UPDATE: A few hours after publishing this story, the Epstein depositions and exhibits were released by court order. There are many name drops, one of them being Bill Richardson. See clip below from court documents. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Prince Andrew and numerous others were listed as well. More on this in future reports.

In 2007, Albert Bryan Jr. was appointed as the Commissioner of Labor by then Governor John P. de Jongh. During his eight-year tenure, he implemented the Jobs for America’s Graduates Initiative for at-risk youth, secured over $14 million in additional funding for training and improvement of services at the Department of Labor, and $150 million in federal unemployment benefits.

Governor Charles Turnbull of VI was the governor before John de Jongh. Turnbull is in Epstein’s black book as well.

Apparently, Roberts has also worked with Bloomberg on the Energy Committee of the Governor’s Recover and Resiliency Task Force, as she stated back in August 2018. Here, she is in awe of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even wore a Hillary Clinton for President bracelet to show Bill at the event.

But that’s not all. Roberts always attends the annual Fonkoze board meeting in D.C. – “a micro-finance organization that works exclusively in Haiti – mostly with women and children.” Who else works with Fonkoze? The Clinton Foundation of course. In fact, they have three pages of press releases that include Fonkoze in them – just give it a search.

Fonkoze was founded in 1994 – that magic year – by Anne H. Hastings and Father Joseph Phillipe. They have 44 branches throughout Haiti, serving poor and ultra-poor women in rural Haiti.

Erika Kellerhals

• Marjorie Rawls Roberts took Kellerhals under her wings when she arrived in the Virgin Islands in 2003 from New York.

• In 2008 she launched Kellerhals Ferguson Kroblin PLLC, with locations in St. Thomas, VI and on Wall Street in New York, NY.

• Erika Kellerhals is listed as the Secretary on Jeffrey Epstein’s 2015 tax returns for his company called Gratitude America Ltd. Foundation based out of St. Thomas, VI. It also states that the books are in her care.

• She has served on the Antilles School board for several years.

Claire Starkey

• Starkey has served on the board of Antilles School for several years, and is currently listed as the President on their website.

• She founded Fintrac, Inc. in 1990, the same year the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) was founded. She has also served on the board of CFVI, who does a LOT of work with the Clinton Global Initiative. Fintrac is allegedly an agricultural consulting company that coincidentally operates out of many of the same countries as the Clinton Foundation, such as Haiti, Africa, Jamaica, Central America, and Asia.

• In 2012 they partnered with ‘Feed The Future,’ and were spotlighted by then-Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with other famous guests.

• Starkey once managed a small business program for USAID in the Eastern Caribbean. She is enamored by Bill & Melinda Gates as well as the former World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.

• She donated 4 times, contributing $2400 in 2007-2008 to Obama’s campaign. Ray Waldron from Fintrac also donated $250 to Obama.

• Kimberly Flowers was Fintrac’s communications director from 2011-2015. Prior to that she was the senior communications specialist for USAID from 2010-2011. In fact, she was in Haiti from January 2010 – April 2010 as the public affairs officer in the aftermath of the earthquake. Flowers served for USAID from 2005-2011 and was a Peace Corps volunteer in 1999.

• Ramananda Gupta, another previous staff member of Fintrac, also previously worked for USAID.

Amexa Rivadeneira

• Rivandeneira is the director of foundation accounts for the non-profit Catchafire, who works with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands and the Clinton Global Initiative.

• She has served on the board of Antilles School.

• Prior to Catchafire, she served in the Senate office of Kirsten Gillibrand

• In a June 5, 2019 press release titled “CFVI and Catchafire Announce Commitment to Action During Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Conference on Tuesday.” This 2-year partnership is to provide support to 150 nonprofit organizations in the Virgin Islands. CGI introduced Catchafire to CFVI for this partnership.

A Few Key Side Notes on The Antilles Board Members Listed Above

A few other names of significance: Juanita Young has also served on the Antilles school board and is listed as a parent in their 2017 review booklet. Angelina Daswani and Vivek Daswani are listed under three separate years for upcoming graduation dates, meaning they are paying over $60,000 per year for their three children to attend. Angelina Daswani is also on the Antilles school board and her husband Vivek was on the board of the Community Foundation for the Virgin Islands back in 2010 working side-by-side with Pamela Berkowsky. According to records, they also own property in Florida, and are listed as merchants of jewelry.

Andrew Farkas

• Deutsche Bank and New York real estate titan.

• In 2007, nearly a year after Epstein was charged for soliciting girls for prostitution, Farkas and Epstein formed a 50-50 partnership in a port deal – American Yacht Harbor, which is located in Red Hook St. Thomas. The boat dock/slip B3 at this marina is where many of Epstein’s business addresses resolve to. It entails a 127 slip marina along with a small shopping center. Up until recently, Epstein was always referred to as a “passive investor” so as to remain anonymous.

• American Yacht Harbor provided slips for supersized yachts, which may have been beneficial for friends, such as Wexner.

• Epstein leased 3,200 sq. feet of office space at the marina, in addition to six boat slips.

• Farkas owns IGY Marinas, which has 17 ports spanning from St. Thomas to Turks & Caicos, St. Lucia, Colombia, Italy, France, New York, Florida, Maine, and Mexico just to name a few.

• The ports in Turks & Caicos, as well as St. Lucia, are both locations where the Clintons, Richard Branson, and several others are running their ‘Ten Island Challenge’ program, whereby they are allegedly there to help with “climate change” by setting up solar farms. However, this venture has expanded to include over 20 islands, has entered the tourism industry, and is supported by Bill Gates, George Soros, Dennis O’Brien, The World Bank, and numerous other individuals and organizations.

A Glimpse Into Antilles School

All of the proud families and contributors’ names can be seen splashed across many of the buildings on campus.

Antilles school is a private preparatory school that first launched in 1950 by founding head Deborah Finch  a woman from St. Croix with a teaching degree from New York University who wanted to establish a private school.

Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney Paul Hoffman was one of the original 13 students of Antilles School, and has this to say about Finch:

I was fortunate to have gone to a lot of good schools – Andover, Bryanston, Harvard – and Debbie Finch was the best school person I ever met. She was tough, fair and demanding, yet she somehow never left failure open as an option.

Another notable from the original 13 students was Michael Paiewonsky, whose mother helped founded Antilles School and served on its board from 1953 to 1983. Their family background is quite extensive with deep ties throughout the Virgin Islands, holding high political positions, running a publishing house in St. Thomas and Rome, among other things.

Antilles School eventually expanded to a 27-acre campus and Headmaster mark Marin, now deceased, was instrumental in raising big money for the campus from 1979-2001. Today, the school provides $1.3 million annually to assist 55% of the student body.

Dr. Michael Hughs more recently served as headmaster for several years prior to moving to Bethesda Academy in Maryland in 2016. He also used to serve in leadership and academic positions at West Point.

Children begin as young as toddlers and continue through high school. Fees range from $10,900 per year for toddlers all the way up to $20,475 per year for grades 9-12. They have roughly 500 students attending per year with over 100 faculty and support staff.

In addition to the individuals on the board covered throughout this report, dating back to 2000, tax returns reflect that Eliot David, Bob Schmidt, Patricia Murphy Gruber, and Juanita Young go way back as board members prior to the board expanding to numerous trustees and other positions. Gruber has the Peter & Patricia Gruber Foundation, which was founded in 1993, and they contributed $2,000 in campaign funds to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in 2007, where Epstein purchased his Zorro Ranch from former Governor Bruce King.

In addition to Marjorie Rawls Roberts being a campaign bundler for Barack Obama, there are several others connected to Antilles School that contributed as well. Paul Horowitz donated $4,600 between 2007-2008 during his time as headmaster of Antilles School. Jeanne Brennan Wiebracht donated $250. Claire Starkey contributed $2400. And, Sandra Colbourne of the VI police department donated $1500.

In short, it would appear that Antilles School was created with intention, but not the intention that is purported. It has deeply rooted connections to criminals, convicted sex offenders, and high-level politicians. It is likely a combination of a “network” that work together to carry out nefarious actions, pay-to-play schemes, potentially money laundering, and acts as a grooming school to bring their children into positions of power.

Financial Corruption Scandal During The Obama Administration Involving Key Players

This is a scandal that ties in former Gov. John P. de Jongh, his attorney general Vincent Frazer, $23 million Clinton donor S. Donald Sussman, friend to the Governor and Jeffrey Epstein – attorney Paul Hoffman, tax attorney Marjorie Rawls Roberts, Clinton’s appointee Pamela Berkowsky, Adam Shapiro – Berkowky’s husband. Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was at the reins, yet he decided to put the brakes on arrest teams with sealed indictments in place.

In February 2012, The Daily Caller broke the story on a 13-month criminal investigation into a financial crime ring that involved former Gov. John P. De Jongh Jr., his attorney general, and several legislators that had taken bribes. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder approved the investigation and arrest teams that included 25 federal prosecutors and it was alleged that two had been compromised and allegedly corrupt. It’s important to note that in 2010 an IG report concluded that de Jongh had used $490,000 in public road repair funds improperly to upgrade his mansion, but was never held accountable.

It is alleged that in May 2012, de Jongh was flying to Washington, D.C. to purportedly meet with DOJ officials about this case, including Holder himself.

The investigation began due to the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) and their subsidiaries books not jiving. The CFC was founded in 1969 in Dulles, Virginia. They were allegedly inflating their own balance sheet and siphoning money from the Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative (RTFC) over to CFC because they were exempt from federal income tax, whereas RTFC was not. A large amount of CFC’s money comes from the federal government, receiving $5.1 billion just between 2005 – 2010. This scandal also included the Governor accepting cash bribes in exchange for facilitating the sale of a telecommunications company to CFC.

By 2011, Paul Pelletier, then the Fraud Section Deputy Chief of the DOJ’s criminal division, had a grand jury underway investigating CFC and other crimes. But, Pelletier officially retired May 13, 2011 before the case was closed and arrests were made. It was later determined that the case had grown exponentially to 26 or 27 prosecutors, a meeting was called, and two corrupt prosecutors who were taking bribes to not move the investigation along, were removed. Arrest teams were put in place, indictments were to be served, and then it all halted.

In October 2011, a raid on one of the Virgin Island’s government building’s central computer system and the office if a senator, took place by 25 agent from the IRS, DEA and the U.S. Marshall Service. It was never stated what this raid was about or if any evidence was seized.

In April 2012 the Daily Caller continued its reporting on these criminal investigations and had confirmed that Marjorie Rawls Roberts was in fact the tax attorney who was helping a company owned by CFC with an application to receive the same offshore tax benefits. These applications all get approved through the Governor. But it’s not just CFC, Roberts helped convicted $7 billion investment fraud schemer R. Allen Stanford with his application as well.

While assisting criminal clients with navigating the Virgin Islands’ tax loopholes, Roberts worked diligently on bundling campaign funds for Obama’s 2012 reelection, having pledged to raise between $100,000 and $200,000. As seen in her facebook photos and comments, she believes “Obama is the greatest President.” Though, she seems pretty smitten on Clinton too. In fact, the majority of Roberts posts reveal her sense of political power connections are of the utmost importance to her.

Given all this heat, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz canceled her U.S. Virgin Islands fundraiser appearance with Marjorie Rawls Roberts. She was scheduled to appear at the “Obama Victory Fund 2012” event, which was advertised as “Breakfast with DNC Chair, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

Another name on the chopping block in 2012, was U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree’s husband, S. Donald Sussman. Sussman, who was a resident of USVI, also utilized the VI tax shelter which requires one to be a resident of USVI, but as of 2011 listed his residency as Maine. Sussman was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the University of the Virgin Islands by Gov. John de Jongh in 2008. He later pledged $1,000,000 to the university. Coincidentally, Sussman’s attorney was Paul Hoffman who is a good friend to the Governor and Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney. He’s even noted under “Island” contacts in Epstein’s black book.

In July 2012 John de Jongh’s chief of staff abruptly resigned after her and her husband were caught trying to grant a company they created, the spectacular tax breaks the USVI provides. Who might this person be? Pamela BerkowskyAdam Shapiro, Berkowsky’s husband, was the manager of a company called JaminDoodle Productions, LLC, which partnered with VI 4D, LLLP to apply for tax breaks to build a 4-D theater for Virgin Island Tourists. They tried to quietly slip this through via Berkowsky’s PBB Blind Trust, which owns 49% of JaminDoodle.

Fast forward to August 18, 2015 – former Gov. John de Jongh was arrested on embezzlement charges after years of local and federal law enforcement officials stalling the investigations. Both de Jongh and former director of the Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority Julito Frances were arrested on two counts of embezzlement of public monies and neglecting to pay over public monies in violation of the Virgin Islands criminal code. Of course, this had to do with the $490,000 that de Jongh spent on private use as opposed to the other big investigation with CFC.

Though this arrest seemed like a step in the right direction, the charges were dropped with prejudice and the case was permanently dismissed. He did have to pay the Government of the Virgin Islands roughly $380,000 to settle the dispute, but as usual, all other corruption seems to have been swept under the rug.

Gov. John de Jongh celebrated Barack Obama’s inauguration by proclaiming January 20, 2009 as “President Barack Obama Day” in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and gave all government employees the day off.

Common Threads

Some of these folks go back decades with one another. Look at the mapping below.


• Adam Shapiro (Pamela Berkowsky’s husband) flew to Haiti right after the earthquake in 2010 and brought along a few doctors.

• Kimberly Flowers, the communications director for Fintrac from 2011-2015, also went to Haiti from January – April 2010 when she was the public affairs officer for USAID.

• Claire Starkey’s Fintrac company has also worked in Haiti, and Starkey used to manage a small business program for USAID in the Eastern Caribbean.

• Clinton Global Initiative and other Clinton Foundation shell companies have done their fair share of a “workover” in Haiti.

• Marjorie Rawls Roberts worked with Fonkoze USA, a micro-finance organization that works exclusively with Haiti – mostly women and children. Fonkoze has worked with the Clinton Foundation on many occasions.

Antilles School Board:

• Pamela Berkowsky (connected to Bill Clinton & Gov. John de Jongh)
• Jeanne Brennan Wiebracht (connected to Epstein)
• Claire Starkey (connected to CGI)
• Cecile de Jongh (connected to Epstein)
• Erika Kellerhals (connected to Epstein)
• Marjorie Rawls Roberts (connected to CGI & Gov. John de Jongh)

Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands Board:

• Pamela Berkowsky
• Claire Starkey
• Marjorie Rawls Roberts
• Angela Deswani (Antilles School board member not included in diagram)
• Juanita Young (Antilles School board member not included in diagram)
• Clinton Global Initiative has worked with CFVI on many CGI projects over the years
• CFVI donated $1000 to Obama’s campaign in 2007

CFVI was established in 1990 with a $540,000 endowment – the same year Fintrac, Inc. was founded. It is governed by a board of directors, several of whom are in this report. They manage more than 100 named funds, award grants to numerous non-profits, and administer scholarships.

One example, and there are many with the Clinton Global Initiative, is their commitment in 2018 with the American Federation of Teachers and Airlink to conduct extensive preventative health screenings for vision, hearing, and dental needs, to schoolchildren in the U.S. Virgin Islands, following the 2017 hurricane season. 9,000 children to be exact.

In this June 2019 Clinton Foundation press release, they detail how CFVI and Planned Parenthood, along with numerous other organizations, are working together with Clinton Global Initiative on 29 new CGI projects. Over 400 international leaders attended their recent meeting at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas.

Interesting Find

Notice anything familiar? This is a historical photo from the Virgin Islands that was published in a March, 2019 article about the Virgin Islands history month.

The same pattern can be seen on the Government House in St. Thomas, which was built between 1865-1867, with roman numerals equating to 1874 on the building itself.

It would appear to be a historical pattern/design that Epstein took a liking to and incorporated into one of his structures on Little St. James Island.

Atop the structure sits an interesting character that resembles the ancient Egyptian deity Horus. Perhaps there is much more to this symbolism than meets the eye?


This is but one small network tied to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. He is likely tied to numerous operational networks throughout the Caribbean, in addition to the network surrounding his New Mexico Zorro Ranch I’ve previously reported on. Is it a coincidence that both Yolanda Jones King, wife to former New Mexico AG Gary King, and Pamela Berkowsky both have very high-level ties to defense and military and are connected to Jeffrey Epstein through multiple individuals? Unlikely.

Is it coincidence that Epstein’s attorney Paul Hoffman was one of the 13 original students at Antilles School and that one of the founders was Michael Paiewonsky’s mother? Is it odd that one of former President Bill Clinton’s appointees as assistant chief of staff to secretary of defense was on the board of Antilles School, and that she worked directly with former Governor John de Jongh? Or, that one of Obama’s bundlers and Clinton’s CGI helpers is also on the board? How about Epstein’s CPA private comms gal for Little St. James – just another coincidence? Or, Epstein’s former office manager and wife to the governor, Cecile de Jongh. What exactly is Antilles School up to? Is it a grooming school or is there a lot more to it?

Some of these ladies may look like small potatoes, but don’t be fooled, as these are the ones that are instrumental in carrying out important tasks to running these operations, such as setting up private comms, creating shell companies with incredible tax breaks, being the go-between to higher officials, etc. If these webs are not dismantled from the bottom up they will continue to thrive and operate under other leaders or “handlers.”

In this particular web, every single one of the people listed in this report are Democrats, which is not to say that Republicans are not corrupt, because we know this isn’t the case. So why did Eric Holder put the brakes on the 2012 investigations when arrest teams and sealed indictments were in place? What and who was he protecting? There are certainly a lot of Obama supporters in this club.

Perhaps even more concerning is Clinton appointee Pamela Berkowsky that is wrapped in with all of these folks and whose husband has medical licenses in multiple states, coupled with a transport pilot license.

Though this two-week-long dig may appear to be thorough, this is only spotlighting the surface of these connections. If I had several more weeks to dig, I could probably tell you what they all ate for dinner last Saturday night. That said, all of this still raises the question – are Bill & Hillary Clinton involved with child trafficking, because we know for certain that Jeffrey Epstein is, as well as many of their other friends and colleagues.

Article posted with permission from Corey Lynn, originally posted at CoreysDigs.com

Corey Lynn

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who digs for truth in a world where nothing is as it seems, and then connecting the dots and presenting her findings to you. You can follow her work at CoreysDigs.com.
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